How to be a Rapper

  • Published on: 02 August 2014
  • Learn how to be exactly like a mainstream rapper with these simple steps!!

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  • Runtime : 5:39
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  • Barb Raleigh
    Barb Raleigh   1 weeks ago

    You funny😂😂😂😂Check out my freestylesThank you,💖

    GAMING4 KURD   2 weeks ago

    did you know that EMINEM means every mother is nice expect mineyou welcom...

  • 沈Sandy
    沈Sandy   2 weeks ago

    Does anyone realize that Ryan just used r-sizzle from skittles?

    FN_ XCLICX   2 weeks ago

    NigaHiga: and that he got his name m+mMe: yo is that logic

  • tony nguyen
    tony nguyen   3 weeks ago

    dear ryan can you make how to be a rapper 2

  • Cade Beck
    Cade Beck   3 weeks ago

    how mant rappers actully learned from him

  • Mrisangvel Sanate
    Mrisangvel Sanate   3 weeks ago

    Sick rap,uh,uh yo ,,, hehhh,Go home, and fix your cable,And move,to the table, ohh,eat your Apple😎😎😎😉

  • Fa Tee
    Fa Tee   3 weeks ago

    who's that chick? 1:46

  • Nyzir Torres
    Nyzir Torres   4 weeks ago

    I came here cause I'm twelve and I'm jealous of ymw bslime

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof   1 months ago

    nowadays to make your name just put lil and find a cool word

  • Susu Lol
    Susu Lol   1 months ago

    I take it yah you out yah take it in now get out yah it's in my back pocket I say it out I get it in the action does I walk on my rust i take it out just breath it's your last chance just try and get out then try me yah YES I TAKE IT OUT YOUR NEXT TO GET IN LINE BEFORE ITS ALREADY YOU yah get back now this will kill and it's now you so take your mom's dust and now it's you .Made by an 8 year old boy

  • Wolf
    Wolf   1 months ago

    I wander what H and S would make a name.

  • Wikham the boi
    Wikham the boi   1 months ago

    nicki minaj has a big ass zooms up on her pussy

  • D-Fine
    D-Fine   1 months ago

    Eminem history LOL😂😂😂

  • matee
    matee   1 months ago

    PolitikZ Catch Phrase is: “I’m Bringing Real Hip Hop Back” and “The Government is Corrupt”

  • Lala
    Lala   1 months ago


  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady   1 months ago

    ur channel's name is offending me sorry

  • FkingWeeb
    FkingWeeb   1 months ago

    How to rap 2019 Mumble + auto tune + 0 self-respectEasy as that

  • Volgrr
    Volgrr   1 months ago

    mustard is a producer thats why you see songs with "mustard on the beat"

  • xXTheFighterXx
    xXTheFighterXx   1 months ago

    Actually his first rap name was M&M from Marshall Mathers but his second rap name(EMINEM) was chosen because it sounds familiar to M&M and also E-EveryM-MotherI-IsN-NiceE-ExceptM-Mine