Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum Foil?

  • Published on: 08 February 2019
  • Aluminum foil is known to tear easily, but how strong can it get when it's twisted into a rope? Is it even possible? Today we're finding the answers.

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  • Runtime : 12:43
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  • Shamus Wiser
    Shamus Wiser   1 days ago

    It might work better if u braided them instead of twisting them

  • John John
    John John   1 days ago

    I see an application. thanks!

  • A Wrench
    A Wrench   2 days ago

    Nobody:What I hear 2 in the morning: 8:26

  • That1guyishere
    That1guyishere   2 days ago

    Me: can i use it as a whip to smack people?Other girls: oooooh can you braid my hair next?

  • MC CG
    MC CG   2 days ago

    make a rope with human hair !!!

  • Andres R
    Andres R   3 days ago

    Comment below has 69 reply’s nobody touch it

  • JLM Cool
    JLM Cool   3 days ago

    0:06 wait he said Metal I thought it was aluminum?

  • 17%
    17%   3 days ago

    isn't a metal rope just a cable?oop nvm he just said it

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom   3 days ago

    Metal rope is just a cable

  • Behr Hub
    Behr Hub   5 days ago

    Do a cycle of heat treatmentPut the aluminum rope in 300-350 deg of celsius for 2-3 hrsThat will get rid of the residual stress from previous work hardening

  • JohnX
    JohnX   5 days ago

    Make a rope with cheese strings

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee   5 days ago

    Can you turn gummy LEGO’s into a fort

  • bye week
    bye week   1 weeks ago

    The only reason the rope machine one did better was because it was small

  • Mav Espa
    Mav Espa   1 weeks ago

    Making DIY cables be like

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez   1 weeks ago

    can you make a rope from a marine biologist's daughter and have the rope turn into a punching ghost wearing sunglasses when she wants it to?

  • Cyrus Loo
    Cyrus Loo   1 weeks ago

    What happens when you melt crystals?

  • Nakul Yt
    Nakul Yt   1 weeks ago

    Can we Make Edible Ooz / Slime?