• Published on: 19 July 2016
  • We tell you and show you a bunch of things that piss us off hahahahah. Hope ya like the vid :)

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  • Runtime : 7:26
  • pet peeves Things that we hate Dolan Twins Twins Dolans dolan brothers ethan grayson steals joke everyone laughs one finger text phone in pocket without locking aux cord broken charger empty container in fridge


  • Sadie Gonzalez
    Sadie Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    1:44 I recognize to that feeling a little too much

  • Charlie K.
    Charlie K.   2 weeks ago

    My biggest pete peve is when thay erase the board and leave littile bit on the board😬

  • dunhilltor
    dunhilltor   4 weeks ago

    Yeah the bday one same army school when it's ur bday the whole school sings for u

  • Jasia G
    Jasia G   1 months ago

    Ethan be boosting me 7:00

  • Char Char Binks
    Char Char Binks   1 months ago

    Did anyone else pause the video a bunch of times to read the message when ethan screamed

  • Trina Cox
    Trina Cox   1 months ago

    I swear , I watch one video and then another and another. I could watch their videos for hoursssss. I love them soo much.Grayson: “Can somebody get me a Tish please” Ethan: “GET HIM A TISH”. ❤️❤️🥺💗

  • Dannah K
    Dannah K   1 months ago

    the happy birthday scenario HAD ME DEAD HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Erin Cegielski
    Erin Cegielski   1 months ago

    iiiiii llllloooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee lllllllaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Nina Schiffelholz
    Nina Schiffelholz   1 months ago

    0:34 look at Ethan! How can someone pronounce “hate” so adorable 😍

  • Lady Luck
    Lady Luck   1 months ago

    4:413:15 Ethans cute laughs 💀

  • Mercedes Hernandez
    Mercedes Hernandez   1 months ago

    Grayson: “The bread delicious bro so moist”Ethan: throws upGrayson: dude are you ok Ethan: Yeah just never say that ever again

  • Monique Murphy
    Monique Murphy   1 months ago

    4:41 damn Ethan can do a whistle note higher than Mariah Carrey😂😂

  • Nani Cupcake
    Nani Cupcake   1 months ago

    Is no one going to talk about how cute Grayson said that at 3:11

  • Kelsey Wolf
    Kelsey Wolf   1 months ago

    4:55 I haven’t let my family sing Happy Birthday to me for the past couple years. I hate it. It always makes me feel awkward

  • Hailey M98
    Hailey M98   1 months ago

    I teach first grade and I’m so guilty of not erasing completely and the kids hate it. But the smudge is the least of my todo list lol!

  • Hailey M98
    Hailey M98   1 months ago

    The happy birthday 😭😭😭😭 and the scream

  • Kaley Lopez
    Kaley Lopez   1 months ago

    Omg the charger one I can relate to do much I get so stressed out. 😂💀

  • Layla Kleiber
    Layla Kleiber   1 months ago

    Wait a min I’m in 2019 and Ethan says “iM dAiRy FrEe” but he is spiting out milk at 2:30 😬😬😳😳😬😬😳

  • Sue Risso
    Sue Risso   1 months ago


  • Sia Chopra
    Sia Chopra   1 months ago

    Did anyone notice that their outro music is gone? I'm gonna go cry now

  • Dhruti Ghedia
    Dhruti Ghedia   1 months ago

    0:33 " Things that we.... HATE "OMG!!!!! Ethan is soooo freaking cute!!! I'ma dieeeee!XO

  • kayla c
    kayla c   1 months ago

    whos here after they stopped weekly videos 💜

    MCN STUDIOS   1 months ago

    Ethan’s weezing at 4:42 😂😂😂

  • scarlett reade
    scarlett reade   1 months ago

    I LITERALLY CAN RELATE TO EVERYTHING !! Especially when someone leaves there phone on and also when people don't erase the board completely

  • Jordyn Rey
    Jordyn Rey   2 months ago

    At 4:38 that’s literally me when I heard ethen at 4:41

  • Gay Edits
    Gay Edits   2 months ago

    So were all gonna ignore the dying terrordactyl at 4:41