Dave Salmoni Has A Dangerous Close Call With A Wild Male Lion | Into The Lion’s Den

  • Published on: 10 February 2019
  • After 9 weeks of trying to gain the trust of a wild pride of lions, Dave Salmoni has a close call with the leader of the pride.

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  • Runtime : 7:51
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  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith   1 days ago

    U kiding walking about 8 yards forward a lion? Crazy r brave!🦁

  • Brandon Mueller
    Brandon Mueller   1 days ago

    Why did the lion speed up... Because you were in his territory and he didn't want you there.

  • Myty Mini
    Myty Mini   1 days ago

    Why do ucall 250 lbs male lion a cat, that's discrimination

  • Edwin Odhiambo
    Edwin Odhiambo   2 days ago

    And now to the big question, "'what was the point of all this?"" taunting the lion and running away like a sissy, it's clear these guys aren't the brightest of crayons in the box....smh

  • whitexchina
    whitexchina   2 days ago

    Why does he need to come out & provoke a reaction from a lion,which is very strict & particular about his territory???

  • whitexchina
    whitexchina   2 days ago

    I wouldn't even feel safe in that open jeep.

  • Darrian Dicicco
    Darrian Dicicco   3 days ago

    You lost his respect when you s*** all over yourself and got in that truck

  • James
    James   4 days ago

    Whypipo are crazy

  • Michael Cline
    Michael Cline   6 days ago

    Took a huge risk while accomplishing absolutely nothing. Nice job.

  • scotty101ire
    scotty101ire   1 weeks ago

    typical american retards then they,ll all be crying when he gets torn to shreds just wait till the females bum rush the jeep fucking american moron,s

  • Lord Michael
    Lord Michael   2 weeks ago

    I wonder why all this reptilians always want to show what,,,,,, the foolishness of the technology scientifically madness , or what,,,,, come to Africa and disturb the of Judah,,,,,, all this devils rock Africa with their evil deals

  • Lenaa
    Lenaa   2 weeks ago

    Big lion isn’t used to lunch going to him on foot

  • Larry McMillan Jr.
    Larry McMillan Jr.   2 weeks ago

    the lion didn't sign up for this. if something would have gone wrong and he decided to make himself a manwhich out that guy the right thing to do would have been to just let it chew

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check   2 weeks ago

    Maybe big boy is just chilling and full.Lol white peoples

  • T W
    T W   2 weeks ago

    What exactly is this dude trying to accomplish? Natural selection working. 🙄

  • Shashi Pandey
    Shashi Pandey   3 weeks ago

    Dave : I know all about Lions.Lion: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • p jagadish Sreenath
    p jagadish Sreenath   3 weeks ago

    There can be nothing more stupid than this what did he want to prove? Can lions understand our language. Who gave him this idea?

  • doug smith
    doug smith   3 weeks ago

    Jackasses like that deserve to be eaten and then shit out on the praries for the bugs to eat.Leave him alone!

  • Red Coal
    Red Coal   3 weeks ago

    What an idiot. And of course, if the dumbass got hurt, big boy would be shot.

  • Moh Kan
    Moh Kan   3 weeks ago

    Such a Pusey.. I go way closer to lions then this white boy.. Once the distance between me and the lions was around 10 feet. U gotta move slow, and look in their eyes all the time.. u must show confidence. That day was unforgettable .. lions won’t attack unless u touch them.. I never touch them. The only issue is that the tickets are expensive now in our zoo.

  • Captain Kirby
    Captain Kirby   4 weeks ago

    Is this real? The editing of the video and camera angles make this encounter look fake.

  • Rahim Joseph
    Rahim Joseph   1 months ago

    2:28 that lions is like “yep I’m going in”

  • Buckets
    Buckets   1 months ago

    The title should be stupid human tricks... "a bold goodbye" is breaking a stick? A bold goodbye would be throwing rocks at him screaming "hey fuck you bitch!!! You lucky I don't come over there and whip your ass!! Punk ass, yo mama's a house cat bitch!!" Now that's more like it

  • Buckets
    Buckets   1 months ago

    Yep, he's the 1st white person to die in this movie. All jokes aside, Dave's a fucking idiot, there's nothing he could possibly do to survive an attack...

  • Melody Chest
    Melody Chest   1 months ago

    Lion: You wanna be my friend go get me some big lamb chops instead of wandering around like a blind guy with a stick!

  • A M
    A M   1 months ago

    Where's Kevin Richardson, when you really need him.

  • WAKEUP!!
    WAKEUP!!   1 months ago

    Lion: Why is this Big Mac following me? I'm not into junk food.