Megan Rapinoe SMACKS Trump During Interview

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • Megan Rapinoe owned Trump in an epic way during an interview after winning the World Cup. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

    Rick Strom

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  • Runtime : 4:5
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  • TYT Sports
    TYT Sports   1 months ago

    Megan Rapinoe completely owned Trump. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

  • Jacks Family
    Jacks Family   5 days ago

    Why did she take a knee? Is it for social justice?

  • Anslem Slove
    Anslem Slove   1 weeks ago

    Trump should have instead invited the under-15 boys team that thrashed these things 5-2 last year.

  • Anslem Slove
    Anslem Slove   1 weeks ago

    Megan Rapinhoe is a nonentity in an irrelevant sport (women's soccer), desperately trying to make her 15 minutes of fame last longer than it should, by dissing her own country, flag, anthem & President on the international stage, showing her true class (on her knee like a hooker). The ugly dyke will be soon forgotten, but President Trump will still be there for the next World Cup.

  • Bill Ngatuere
    Bill Ngatuere   2 weeks ago

    Veronica Martinez Bwaa haa haa! The lights are on but no one's home, with this one. Donald J Trump 2020. MAGA!

  • Mark Katzman
    Mark Katzman   2 weeks ago

    Rapinoe is just an unattractive “b*tch” who knows nothing about America or its history..she as ignorant of this as a stone..but like all leftist narcissist babies she wails whenever she’s got a full pants! If she worried about slavery and racism why doesn’t she go to Nigeria and open that big yap of hers-there’s real live slavery there!!!!!!! But there she’d have to pay a high price..probably her life. I’m so sick of the infantile left attacking the US when they know nothing will happen to them.

  • Bill Ngatuere
    Bill Ngatuere   2 weeks ago

    Rapinoe's another Kappernik. I'm sure she's an avid muslim supporter.

  • r23193 f10
    r23193 f10   2 weeks ago

    what a bunch of fucking morons. Trump isnt a deranged president at all.

  • Rudy Stamm
    Rudy Stamm   3 weeks ago

    _ _ _k this pos entitled ass. They should take that soccer ball and put it where sun don’t shine and jail her for her disrespect of our president and country

  • heywood1980
    heywood1980   3 weeks ago

    Yeah he's deranged because he has a million things way more important to do and think about other than whether he already invited the women's soccer team or not yet to the WH... Great point.

  • P F
    P F   3 weeks ago

    Hey soy boy, these girls come and go in a blink of an eye,Trump is staying for many more years, who's the winner? lol.

  • Badbob9nine2
    Badbob9nine2   3 weeks ago

    This bitch probably smells like sardine's

  • Lori Škulj
    Lori Škulj   3 weeks ago

    We all support Megan Rapinoe because she inspired every one me too she is the best and Trump... shut up💪

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones   3 weeks ago

    Fuck trump he's a war coward he took a knee for his service in Vietnam

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia   3 weeks ago


  • diamond beatsx
    diamond beatsx   3 weeks ago

    Lmao beta cuck liberal male talks about womens sports. Makes sense

  • Thomas Keogh
    Thomas Keogh   4 weeks ago

    So you should be proud of your hero. Blame the man that started this. Don’t expect people to respect him when Trump respects anybody else just look how he treated senator McCain and still does you should also be proud of their win of the World Cup. No man team active this great feat. Just check out his tweets regarding women, If you said the things he said your son wouldn’t except these horrible tweets. Your son served Trump ran away from his obligations to America condemn him for this act of betrayal. This President totally disrespects his predecessor because of the color of his skin bet you son was proud to serve with black service men and women. Respect is earned to get it you have to respect others. I salute your son fir his service.

  • Susan Elizalde
    Susan Elizalde   1 months ago

    Reiterating: Ms M. Rap... speaking ill on platform, as you did is most distasteful ! Actually, the more u voice your hate, the more despicable u make yourself. (Frank Elizalde, submitter).

  • Brenna ._.
    Brenna ._.   1 months ago

    If it’s sports not politics why are y’all talking about trump and calling Rapinoe a hoe...y’all are fucking cowards!

  • Joyce Scanlan
    Joyce Scanlan   1 months ago

    See megan, no one cares about you anymore. A few days later, and it's megan who. ?????But president Trump--- always relevant. President Trump---2020 Win 🌺

  • James Gilliam
    James Gilliam   1 months ago

    You are a very nasty women or what ever you is . And for this dud he against the president. Trump 2020.

  • Floyd Schneider
    Floyd Schneider   1 months ago

    Yes it was so wonderful when Megan grabbed the American flag from another player and threw it on the ground for a photo op. Could hardly hold back the tears when Megan recommended TYT that shares the same name as the people that committed the Armenian Holocaust and slaughtered 1.5 million people.

  • Carlo De La Cruz
    Carlo De La Cruz   1 months ago

    that's disrespectful , you are an American player , you have to respect the president , the flag you represent , and also to stand up during the national anthem , football is not politic rapinoe , its a fucking sport , stop making it looks bad

  • Mario Muccino
    Mario Muccino   1 months ago


  • Chris Shanholtzer
    Chris Shanholtzer   1 months ago

    She is such an angry little boy little boy little boy don’t be so angry she shouldn’t be such an angry little boy be nice angry little boy he won the stupid ass soccer game championship a sport or three-year-old to play

  • Chris Shanholtzer
    Chris Shanholtzer   1 months ago

    Don’t you have some rainbow Dyke hermaphrodite March to go to she’s one angle she is one angry little boy

  • mel hov
    mel hov   1 months ago

    Hahaha fuck trump and all his racist followers..🖕🖕

  • Tim Greene
    Tim Greene   1 months ago

    The team backs her because anyone Christian they already kicked of the team over the last 16 your research they are discriminating. I sadly laugh when I hear her say they are for everyone after dismissing the best left back in the country according to the Washington Post just because she was Christian

  • Ixiah27
    Ixiah27   1 months ago

    Wow, so brave, repeating the same shit everyone of the Left is saying anyway, behind your wall of Soyboy defenders, ready to tear everyone up that dares to critice you, truly the Ghandi of our Times.....Also remember to support the Team by buying Merch. xD

  • Joyce Scanlan
    Joyce Scanlan   1 months ago

    Can anyone tell me why she looks middle aged and the rest of the team look young ???🌺

  • Joyce Scanlan
    Joyce Scanlan   1 months ago

    Next week --- Rapinoe who. ????????15 minutes of fame gone. 🌺

  • Frank Cicero
    Frank Cicero   1 months ago

    Fake news by a cluster of jerk offs who think they are sports commentators . She is commie filthy pig who should have been a bj.