Giving Harvard Students an iPhone 11 If They Can Answer THIS Question

  • Published on: 03 November 2019
  • Giving strangers the iPhone 11 for answering this question. I went to Harvard University and I gave new iPhone 11's to anyone who knew the answers ;)


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  • Runtime : 15:42
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  • Time Vortex
    Time Vortex   1 minuts ago

    these are the questions done to harvard students huh--- more like 5th grade level questions if you ask me

  • Bad Username Creator
    Bad Username Creator   9 minuts ago

    Dude has a phone to look at the questions and another phone to use as a microphone

  • Jack Hack
    Jack Hack   19 minuts ago

    I gotta say I'm impressed with how many of them knew so many answers. I only knew William Henry Harrison because I saw it on the Simpsons.

  • Aditya Guru
    Aditya Guru   21 minuts ago

    I too deserve it, as I too gave all the answers correctly.😭

  • Feremir
    Feremir   26 minuts ago

    Venus?what? shouldn't that be Jupiter ? since it's core temperature it's hotter than the surface of the sun.

  • Robert Sarran
    Robert Sarran   27 minuts ago

    Why are you giving rich kids iPhones? Do your quiz show at local community colleges...

  • marcusje11
    marcusje11   27 minuts ago

    3/5. As a European I don't know the questions about America, so didn't know Maine or the president

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo   39 minuts ago

    Great, give expensive phones to entitled people that are guaranteed a six figure job after school. I can think of a better group of people who DON'T HAVE phones that could use the freebee.

  • moneeb abbas
    moneeb abbas   39 minuts ago

    I am not racist but honestly giving banana to black dudes killed me laughing

  • Omar Nelson
    Omar Nelson   40 minuts ago

    watching this I could actually go to Harvard University.....

  • Tom Berryhill
    Tom Berryhill   47 minuts ago

    "i'm a broke college student", yet i'm giving away iPhones.

  • Patrick Viertel
    Patrick Viertel   53 minuts ago

    these questions arent that hard, it´s just that if you are not 100% sure and haven´t come in contact with the topic in the last few months you just begin doubting yourself, because the answers are just too obvious.

  • hien nguyen
    hien nguyen   1 hours ago

    The 'idiot' holding the phone for the answers, didn't even know them either!!! Dumbass!

  • Void Foxy
    Void Foxy   1 hours ago

    "Giving Harvard Students Corona If They Breath"

  • Dayan Gansukh
    Dayan Gansukh   1 hours ago

    Me looking at the acceptance rate of Harvard Me thinking I’ll never get accepted Me looking at the Harvard Students Answers and getting it wrongMe: Bitch I’m getting aCcEptED!!

  • Dayan Gansukh
    Dayan Gansukh   1 hours ago

    Me in 4th Grade learning the solar system and knowing that the hottest planet is Venus The Harvard Students thinking for a long time and some of them even say Mercury Me: Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • The kitten kids
    The kitten kids   1 hours ago

    these people are dumb. it took them forever to remember the answer to a question that they learned in primary school.

  • Sära
    Sära   1 hours ago

    Why is it 19

  • Kayla James
    Kayla James   1 hours ago


  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones   1 hours ago

    There's Taylor, there's Tyler, there's Rutherford B. Hayes, There's William Henry Harrison: I DIED IN 30 DAYS! Thank you The Simpsons for helping me theoretically win an iPhone

  • Small KID
    Small KID   1 hours ago

    Am imagine that they are all now friends and don't have to go throw the beginners problems and being alone just because this video 💕

  • mighty quinn
    mighty quinn   1 hours ago

    Nice to see Americans at Harvard. Oh wait..

  • Adam Bomb
    Adam Bomb   1 hours ago

    You didn't ask one white person. Any reason? Could you not find one at Harvard? Are you a racist?

  • Ahmed Laiq
    Ahmed Laiq   1 hours ago

    Im 15 and got all these and im not even American. Im Pakistani. These people are in Harvard and still lost.

  • Johan Halvarsson
    Johan Halvarsson   1 hours ago

    I'm really late to the party but why is there no history question in these things that don't relate to american history? Ever! And even in american history it seems to be 98% american presidents.

  • unkown slayer
    unkown slayer   2 hours ago

    the fact where not gonna talk about the guy that said i dont talk english and he saif it perfectly

  • Edward John Tan
    Edward John Tan   2 hours ago

    The guy with the Nike hat that was with Dumebi was also a player, too, right?

  • Andrew Fischer-Gledhill

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