Only Connect 3x04

  • Published on: 27 July 2013
  • Only Connect Season 3 Episode 4

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  • Runtime : 29:15


  • sublunar
    sublunar   17 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended? I've never watched anything similar lol

  • Scitus
    Scitus   19 hours ago

    Tom Scott in 2010 looks exactly like I assumed Tom Scott looked in 2010

  • Era Aion
    Era Aion   19 hours ago

    I love that guy in the red shirt's channel.

  • jai
    jai   1 days ago

    these people are so fucking smart

  • synchronium24
    synchronium24   1 days ago

    19:46 WTF? I'm pretty sure Tom tried every possible combination of 4 graphing terms. Including "radar, pie, scatter, line".

  • sr 71
    sr 71   1 days ago

    came for tom. stayed for the show.

  • Jackiedan
    Jackiedan   2 days ago

    Literally nobody:Not even a soul:Peter: Pass

  • Taurus
    Taurus   2 days ago

    Is there an american version? It should be right up there beside jeopardy if there is.

  • cheap as chips
    cheap as chips   2 days ago

    the team without tom in it definitely got a reality check

  • UGotSoupOnMyFly
    UGotSoupOnMyFly   2 days ago

    Got halfway throught before realizing that's David Mitchell wife

  • alayna sollazzo
    alayna sollazzo   4 days ago

    "They say the germans don't have a sense of humor." "They" obviously haven't studied Kant.

  • Jucc
    Jucc   5 days ago

    my boy tom has always had loads of random knowledge over various topics

  • irlrp
    irlrp   5 days ago

    Only reason i watched more than 2 minutes of this video is that it started playing randomly after something i was watching and i went pooping so i couldn't really get up and skip it, but i still went before i was completly finished, after i typed this message i went back to pooping, but i was just more inspired

  • LandAhoy
    LandAhoy   5 days ago

    Me: Never watches TV, only YouTube and Netflix. YouTube: Want to watch this random old TV quiz? (and I did...)Also, Douglas Adams and Monty Python... It knows me well lol.

  • Patrick McCarthy
    Patrick McCarthy   5 days ago

    The philosophers chose episilon then delta both times, I wonder were they thinking of the definition of a limit

  • Qsie
    Qsie   5 days ago

    Machine learning recognizes Tom Scott, lmao

  • Casablancas J
    Casablancas J   6 days ago

    I’ve never felt as stupid as I have whilst watching this quiz

  • Vitor Schroeder Dos Anjos

    At 11:30 how das it not fear - anger - hate and then dark sideA reeeeeeealy missed opportunity...

  • TheRealD4VID
    TheRealD4VID   6 days ago

    Tom looks like a butch lesbian in this video. Surely that's a compliment on some level :o

  • pendeyo
    pendeyo   6 days ago

    "the minibus of shame" haha what a great show

  • Kyle Boates
    Kyle Boates   1 weeks ago

    24:48 my mind took that in a completely wrong direction lol

  • Keegan Conlee
    Keegan Conlee   1 weeks ago

    Is this where the idea for Lateral came from, I wonder?

  • Zimo Ge
    Zimo Ge   1 weeks ago

    holy shit why is tom here

  • Maris Baier
    Maris Baier   1 weeks ago

    Why in bloddy hell would you study german?