Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?

  • Published on: 10 November 2019
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    Today we're taking some more cotton candy requests and putting them to the test. Can skittles or salt water taffy become cotton candy? Does freeze drying them help?

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  • Runtime : 11:41
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  • Jameson Weston
    Jameson Weston   4 hours ago

    I deshelled scuttles once only the shell survived

    SERVANT'S GLASS LLC   9 hours ago

    I have a cotton candy machine and my favorite CC is made from Jolly Rancher candy.

  • Anna Adkins
    Anna Adkins   12 hours ago

    And now Nate can say he’s snorted skittles

  • Simple Shades
    Simple Shades   23 hours ago

    I'm watching this at 3 am while eating burnt toastThis is keeping me entertained during quarantine

  • John Kidtv
    John Kidtv   1 days ago

    I think its working because of how pouderised it is

  • Trico
    Trico   2 days ago

    looks like spider egg sacs

  • Heidi Buschbach
    Heidi Buschbach   4 days ago

    Can you try putting pop rocks in the cotton candy machine

  • Alyssa Hillary
    Alyssa Hillary   4 days ago

    Skittle cotton candy rope? If it stretches more than breaking for a bit it might hold more!

  • Delilah TheGreat
    Delilah TheGreat   4 days ago

    We have a hard candy cotton candy maker which means we can turn hard candy into cotton candy without having to blend it up or something

  • Mackenzie Dove
    Mackenzie Dove   4 days ago

    “Omg it tastes like skittles” What else would it taste like

  • DaveRainbowin
    DaveRainbowin   5 days ago

    if you blend it up,it basically becomes the sugar powder meant for the machine, but with extra ingredients

  • Anna Yue
    Anna Yue   5 days ago

    put fun dip powder into the cotton candy machine

  • Tim B
    Tim B   6 days ago

    I wonder how there camera man feels watching them eat cotten candy all day

  • Hazel Weber
    Hazel Weber   1 weeks ago

    I love how over half this video was about the skittles

  • Daniel Wooten
    Daniel Wooten   1 weeks ago

    Hmhmhm has Nate hit a girl befor and absorbed her because he went to the highest pitch I’ve herd

  • LilPsychoGacha
    LilPsychoGacha   1 weeks ago

    What happens if u put ice in the freeze dryer, and can u also freeze dry ice cream and try to turn it into cotton candy?

  • Linden Nguyen
    Linden Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    man where did the og king of random go? he actually did legit science stuff. one like=one prayer

  • Carl Hayden
    Carl Hayden   1 weeks ago

    Now I really want to make a Halloween Gingerbread house...

  • Handlebar Fox
    Handlebar Fox   1 weeks ago

    That feeling when you realize you have just made an invaluable contribution to the well-being of all humanity.

  • Having a Secure
    Having a Secure   1 weeks ago

    Turn cotton candy into cotton candyOr grinned lollipops

  • The Boios Boio
    The Boios Boio   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me or is it funny that in the intro she’s an axe an he’s holding a mini-crowbar