What Happened Before History? Human Origins

  • Published on: 23 June 2016
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    Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.

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    What Happened Before History? Human Origins

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  • Runtime : 10:6
  • history humans evolution early humans homo spapiens human developement prehistory human evolution ape nature anatomy brain conciousness behaviour stone age neanderthals extinction past farming genome intelligence language origins revolution funny species documentary


  • savage clown
    savage clown   5 hours ago

    Some people thinks evolution is fake and God did this all 1min silence for those😂😂

  • Chief Seadawg
    Chief Seadawg   8 hours ago

    Of course, civilizations that lived in colder climates developed technology quicker, because their harsh cold environment required more inventive thinking. That's why there were no great cities or awe-inspiring technological advances in sub-Saharan Africa, Papua New Guinea and certain other locations around the world. In fact, in many there still aren't.

  • Kevin Nauli
    Kevin Nauli   1 days ago

    We don’t know what have caused them to die out...Ummmm... U sure it’s not us?

  • TheStarflight41
    TheStarflight41   1 days ago

    The fossil record and macroevolution are antithetical.... an embarrassment for evolutionists. Stasis abounds. Everything else is speculation gone wild. Except for survival of the fittest, the theory is headed for the dustbin of history.... where it should have resided decades ago. Disgraceful this garbage is still taught as fact in institutions of learning. Welcome to the dark age of science.

  • guLi
    guLi   1 days ago

    Read Ishmael.

  • Sally Gaylprd
    Sally Gaylprd   1 days ago

    This video has more knowledge than I’ll ever have ;-;

  • elluna
    elluna   1 days ago

    진짜 인간이 이렇게 인터넷을 통해 정보를 얻고 편하게 살 수 있는게 30년도 채 안됐다는게 신기하다...

  • Peter Garay
    Peter Garay   1 days ago

    The Ending’s message 😁👏🏼💯

  • The life of Dan
    The life of Dan   3 days ago

    So if any other animals know how to control fire and cook their food we are screwed

  • CrumBummin
    CrumBummin   3 days ago

    why does this channel always make me feel like everything's going to be ok

  • Paul Sletten
    Paul Sletten   3 days ago

    A series of minor genocides, new series on Netflix this spring.

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif   3 days ago

    Human history has always been a journey towards 'predicted' future.We are all waiting for the worst times predicted in our own history. Humans were not supposed to be that predictable.It is not that saviors appear in the times of perils, rather perils are created to get the fucken saviors.Poor Jesus is the chosen saviour of many but he has to be soaked in blood in order to appear. What a joke this is.It would make more sense if he is the victim and the rest of the world are the saviors. 🤔That would become easier if Jesus comes back as a house maid (female) in a third world country.Same formula can be applied to dajjal as well.That wold leave the daughter of satan with no other choice but to come to earth as a man. 😡The plan had bamboozle potential but the male host figured it out.He decided to first make all shitters equal to zero. Initial assumption.Then he started giving scores to their shitt in a scientific way.But the spiritual shitt was scattered over infinity. He has to become the janitor of Infinity. He chose to re-arrange infinity instead. A historical search of the 'truth' finally ended with a question matk. 😁Messiah added a ? to the kabalist drawing boards. 😎

  • FifthGear 21
    FifthGear 21   3 days ago

    We evolved from homo erectus they never died off... Other than that great video

  • Bao Doan
    Bao Doan   3 days ago

    Who would you guys think will be more useless: A modern human sent back to prehistoric time, or a prehistoric human sent forward into the modern age?

  • Sujit Choudhury
    Sujit Choudhury   4 days ago

    Thank you, it is very interesting way sharing very important knowledge.

  • Wan Ikmal
    Wan Ikmal   6 days ago

    Aaaaa....I've been thinking,what if we put a BABY with a colony of monkeys or apes,will it grow up and follow the lifestyles of the MONKEYS,and then EVOLVE over TIME?My god human brains are COMPLICATED

  • ThePokerT v
    ThePokerT v   6 days ago

    6 million years ago and we only in year 2019..

  • Jug
    Jug   1 weeks ago

    1:24 hahahahahahahahahhahA

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan   1 weeks ago

    What happened before history?Answer: History

  • Ben Yaeger
    Ben Yaeger   1 weeks ago

    Why am I watching this fiction. Time for a walk outside for some fresh air. You TOO, get off your screen and exercise.

  • Dumb stuff
    Dumb stuff   1 weeks ago

    Can you please sub to your fellow homosapien

  • Ravi
    Ravi   1 weeks ago

    And 11 years ago Bitcoin got discovered.

  • xdDoodoo
    xdDoodoo   1 weeks ago

    Me: sees titleAlso me: What happens before history is history

  • richar costa
    richar costa   1 weeks ago

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  • Shyne Sukumaran
    Shyne Sukumaran   1 weeks ago

    9:04......"The next time you miss your train, your burger is not hot enough, or someone cuts in line, remember how special this made-up human world is. Maybe it's not worth being upset about all those little things"...:)

  • O M
    O M   1 weeks ago

    Nice lylat wars reference

  • Arc Kocsog
    Arc Kocsog   1 weeks ago

    The animation is a bit misogynist - women didn't wear bras!