For Honor: HOW TO GET TIER 100 BATTLEPASS FAST! Year 4 Season 1 Battlepass Tier 100!

  • Published on: 08 February 2020
  • For honor how to get tier 100 battlepass fast! Year 4 Season 1 Battlepass Tier 100! For honor year 4 season 1 battlepass tier 100 is the goal for all players so lets see what the fastest method really is.


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  • Akuma Kami
    Akuma Kami   1 months ago

    Huh I've been getting 150-180 in dominion PvE. Could be bc of exp fest.

  • ObiJuanKenobi
    ObiJuanKenobi   3 months ago

    This is one of the worst battlepass systems I've seen in awhile. If you are one of those unlucky people to main ANY of the new heroes, good fucking luck getting the weapons you want. While those who main the 4 vanguards, can play for about an hour and have their shit instantly. The weapons should not have been a battlepass reward, should've been like it was before where you play the guy you want and get the shit FOR the guy you want. They need to stop trying to fix shit that isn't broken, how about if you want people to stay, you actually add meaningful content to the game. Put all those event gamemodes, effects, executions, etc into the game permanently. There is 0 reason to not allow those who bought this game later to not be able to get any of that shit, don't take content away from us, give us as much content as you can, like what.

  • Krenec
    Krenec   3 months ago

    I honestly won’t even buy the battle pass because it lacks with value, just want to rank it up fast for the free 7 day booster

  • LoOoDa
    LoOoDa   3 months ago

    hi , sorry if im late but i have a question i just grinded and completed the 100 tiers so its now max what now ? how can i get the rewards or content ? does it unlock by it self or do i have to manually unlock tiers ? can you tell me how

  • Suklaamousse1
    Suklaamousse1   3 months ago

    im like 41 tier and there is still like 74 days left with the free pass

  • That Guitar Guy
    That Guitar Guy   3 months ago

    They def fucked up by only giving 100 steel and shit but im giving them a chance this is their first battle pass

  • drew huyck
    drew huyck   3 months ago

    not a fan overall, weapons fell flat to me, armor is gold this year, riches are flowing they say, so weapons should be gold and better than ever. someone who works 55 hours a week I have no chance on finishing this battle pass to the end. they should give points for finishing all orders not just dailies. anything done to this game the last year feels half assed. like a check the box mentality. I want the devs to put more effort in to keep us who have been here since day one.

  • Xeno Morph29
    Xeno Morph29   3 months ago

    You can still get 150 playing breach ai

  • SinnerBeta
    SinnerBeta   3 months ago

    Battlepass is garbage and killed my FH enthusiasm, locking content behind a paywall with a time limit. I can forgive paid cosmetics when it's to keep the game alive and you can grab them whenever you want, but not exploiting people's FOMO this blatantly.

  • Jermaine Fussell-King
    Jermaine Fussell-King   3 months ago

    You forgot to add the time in which your mom calls you every 5 minutes cause she can't stand the fact that you're having fun

  • angelo perri
    angelo perri   3 months ago

    Honestly I've just been playing normally the past 2 days and in the time it took me to rep up once I got to around tier 18

  • Storm
    Storm   3 months ago

    I’m just gonna say it: the battle pass is a lazy way of hiding content behind a paywall. 100 steel? 100 salvage? What a joke, it should have been like 5000 steel, 10 loot boxes and so forth... why do I even need 100 salvage?Ubisoft needs to be called out on this and people need to put away their fanboy glasses.

  • Grinch Jr
    Grinch Jr   3 months ago

    0:41 "a whole lot more" no,you're wrong . Except for the executions and signatures everything is GARBAGEEEEEEE. I mean,come on, 75 salvage that's disgusting.

  • Azure
    Azure   3 months ago

    Deflects only run for practice. I'll be a God by tier 30 XD

  • AG D4RK
    AG D4RK   3 months ago

    Introduction: when you die to a level 1 bot

  • Itz Deathstroke
    Itz Deathstroke   3 months ago

    So basically if you have no life then this shouldn’t be a problem

  • Fire__Flow 6IX
    Fire__Flow 6IX   3 months ago

    From today ive grinded out the shaolin and jiang jun, i bought jiang and a week of champion status and have been just grinding and im tier 20 now

  • Chrome EchoZ
    Chrome EchoZ   3 months ago

    I think ranked duels might be the way to go,every one was getting my around 50-60 diamonds and they took like 3-5 mins. Just my opinion though

  • Cruz Mitchell
    Cruz Mitchell   3 months ago

    10$ isn't even that much and theres a free one

  • blue bird
    blue bird   3 months ago

    Duels give 55 points each for me

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson   3 months ago

    The battlepass is absolute shit. The rewards are trash.

  • Sir Kevlord
    Sir Kevlord   3 months ago

    Unfortunately, it seems like it would take too long to get all this new content, and I'm a busy man 😔

  • Lord of Sin95
    Lord of Sin95   3 months ago

    Is it me or does Ubisoft hate PvAI players? I don't see a big deal of making both PvP and PvAI match rewards equal. PvP players get a lot more than PvAI players. Not like you're getting the upper hand if each were giving you the same rate of rewards and loot chances. I'm a PvAI player because I don't necessarily like dealing with the various things that influence PvP. I still play PvP, but I prefer PvAI because I don't like how in PvP you don't use the characters' kits, mostly light spamming. PvAI is slightly more enjoyable to me because I can, only thing is, the bots are uneducational. Nothing works other than unlockables and countering, not really educational for new players. In my opinion, season 2 bots were the best. Rant concluded...

  • Juston Opperman
    Juston Opperman   3 months ago

    Does champion status help you gain additional points towards the battle pass?

  • ThatOneSwed
    ThatOneSwed   3 months ago

    What does turning of matchmaking do?

  • GodZ Tanjee
    GodZ Tanjee   3 months ago

    I’ll definitely make the grind for the JJ weapon and the executions🖤

  • TheDogod
    TheDogod   3 months ago

    Everybody being happy about their battlepasses. Im not paying extra for some relatively mediocre loot in a full priced game. In Red dead you can at least pay for it with in game aquired gold. 10 bucks every time they bring one out ? gtfo

  • Unlimited Power
    Unlimited Power   3 months ago

    Everyone saying “it’s only 10$” is an undercover Ubi employee.

  • Gabriel Carson
    Gabriel Carson   3 months ago

    How do you buy tiers?? The battle pass doesn’t do anything at least when I bought it