Jeff Musial Brings an Albino Alligator Family

  • Published on: 19 June 2014
  • Animal expert Jeff Musial introduces Jimmy to a small monkey, a white tiger and a father-son albino alligator duo.

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    Jeff Musial Brings an Albino Alligator Family
  • Runtime : 5:10
  • The Tonight Show Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Jeff Musial Albino Alligator Family Animal Expert small monkey a white tiger NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor stand-up snl fallon monologue tonight show jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities music musical performance the roots video clip highlight talking youtube sketch comedy music comedy


  • Anaya Samsotha-Cooley

    Jimmy really couldn’t take a joke. Steve Harvey was able to take his jokes why can’t jimmy

  • junior
    junior   4 days ago

    Hes not comeing back

  • bellers
    bellers   6 days ago

    This was jeffs last appearance

  • Unnathi Pai
    Unnathi Pai   1 weeks ago

    Omg this idiot animal guy is just so fake... I have seen Jimmy with Robert Irvin...this animal guy is so full of advertisement... The way he dusted his shoulders after the monkey made me so angry...

  • Ginanjar Aryamarta
    Ginanjar Aryamarta   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy doesn't appreciate people who's not a "Famous Celeb"you can see how he fakes his laughs so much around celebs

  • Tyna Stevens
    Tyna Stevens   2 weeks ago

    She was just casually holding the little alligator. That's definitely me. 😂

  • Keri Mooney
    Keri Mooney   2 weeks ago

    This gorgeous baby girl **Yeah you can pet him **Is it a boy or girl?

  • Bryon Letterman
    Bryon Letterman   2 weeks ago

    "Look at the size of him, Jimmy!!!"That always made me laugh

  • Li Gigi
    Li Gigi   2 weeks ago

    When he screamed 😂

  • Mellisa Rose
    Mellisa Rose   3 weeks ago

    Rosario is my girl!!!! Always so fearless!!!

  • Sanfranman 491
    Sanfranman 491   3 weeks ago

    I'd give ANYTHING to be able to interact with those specimens

  • Nazzy Hayde
    Nazzy Hayde   3 weeks ago

    Imagine a Birkin bag in that white precious gator leather......jk😂

  • Nazzy Hayde
    Nazzy Hayde   3 weeks ago

    The only genuine reaction ive seen from Jimmy in the show

  • Jano Dursunian
    Jano Dursunian   1 months ago

    Hey Falon , your lucky that the guy gives you that much respect to compare your kid to his monkey don't feel so bad, you should be proud..!!!!😜😜😜😜

  • R King
    R King   1 months ago

    Dont have this guy on your show. He's an idiot "!!

  • Tony Gobran
    Tony Gobran   1 months ago

    jimmy hates that guy hahaha. thats why he isnt on the show anymore. robert irwin is way nicer but not as funny as jeff haha

  • nadjawmiller
    nadjawmiller   1 months ago

    Why are people throwing shit at Jimmy saying he's "rude"? Even if he was, I would 100% understand why.And I know he's trying to be funny but are y'all just forgetting how Musial always behaves, how mean he is to Jimmy about his fear? He always scares him, knowing he is scared of animals and he wants to overcome that fear. He put tarantulas on Jimmy's head and shoulder EVEN when he was saying NO, what would have happened if Jimmy freaked out and accidentally hurt the spiders? Jimmy would get shit for it, not Jeff who forcibly put them on him. He seems reckless in handling the animals, and one time even "accidentally" spraying both Jimmy and the animal with milk or whatever from a bottle, TWICE. I could go on. Thank god they got rid of him and took Robert Irwin instead. Even if Jimmy is scared sometimes he's doing much much better, knowing that Robert would never force an animal on him or scare him like Jeff used to. And Robert is a 16 year old

  • Salma Munoz
    Salma Munoz   1 months ago

    I think jimmy hates him haha.... jimmy said why did I bring you back to the show

  • Esinned Cg
    Esinned Cg   1 months ago

    4:19 “Look at the size of it Jimmy!” 😂😂🤣😂

  • Lucas Litchfield
    Lucas Litchfield   1 months ago

    You cannot keep a large alligatorselection mouth closed with just two fingers!!!

  • BANT3R
    BANT3R   1 months ago

    1:17 wow her voice

  • DeepBreath
    DeepBreath   1 months ago

    AMAZING MOMENTS   1 months ago

    This guy is agressive with animals. It's not cool to shake an animal like that and scream. I hope the aligator chops his head off