Please don't photoshop our wedding photo. (YIAY #409)

  • Published on: 25 April 2018
  • Original photo credit to The Ponces Photography
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  • Runtime : 5:40
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  • Zut
    Zut   2 days ago

    0:05 3:06

  • FrohenLeid
    FrohenLeid   4 days ago

    "why does everyone think I am a furry?" * Has a t-shirt with a wolf * Yes I really don't know!

    TK_SCORPIO Yt   5 days ago

    3:07 I think it's a reference to avatar with the hair connection scene

  • Alexandra Nikou
    Alexandra Nikou   1 weeks ago

    3:31 this is the moment I think jack realized that his life has been reduced to people on the internet making emoji movie and shrek jokes about his marriageAnd that’s his JOB

  • kitrod
    kitrod   1 weeks ago

    ngl erin with jack's hair is kinda hot

  • André Crema
    André Crema   2 weeks ago


  • Ace Q
    Ace Q   2 weeks ago

    0:35 She lowkey lookin cute tho

  • Melissa Verdonk
    Melissa Verdonk   3 weeks ago

    2:55 Jokes on you hater, you tried to make her lookLike Fiona but she looks like poison ivy which is hot as hell. -John Douglas 2017

  • Xyrus King
    Xyrus King   3 weeks ago

    Anyone notice the original photo has a detective in the between they're mouth to throatEdit: it's a cowboy

  • isame ghots
    isame ghots   3 weeks ago

    1 year, five months, and 25 days later, and I JUST realized what was changed from the “subtle” photoshop

  • The halo Legend
    The halo Legend   1 months ago

    guys stop photo shopping im in prison because i photoshopped

  • Ruthless Rosie
    Ruthless Rosie   1 months ago

    3:07 Erin’s forehead is the same obnoxious size as Jack’s

  • Emil Guntvedt
    Emil Guntvedt   1 months ago

    “MR. world WIFE”I feel like something is a little bit off

  • LudaMeri
    LudaMeri   1 months ago

    To everyone not knowing the answer or the Photoshop to the picture Jack refered as "Where's Waldo" Erin's forehead is photoshopped to be slightly bigger so it matches Jack's.

  • Snoop Catt
    Snoop Catt   1 months ago

    I’m surprised no one just said OK 👌🏽

  • Squam Ham
    Squam Ham   1 months ago

    3:08 One year later, i still havent noticed it

  • Sdrawkcab lrig
    Sdrawkcab lrig   1 months ago

    Why get the yiay book for $12.99 When you can get it for $100.00 On Amazon?!

  • Egruul
    Egruul   1 months ago

    PewDs plan was to get married and copy the photo

  • Rainy Dropz
    Rainy Dropz   2 months ago

    YouWannaKnowWhoIsTheMostBeautifulPersonInTheWorld?Read the first word ❤️

  • no no
    no no   2 months ago

    Alexander Hamilton at 3:01

  • StarzGirlz
    StarzGirlz   2 months ago

    3:06How dare you make......The epic forehead couple

  • Technic
    Technic   2 months ago

    pewdiepie copypewdiepie copypewdiepie copypewdiepie copypewdiepie copypewdiepie copy

  • k
    k   2 months ago

    its cute until you notice the shacles

  • DooMYT
    DooMYT   2 months ago

    Smh I can’t believe the guy who copied lwaiy copied pewds wedding photos (If you don’t know what a joke is this is one)