Top 100 Plays of the 2010s!

  • Published on: 01 January 2020
  • Check out the top 100 plays of the 2010s!

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  • Runtime : 29:49
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  • Greg Garcia
    Greg Garcia   1 hours ago

    Tracey Porter INT was from 2009 season - really shouldn't be on a 2010s list. Calendar month notwithstanding, it's considered a 2009 play.

  • Smooth Phenom
    Smooth Phenom   2 hours ago

    Where is the double doink in Chicago tho??🤔

  • NotDrip_
    NotDrip_   4 hours ago

    Bruh the amount of packers plays on this listShould be named Greenbay packers top 100 plays of 2010’s

  • J PM
    J PM   10 hours ago

    How about top 100 defensive plays? Or Special teams plays? I know most of the NFL's part time fans just want to see amazing runs and passes and catches but I bet many NFL fans enjoy watching hard sacks/defensive back hits, forced fumbles, interceptions, passes defensed etc.... Watching Aaron Donald sack a QB with one arm while fending off an OL 6 inches taller and 40 lbs heavier with the other is enjoyable.

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G   10 hours ago

    86 gave me PTSD 😑

  • Shreyas 11
    Shreyas 11   19 hours ago

    number 76 that was over kuechly holy cow

  • Henry Lytle
    Henry Lytle   20 hours ago

    Tim Tebow has to be in the top 5 😂

  • NBA
    NBA   1 days ago

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole   1 days ago

    #74 dang the other line man made sure to pick up the ball to seal the td

  • Matt Pawlowski
    Matt Pawlowski   1 days ago

    5:50 may be the most ridiculous commentary I've ever heard in my life."UNICORNS! SHOW PONIES!......WHERE'S THE BEEF?!?!"

  • Wesley Harville-Fry
    Wesley Harville-Fry   1 days ago

    This list was flawed, you have that Eli Manning throw at number three, but what you should’ve had was the head catch. Also by Eli Manning

  • eZzZZzZzzu
    eZzZZzZzzu   1 days ago

    kinda surprising how many andy dalton era bengals plays are in this and im a packers fan

  • Carson James
    Carson James   2 days ago

    Also me on play 16 why so much Patriots stuff

  • Carson James
    Carson James   2 days ago

    Lol Jags mascot ran on field after scoreAlso here is a good Lawrence Taylor film when the Lions mascot cry’s on the floor lol

  • Carson James
    Carson James   2 days ago

    Why not some 1980 Lawrence Taylor stuff huh NFL?

  • Carson James
    Carson James   2 days ago

    Yeah every one hand catch is that’s obj or obj would be proud

  • Jack Rockwell
    Jack Rockwell   2 days ago

    Oh what RG3 could have been had his coach protected him from himself.

  • Reece Christian
    Reece Christian   2 days ago

    Should’ve had the Broncos V Saints Justin Simmons field goal block on here

  • E Goodwin
    E Goodwin   3 days ago

    I think I lost count on how many times the Saints were on the wrong end of these plays. 40? 50?

  • EatingAFork 000
    EatingAFork 000   4 days ago

    Why is nobody questioning why Kittle's play against the saints isn't here?

  • Jarrod Rannou
    Jarrod Rannou   5 days ago

    What!?!?!?Why is the 92 yard touchdown not on there?That's the best play of the decade.

  • Vooch
    Vooch   5 days ago

    how is geroge kittle's run against the saints not in this at all???

  • Realistic Idealist
    Realistic Idealist   5 days ago

    Miles sanders catch in the endzone< wide open julian edelman on a flat.

  • Milkman Chris
    Milkman Chris   5 days ago

    It ain’t an underrated play but can we talk about that Beasley catch

  • Pro Sports
    Pro Sports   6 days ago

    in the 30s im like where is the pick mt malcom butler than i notice it is number one i scream because i love the seahawks an the truth is that is not number 1 number 1 is probably the kick by devin hester in the super bowl first play

  • Pro Sports
    Pro Sports   6 days ago

    made on january 1 wow you spent alot of time on this

  • Max Stuart
    Max Stuart   6 days ago

    That Rodgers throw to Cook is the greatest throw I've ever seen

  • Michael Odhiambo
    Michael Odhiambo   6 days ago

    Not a single highlight from the chargers, bills, or the rams and half the highlights are against the Bengals. 😂😂😂😂😂😂