• Published on: 26 August 2019
  • They say it's the Last Curling and Straightening Hair Iron I'll ever Buy ... let's see is it meets up to the hype! (NOT SPONSORED) xo's ~ Tati
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  • Karey Diaz
    Karey Diaz   3 days ago

    Sweetheart she said vertical sections not horizontal. But I guess it only works with thin fine hair.

  • mss. lares
    mss. lares   4 days ago

    Nope 👎 but u gave it a chance babe

  • Sara McDougald
    Sara McDougald   1 weeks ago

    okay but my hair is so curly and thick i can’t do crap with my hair i’ve spent like 1000 bucks on tools and things and nothing has worked help😭😭

  • Jessie Long
    Jessie Long   2 weeks ago

    She said turn it backward Tati turns it forward 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jessie Long
    Jessie Long   2 weeks ago

    You can’t clamp it closed al the way. I have one and it works great

  • Marty Piccini
    Marty Piccini   2 weeks ago

    There’s nothing this can do that any straightening iron can’t do. Nothing special.

  • CrazyCookingCatLady
    CrazyCookingCatLady   2 weeks ago

    Such a good review. It’s so helpful seeing your learning curve with the product.

  • onlineversion
    onlineversion   3 weeks ago

    Good thing I haven't bought this product, but from watching videos what I noticed was that anyone who knows how to use this iron can do beautiful curls, curls that look professional and better than from a regular hair straightener. This is just my observation.

  • Tanya McCarte
    Tanya McCarte   4 weeks ago

    So I must have a knockoff version it is by Cloris brand. 🤷‍♀️ It was only $30 on Amazon..the curl part did NOT work at all! 😢 The straightener worked great though. There is a digital screen to show the temp. NY overall rating is poor the curl part should not be this difficult to learn in my opinion. Oh well back to my original curling irons. 😁

  • Teresa Yantone
    Teresa Yantone   4 weeks ago

    tHIS video made me feel sooooo much better about myself, lol

  • Cece Contreras
    Cece Contreras   1 months ago

    We’re you using the Tyme 3inch round hairbrush? If you were what do you think of it? I want to buy it but 🤔 don’t really know.

  • Livy Quicky
    Livy Quicky   1 months ago

    Who else thinks that tati would look bea-uti-ful with curtain bangs? She already is beautiful but I think that it would make her look younger and I overall think that she would love it! Tati if you do get curtain bangs and it is because this comment was your inspo please give me a shoutout!

  • cybersylv
    cybersylv   1 months ago

    Even the dude in the background got it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Shannon Johnson
    Shannon Johnson   1 months ago

    I bought this, tried myself, and then took it to my hairdresser to help me. My hair turned out beautifully. Awesome product ❤🤗🥰

  • AndreaKaberL
    AndreaKaberL   1 months ago

    Anyone let her know when this first went up that after she sat back down from getting her brush she never held the iron the right way?

  • T Swag
    T Swag   1 months ago

    It’s actually really easy. Search up rose bud curls with straightener

  • Yulisa Robles
    Yulisa Robles   2 months ago

    Hairspraying before curling? 🙃 the way she sections and just pulls on her hair makes me cringe! 😖

  • Lita Yang
    Lita Yang   2 months ago

    I got mine this tool from TJ maxx . And yes . I am struggled about this curling iron until today . Luckily i only spend $30 for the tool . Now i keep it in the draw not only use it once 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Samantha Ron
    Samantha Ron   2 months ago

    I do this with my straightner.. I do not understand why u cant use it for both instead of buying this..

  • Kristen Autumn
    Kristen Autumn   2 months ago

    Lol just doing it wrong but lived for the fail I sware lol

  • summer_rain /
    summer_rain /   2 months ago

    I'm glad I watched this...I should not buy into this hype ...get me a normal curler

  • Covfefe Kim
    Covfefe Kim   2 months ago

    You’re not holding the iron correctly for the side that you have flat. Your arm needs to be over your head and thumb still behind the button. I love this iron. Please watch TYME tutorials with the actual creator. Many many looks depending on how you tilt the iron. Watch the tutorials and use the “vroom” 💗💗

  • Zhaundra Jones
    Zhaundra Jones   2 months ago

    9:29 uh yeah good luck. Def need it. This was painful to watch and also hilarious 🤣. Thx @Tati

  • Simona Ileana
    Simona Ileana   2 months ago

    I bought one, I am here cause I have no idea how to use it. I have 1 section of your hair on my whole head, so... yap...I can not try it in so many ways, I would remain without my hair.

  • Victoria Reno
    Victoria Reno   2 months ago

    Am I the only one who can’t stand the sound of her hair running through that iron. 😩

  • shaney firth
    shaney firth   2 months ago

    I really don't understand how Somone can look so different with and without make up ,if I seen you with all your make up I'd think you was really pretty ,you look beautiful with makup ,but when you have no make up you could actually pass for a different person, i cant believe how you look without makup lol ,not a pretty site, sorry I wouldnt usually say somthing like this I just can't get over the diffrence, no wonder you put so much on

  • Jhon T
    Jhon T   2 months ago

    ONE HOUR FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria Ponciano
    Gloria Ponciano   2 months ago

    Hi its my first time to watch your video, i would just like to say I love your review of this product. So real.... I can see myself in front of the mirror trying to learn it. No FUSS .thanks for saving me.

  • Lizzy Ryan
    Lizzy Ryan   2 months ago

    USE YOUR RIGHT HAND!!Vertical sections and she has it facing tha wrong way lol. They said the part with the button put your thumb on it.. when she goes the wrong way you can hear it 😕😶

  • Sarah Guernsey
    Sarah Guernsey   2 months ago

    You have to hold it up side down for the left side of your head. Also let the hair glide through instead of pulling hair through the tool. Pull toward your mirror not out to the side 😘

  • penetrus
    penetrus   2 months ago

    Go to fair work you empty woman.

  • Nando Armando
    Nando Armando   2 months ago

    1. You're sections weren't consistent. 2. It's all about hand coordination. 3. You can achieve this curl with any flat iron regardless it's price as long as it's properly working. Best of luck gorgeous. Was funny watching you. thnx 😉😊🙏🏼🥰👏🏼

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville   2 months ago

    Just buy a chi best straighteners there are not that I’ve ever used anything super expensive chi isn’t 150-200 and it can curl better than a lot of curlers