Screech Owls & River Otters w/ Jack Hanna, Jeff Goldblum & Marlon Wayans

  • Published on: 06 March 2018
  • James welcomes animal expert Jack Hanna to the show, who introduces James, Jeff Goldblum and a hesitant Marlon Wayans to some animals, including a ring-tailed lemur and a vulture.

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  • Runtime : 10:7
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  • Poppy Bell
    Poppy Bell   11 hours ago

    What is with the "I'm just trying to help" thing? HAHA... I can't tell if Jack is trying to be funny or he's pissed off!

  • Frost_ Claps
    Frost_ Claps   1 days ago

    James Corden was being really rude towards Jack, let the man speak.

  • Milad Zavar
    Milad Zavar   1 days ago

    What is it with black people and animals? I don't understand why they're so scared of animals

  • pastrana21
    pastrana21   1 days ago

    how are you gonna be that terrified by those cute otters

  • El Didith
    El Didith   1 days ago

    I'm 880th dislike this and unsubscribe bcs u dont respect Jack

    GGALLIN   2 days ago

    These talk show hosts have no clue.... I feel so bad for the animal handlers. With the audience screaming, and the hosts yelling and carrying on... you can see the stress on the handlers faces. Just be cool calm and collected. These people didn't bring these animals out for clout, they did it for public knowledge. Fml fuckin dingbats.

  • Angelofmusic Wonder
    Angelofmusic Wonder   3 days ago

    Marlon.... embarrassing. All black people don’t react this way with animals everyone. I would love to hold an otter. Otters are crazy... fun crazy!

  • Mike G
    Mike G   4 days ago

    Jack : "im an animal expert"Also Jack : "mice dont make a noise"

  • Dan Maler
    Dan Maler   4 days ago

    Marlon being a loud and obnoxious attention whore here. FFS, shut the hell up and sit down. Act like a damn man and show some respect to this 70 year old animal expert. He sure as hell deserves it. He was on Letterman's show since 1985.

  • celifacejones
    celifacejones   4 days ago

    This is Jack fuckin Hanna. Have some fkn respect. He's been doing late night shows since before this new late night line up. My god.Is this how they would have treated Irwin?! So infuriating.

  • kuikai kui
    kuikai kui   5 days ago

    what is worng with him odder's are cute and funny

  • kuikai kui
    kuikai kui   5 days ago

    so black people don't like animel's or should i say some black people living in us or uk i don't know and i don't get why that has somthing to do with color

  • Jason
    Jason   6 days ago

    We should clone goldblum.

  • Scarlet Ragneel
    Scarlet Ragneel   6 days ago

    What is with Black guys and animals? Don't they have pets at home?

  • Tenzin Gobom
    Tenzin Gobom   6 days ago

    For instantly i thought his name is Jack hanma from baki .

  • Okram Vinci
    Okram Vinci   6 days ago

    James is so animated. Everything he says or does looks so fake, even more than Jimmy Fallon.

  • Marie-Eve Drouin
    Marie-Eve Drouin   1 weeks ago

    Just wanted to point out how good the animal presenter is... you can kind of observe he's uncomfortable sometimes and that it must take him a certain amount of effort to do this :)

  • CGP
    CGP   1 weeks ago

    Is it me, or did Jeff just want to touch every animal? He just didn't know how to go about it. lol

  • Mr.J Glokta
    Mr.J Glokta   1 weeks ago

    Marlon you only got half a shoe! Go back to the store and complain!

  • Lucas Viola
    Lucas Viola   1 weeks ago

    That Jack Hannah got his talking like Whitney on crack

  • Frankie B
    Frankie B   1 weeks ago

    1:44 "jeff goldblum unsuccessfully trying to say something for 1 minute straight"

  • Team SMSD
    Team SMSD   1 weeks ago

    Corden keep cutting dude off, it’s annoying.

  • Drongo Juice
    Drongo Juice   1 weeks ago

    Animals is white guy stuff, that’s okay to say on TV. Anyway imma go watch some prison shows, some black guy stuff.

  • andrea ventura Daily
    andrea ventura Daily   2 weeks ago

    I think the whole being exaggeratedly scared of the animals but that all these people do when they’re in a tall show is so boring like come on you’re a grown man

  • hmmm hmmm
    hmmm hmmm   2 weeks ago

    Sorry but I think marlon is annoying as hell in this video.

  • horsegirl07
    horsegirl07   2 weeks ago

    I would love to see all of these animals in person 😍 and I’d let him talk 🙈

  • Shawn Rohrer
    Shawn Rohrer   2 weeks ago

    Can we put Marlon Wayne, Robert Irwin with Jimmy Fallon? Just like they did with Kevin Hart. Had me dying.