Is Seafoam Deep Creep the Best Penetrating Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 26 August 2019
  • Seafoam Deep Creep competes with Liquid Wrench and Gibbs Penetrating Oils in this showdown. Each brand won previous penetrating oil showdown episodes. Their ability to penetrate rust, prevent rust, and tolerate heat get put to the test. Thanks to everyone who requested this one and sorry it has taken me a while to complete this test.

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  • Runtime : 11:33
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  • Randy Breuer
    Randy Breuer   3 days ago

    you should compare diesel fuel , to see if that works better.

  • Reino
    Reino   4 days ago

    It should be noted that you can't seem to buy a SINGLE can of Gibbs on Amazon. Only 2 or more cans at once.

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy   5 days ago

    Which multi purpose lubricant oil is best to inhibit rust?

  • Walczyk
    Walczyk   6 days ago

    the joy of removing a broken stud is an amazing feeling

  • DocStainton
    DocStainton   1 weeks ago

    Had to comment to say thanks so much for these tests! Deep creep saved my bacon trying to removing a 20 year old mop faucet! They came so loose I nearly busted my knuckles! It went from bending the pipe to smooth! Wouldn't have bought it without your vid! Thanks again!

  • D** C**
    D** C**   1 weeks ago

    Wish PB blaster was in this test dammittt

  • Aung Ye Oo
    Aung Ye Oo   1 weeks ago

    Hi, I have experienced a big pin jammed issue. It is not successful Using External two Hydraulic Jack with around 400 bar each. Seeing your videos and got idea of pouring penetration oil. Will this penetration oil be helpful to unfreeze the pin.

  • David G
    David G   1 weeks ago

    I use ATF/Acetone/Brake Fluid mix for my penetrating fluid.

  • matt williams
    matt williams   1 weeks ago

    What brand do you trust for a compression tester? Your videos are so helpful! Keep up the great work!

  • erik barry
    erik barry   1 weeks ago

    I'd Be interested in seeing a test of corrosion X

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith   1 weeks ago

    Make a videos of lubricity tester but don't put any lubricant on there see if it smokes and seizes

  • Gregory Faoro
    Gregory Faoro   1 weeks ago

    Can you do a test on best car battery brand? All of the ones on YouTube seem to be sponsored by one of the brands they are testing.

  • Mike Camp
    Mike Camp   1 weeks ago

    Wurth rust off is the best I've ever seen.

  • Supreme Overseer
    Supreme Overseer   1 weeks ago

    Can't believe i'm watching a video about rusted nuts 🤣

  • Christian Poole
    Christian Poole   2 weeks ago

    Love the oil baffle you got there on the lubricity tester. Always improving your methods kudos to you sir.

  • Kyle Kuntz
    Kyle Kuntz   2 weeks ago

    I have used mystery cutting oil a few times when nothing else worked. Wasn't a bolt though, it was a 11/2" shaft through a roughly 6" long tube.

  • Erik Preston
    Erik Preston   2 weeks ago

    Well done, think I’ll try the WD40 I have first. Thanks.

  • Connor Zanoskar
    Connor Zanoskar   3 weeks ago

    If you try this test again look for a product called NANO! I tried a lot of the products as the ones you had in the video but NANO is awesome, it used to be sold at Autozone but from my knowledge they don’t anymore

  • nitroboy2
    nitroboy2   3 weeks ago

    What mix did u use exactly ? salt and vinegar and ???

  • John Haines
    John Haines   3 weeks ago

    Gibbs changed their formula and it no longer includes CAS# 67-63-0 which is Isopropyl alcohol and the new formula is not near as thin as the old formula.

  • Rebel7469
    Rebel7469   3 weeks ago

    Try a 50/50 mix of Acetone and ATF. Been told it works great and cheap.

  • Brandon Swendsen
    Brandon Swendsen   3 weeks ago

    I just heard of a 50/50 mix of atf and acetone have you ever tested that?

  • Dennis Ohlinger
    Dennis Ohlinger   4 weeks ago

    Mr. Farm have you ever tried Kroil penetrating oil from Kano labs? My first mentor swore by it almost 30 years ago. He was a WWII vet and master diesel mechanic. I haven't had much experience with it because it was relatively difficult to source for some time. My first choice has been PB Blaster because it is always easy to find. Thank you for your continued excellent content and devotion to your channel.

  • Paul Abell
    Paul Abell   1 months ago

    ACDelco rust penetrant and inhibitor P/N 10-4020 88862628

  • Milan Srdic
    Milan Srdic   1 months ago

    German car magazin did very similar test about 5 years ago,and wd 40 won by a mile.They rusted their bolts in autoklav,with salty water,so they got very consistent release force on the (control) nuts.Here,they differ up to 20%.

  • Moto Man
    Moto Man   1 months ago

    If your test does not prove things then nothing will. Great job

  • J Proxy
    J Proxy   1 months ago

    Why didn't you also include the DIY mix of transmission oil and acetate mix? Then your findings would have been worth watching. Instead it's like watching a marketing plug!

  • SGT Minguez
    SGT Minguez   1 months ago

    Be interested to see a followup test for these three with the numbers for each penetrant and heat applied to the nuts, as well as a control just heat application to rusted nuts and bolts to see how the application of heat changes the torque values necessary for breaking rusted bolts loose. Maybe even a comparison of heat values, to see if more is better, or if there's an asymptotic level at which heat becomes a diminishing return.

  • Reel-Lentless
    Reel-Lentless   1 months ago

    I had a 1964 Semi trailer with a few broken springs. Was a specialized suspension not made anymore, so I needed to save all bolts. Took a week of multiple daily soakings with PB Blaster. End result was every bolt and nut was salvaged and re-used. My spring shop could not believe it. I have used Deep Creep the last few years and it is even better than PB Blaster. Looks like I need to try some liquid wrench.

    TENNSUMITSUMA   1 months ago

    0:25How did that thing get that much rust.... which just happened to be perfect for testing?!

  • xAeschylusx
    xAeschylusx   1 months ago

    Why does your torque wrench progressively decline in foot pounds?

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia   1 months ago

    Why WD40 is not on the list? But I still love this video as always

  • Andre Neill
    Andre Neill   1 months ago

    Can you try ChrisFix's home made nut buster brew? 50/50 Acetone and Synthetic ATF

  • Justin Seaquist
    Justin Seaquist   1 months ago

    How about testing anti seize capabilities with the same torture testing.