Breaking My Schools Dress Code For A week...(my last week of highschool EVER)

  • Published on: 27 June 2019
  • Welcome back to another episode of Kilee making bad life decisions! For my last week oh highschool ever I decided to break the dress code... *dun dun dunnnn*


    - Kilee Iris💋


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  • Kimberly Stan
    Kimberly Stan   8 months ago

    me: sees titlealso me: “wow she actually went to school for a week”

  • elena
    elena   5 days ago

    younger tana mongeau

  • ManyRose 2345
    ManyRose 2345   1 weeks ago

    all my teachers are chill except for two so i wore spagetti straps all week except for tuesday and thursaday.walked right past my vice princeble three times and he did nothing. it was just my AR teacher. wtf i have her last period. she should let it go.

  • Elyssa Hill
    Elyssa Hill   1 weeks ago


    ISABELLA BORGES   2 weeks ago

    You go bro no bitch can tell you what to fucking where

  • Chelsea Aleman
    Chelsea Aleman   2 weeks ago

    if i wear a bikinin i would get dressed coded but like.....other people: lets wear a bikini!!!

  • Evan Shoulders
    Evan Shoulders   2 weeks ago

    I saw this other girl doing this and now I’m addicted to this type of shit

  • MacKxnzie Rxse
    MacKxnzie Rxse   2 weeks ago

    Your lucky you get to wear what you want I have to wear stupid UNIFORM like sis no that is not ok!

  • Ellie Clark
    Ellie Clark   3 weeks ago

    You could were a bra and underwear 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lil Rblxian
    Lil Rblxian   3 weeks ago

    no one: kilee: dOnT yOu GeT dReSsCoDeD fRoM tHe DrEsScOdE PoLiCe?

  • Taija Withford
    Taija Withford   4 weeks ago

    Why should has a uniform and dress codes us for having the wrong colour scrunchies and too short of socks as well as wearing more then 1 piece of each jewellery

  • AliceWolf#1 Wolf
    AliceWolf#1 Wolf   4 weeks ago

    My school doesn't care about the dress code either unless if our butt checks or if our hole stomach is showing but they don't care if we wear crop tops unless they are to short Edit: My school has uniform but if its for a special event or for a trip we can whatever we want Like in my school we have spirit week so they give us a theme for a hole week for example sports we have to dress sporty But besides that we don't HAVE to wear our uniforms..and the uniforms are crappy anyway my school has a new principle and she is way nicer than our old one and hopefully she changes they uniforms to WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT😂

  • valerie miranda
    valerie miranda   1 months ago

    Omg I got alc for getting dress code and it was so dumb

  • idk bro
    idk bro   1 months ago

    My school doesn't even let me where like ripped jeans even if the rips are all below the knees

  • Juliane Hansen
    Juliane Hansen   1 months ago

    Can you post more of your boyfriend vs period, they’re so funny

  • jon puff
    jon puff   1 months ago

    Well I relate to your hair

  • Parappa Fan
    Parappa Fan   1 months ago

    I wear uniforms to school. If we wear shorts that are way too short, we get a warning.

  • Yasmin Azaoum
    Yasmin Azaoum   1 months ago

    At my school we don’t even have a dress code

  • Vanessa Steinert
    Vanessa Steinert   1 months ago

    Lol. in Germany we can wear whatever we want. so many People wear the Outfits and i wear in summer the first Outfit every f%cking day. and the pants… thats normal here

  • Garfield 360
    Garfield 360   1 months ago

    Omg same my middle school don't care about our dress code and teachers just ignore our dress code

  • Maddie Fox
    Maddie Fox   1 months ago

    The fact that yall don't have to wear uniform

  • Julie Wohoo
    Julie Wohoo   1 months ago

    We don’t have dress codes in sweden✌🏻

  • Dizzy Genny
    Dizzy Genny   1 months ago

    It might’ve not have been an ankle......just saying 😐

  • Sibel Han
    Sibel Han   1 months ago

    Bunları Türkiye'de giysen ksgalzgqp

  • Destiny Lasha
    Destiny Lasha   2 months ago

    She sound like that girl of chucky 😩🙂

  • Sue Pittman
    Sue Pittman   2 months ago

    Bro If i wore any of this shit i would be out of school

    AALIYAH WRIGHT   2 months ago

    OK she dont even know who she loving she just said oh OK bye love u