Avengers Cast Savagely Roast Brie Larson & Her Lies About Doing Her Own Stunts

  • Published on: 22 April 2019
  • The Avengers End Game will be out VERY soon. I am eager to put a bow on this whole series to be honest. It would appear the avengers cast is too.

  • Runtime : 11:21
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering   5 months ago

    I Am Starting To Think These Folks Genuinely Hate Brie Larson. If You Want Me To Go Quad Today Drop A LIKE On The Video!

  • Yami Vegito
    Yami Vegito   15 hours ago

    I love the basicaly the entire marvel cast, yes that means Brie Larson especialy after discovering the truth about her(It was heartbreaking). I know you guys hate her for that but I think we(By that I mean you guys) are too hard on brie for STUNS!? So what? Again love the marvel cast from the bottom of my heart(yes that means brie) and legend stan lee but maybe brie just wants attention. And you guys are bullying her not cool man!Give her a chance and be nice.

    RAPH FELIX   16 hours ago

    Thor can totally outpunch Captain Marvel any day of the week. Her saying it's a fact, is her not reading the source material.

  • AngelLuvsvids2015
    AngelLuvsvids2015   1 days ago

    I bet you got picked on a lot when you were little and probably right now.who gets pleasure off of tormenting women when your a grown ass man is disturbing

  • Maximus Gigantos
    Maximus Gigantos   2 days ago

    Did they deliberately choose this unattractive actress or they really ran out of beautiful women in Hollywood?

  • TheBunnygirl20
    TheBunnygirl20   3 days ago

    Now if she brought half if this attitude to the actual character, then she'd make a very decent on screen captain marvel because she can be a real bitch

  • Brave Fart
    Brave Fart   3 days ago

    She thought she was the strongest while sitting beside Thor? Does she read the comics or know her character? Captain Marvel isn't even stronger than The Hulk... Jeez... 😂😂😂

  • Sandbox Queen
    Sandbox Queen   3 days ago

    Hemsworth is like Canada.... if he doesn't like you and votes you off then you are a ..... 'nuff said.

  • Thomas Bryant
    Thomas Bryant   4 days ago

    Ah yes another sad nerd douche failing to understand the concept of sarcasm, or carve out some time to have a life decides to get all hardcore on an actress playing a superhero role.

  • Hilrie kemp
    Hilrie kemp   4 days ago

    Scarlett Johansson in need of a butt double ha Haha hahaha oh man. No that's a woman lol Brie Larson is a 14 year old girl she acts like one too smh

  • Sil Lopez
    Sil Lopez   4 days ago

    Its hollywood ..some plays to be hated some plays to be good...even brings it off movie characters to reality where there is cam....but actually different person off cam....

  • alex wightman
    alex wightman   5 days ago

    "Hey Billy what avenger character do you want to vist you with your wish."" that dike that breaks the bikers hand for a small reason."EKG beeping turns flat after an unplugging noise " it was for his own good."

  • Anthony Gill
    Anthony Gill   5 days ago

    Dont hate just because she's a strong woman. And you're wrong. Hitler, bush and other MIDDLE AGE WHITE DUDES are the most unlikable people on the planet.

  • judd stoned
    judd stoned   5 days ago

    You can tell she’s a spoiled entitled little girl 👧

  • Elena Wellington
    Elena Wellington   5 days ago

    Wouldn't the most powerful MCU Avenger be Doctor Strange?Caity Lotz did most to all of her stunts in Arrow/LOT but she doesn't brag about it

  • StateOfShock
    StateOfShock   5 days ago

    Wait wtf I randomly come to this video and it’s the dude I used to watch open damn MTG packs years ago... what are the odds

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott   6 days ago

    Iv not seen captain marvel but if shes stronger, faster and basically op... why bother watching the movies :\? Oh a threat... Oh way just let her handle it... Like seriously whats the point? Unless theres going to be like a bigger badder villain that she will need help with? But again thats like hiring children to help her out right? Ohh well the movies were fun while they lasted haha.

  • ASB 09
    ASB 09   6 days ago

    Imagine it was Kanye West instead of Cris ...

  • Big Paulie P
    Big Paulie P   6 days ago

    Back here after watching the interview compilation of Renner and Rudd, and I can't believe the difference in body posture, body language and overall demeanor. It's like the disdain he has for Brie is emanating from his pores!

  • Job Acevedo
    Job Acevedo   6 days ago

    Brie I'm Hispanic male. Do you like me? 😩 lol. I want to see what happens with her new movie.

  • fpp
    fpp   6 days ago

    I think it is hard to tell if they like her or not just by watching these interviews, but I do understand why the speculation exists... most of the times she is definitely not carismatic and sometimes when she wants to come up as sarcastic she just behaves in a very unpleasent way

  • Holden McGroin
    Holden McGroin   6 days ago

    Watched 3 minutes of the video before it dawned on me that I don't care

  • Reto Ware
    Reto Ware   6 days ago

    They're just not having it with her lol, it's felt awkward

  • Onion Face
    Onion Face   1 weeks ago

    Brie Larson gives me sociopath vibes. I pick up a weird energy from her even from the screen. Never liked her even before all the controversy and when I heard about it, I wasn't surprised. I'm not sure if they're all sarcastically joking with her or there's some genuine dislike there. Seems a bit passive aggressive though.

  • T B
    T B   1 weeks ago

    Do you not have any close co workers or friends? This is 100% them just flipping each other shit. They don’t give a fuck about the “legacy” of movies lol

  • Ariel Nunez
    Ariel Nunez   1 weeks ago

    I was just thinking, there's some brown in Renner because he looked like some of my Hispanic teachers. Apparently buried under all that white, is Panamanian. Mi gente. Lol

  • PungiFungi
    PungiFungi   1 weeks ago

    Brie Larson needed an ass double so I doubt she actually do her own stunts, much less having her own butt onscreen.