Pushing the Limits of FaceApp

  • Published on: 26 April 2017
  • Today we see try and find the face swapping limits of FaceApp. GMM #1124
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  • Runtime : 12:58
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  • Jjacob8600
    Jjacob8600   1 days ago

    Rhett's transitions: :)Links transitions: :|

  • Child_Of_God
    Child_Of_God   3 days ago

    Nobody come for me but woman Nile looks like Ellen DeGeneres... it’s just an innocent observation.☺️

  • captainbro999
    captainbro999   4 days ago

    Rhett through the beauty filter 7 times looks like Robert Pattinson lol

  • ava
    ava   6 days ago

    link lowkey looks like the old guy from up with the old filter on 😂

  • DaReble
    DaReble   6 days ago

    Rhett when old looks like a sun bleached boat owner

  • Trey Prevost
    Trey Prevost   1 weeks ago

    To be fair European figures do tend to be more attractive.

  • Jesslyn
    Jesslyn   1 weeks ago

    Rhett screenshot his girl self and thats honestly me

  • mkg
    mkg   1 weeks ago

    sparked link just looks like josh peck

  • Muro
    Muro   1 weeks ago

    Maybe its because European features and lighter skin are just more attractive

  • Sierra Suz
    Sierra Suz   1 weeks ago

    The not Rhett man has fem features so he easily turns into a girl Rhett as a foxy European looks super. He needs to get to the gym. Get some muscle

  • Hayley Aldridge
    Hayley Aldridge   1 weeks ago

    Link looks like josh from drake and Josh when he does the spark feature the first time

  • Megan Livingston
    Megan Livingston   1 weeks ago

    Link's picture looks like a mugshot and Rhett's an Instagram photo

  • Upoma Aziz
    Upoma Aziz   2 weeks ago

    I always thought Link and Niall looked kinda similar anyway :p

  • MDestron2282
    MDestron2282   2 weeks ago

    I have a beard and the app just turned me into a lady with a beard.....

  • nottie256
    nottie256   2 weeks ago

    It’s because Link has on glasses 🤓

  • Bridgette's Life
    Bridgette's Life   3 weeks ago

    Why does link as a sparked girl look like tati and teen link looks like pete wentz