Only Connect 3x04

  • Published on: 27 July 2013
  • Only Connect Season 3 Episode 4

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  • Runtime : 29:15


  • Upsidedown Nugget
    Upsidedown Nugget   4 hours ago

    I get the feeling there’s either a lot going on behind Cosmos thousand yard stare every time he’s asked a question or just absolutely nothing at all.

  • younghex
    younghex   16 hours ago

    11:50 Me: E! Its JPEG!Host: QMe: F**k!!!

    VALLEY   17 hours ago

    worst name, worst intro song, no laughtracks, worst opposing team. great Tom Scott tho

  • satyris410
    satyris410   20 hours ago

    I bet Tom Scott did all this in one take as well

  • Pepino8A
    Pepino8A   20 hours ago

    But the voice and way of taking hardly changes

  • Hana
    Hana   22 hours ago

    I love Victoria Coren so much

  • koz
    koz   1 days ago

    I really thought the philosophers would come back after the wall

  • bobloblaw4life
    bobloblaw4life   1 days ago

    I knew 2 of the Greek letters. That's about as far as I got on this

  • Wingus Dingus
    Wingus Dingus   1 days ago

    And the award for worst theme song in any television program goes to....

  • i am a leg
    i am a leg   2 days ago

    was fiona on shrek based on fiona constantine? xD

  • Kole Steve
    Kole Steve   2 days ago

    They knew they won when Fiona pronounced Buon Giorno with confidence 😭😅😂 also why ain’t Cosmo say sh** the whole game... okay I gtg back to 2020 they’re out here rioting with no face masks

  • Kole Steve
    Kole Steve   2 days ago

    26:56 Ben’s thoughts “oh our boy got us!!” 26:60 Also Ben’s thoughts “He said he don’t know?!”

  • Kole Steve
    Kole Steve   2 days ago

    On minute 2.. what the heck am I watching

  • KylePuddi
    KylePuddi   2 days ago

    I wanna see Tom Scott comment on this video, it's come up in my recommendations twice now

  • The Bearded Baby
    The Bearded Baby   2 days ago

    It’s wierd how just his face in the thumbnail has the power to recommend this video under his own

  • The Bearded Baby
    The Bearded Baby   2 days ago

    Tom Scott: a youtuber that is the smartest person in the room a lot of the time

  • The Bearded Baby
    The Bearded Baby   2 days ago

    This entire show is the reasoning/ connecting part of an IQ test mixed with trivia turned into, you guessed it, a show

  • Sunny PTC
    Sunny PTC   2 days ago


  • Dylan Rollins
    Dylan Rollins   2 days ago

    I don't know why, but I found "no choice for you; you're getting the beta wall" to be so funny.

  • Kern
    Kern   4 days ago

    I did not expect to see Tom Scott here!

  • K. K.
    K. K.   4 days ago

    27:54 Command and Conquer: Generals

  • TheNails3
    TheNails3   4 days ago

    For all the presenter's cockiness she made a mistake less than 3 minutes in. She should have said:"2 points after 3 clues"

  • Mescalink
    Mescalink   4 days ago

    The absolute lack of an audience makes this show comedy gold

  • KoxuKoshu
    KoxuKoshu   5 days ago

    I'm just here to see chad tom scott beat these kids to smithereens

  • Asmejg 0204
    Asmejg 0204   5 days ago

    I wonder where tom got some ideas for lateral?

  • Lil Papi
    Lil Papi   5 days ago

    I thought this was a show about people playing a different type of connect 4 or something

  • Koliopkl
    Koliopkl   6 days ago

    I'm so proud of myself that I got two correct ones. This show was legit hard

  • caz c
    caz c   6 days ago

    what a squad the hitchhikers are