Screech Owls & River Otters w/ Jack Hanna, Jeff Goldblum & Marlon Wayans

  • Published on: 06 March 2018
  • James welcomes animal expert Jack Hanna to the show, who introduces James, Jeff Goldblum and a hesitant Marlon Wayans to some animals, including a ring-tailed lemur and a vulture.

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  • Runtime : 10:7
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    ZEUS YT   5 days ago

    I'm 14 and i have more respect for those animals. It's sad to see some grown yp well educated acting like a bitch.

  • karson ball
    karson ball   6 days ago

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. How many hands do you prefer in your bush?

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump   1 weeks ago

    I really wish Jack could find a place were his passion and interest in animals and the astonishing information he gives about them are treasured... It's incredibly disrespecting how those people respond to him

  • gina kim
    gina kim   1 weeks ago

    I love jeff🥺 so much respect for him.

  • Kaye Lasat
    Kaye Lasat   1 weeks ago

    honestly, this show disappoints me! it's important to keep ourselves informed about our flora and fauna, yet there are people who are acting ridiculous in this show. Grow up. Sit down and actually listen.

  • Tybald
    Tybald   2 weeks ago

    This Marlon Wayans guy is trying to act like a cool black dude with his comments, but he's actually really scared or disgusted with these beautiful creatures. Typical modern day human, who is so distanced from nature, it's painful to watch him.

  • Joe Solo
    Joe Solo   2 weeks ago

    the whole "this is white guy stuff" jokes made by token black comedian are really old, like 1990s. And just plain offensive. Marlon's a guy who made his money off blacksploitation comedy. Get off the show Marlon if you dont want to see animals when Jack Hanna is the guest. 1990s and In living color is long past its time.

    MAD BENDY   3 weeks ago

    Marlon Wayans: Damn Nature, you’re scary.Otter: (Eating eggs and playing with Jeff Goldblum)

  • 1SaG
    1SaG   3 weeks ago

    Man... I wasn't aware of how many people are freaked out by having an animal nearby. Jesus Christ, people ... being afraid of a cute little owl, two adorable otters and an overgrown housecat? Get a grip, you pussies!

  • Maddox Swan
    Maddox Swan   3 weeks ago

    Monkey + Racoon = Lemur... or Moncoon for the cool people

  • Austin Kohler
    Austin Kohler   3 weeks ago

    I always feel like James and Jack don't like each other. I do wish James would let Jack actually do his job.

  • Tevin Parker
    Tevin Parker   4 weeks ago

    Let Jack talk in peace, in Jesus name, amen

  • Luscious Angel
    Luscious Angel   4 weeks ago

    Kind of tired of people coming at Marlon for being scared. James on the other hand, I'mma need you to let Jack speak. I get you're amazed, but I'm missing some information. I know this is your show, but this is an animal segment on your show. Please be more respectful.

  • krayGarde.
    krayGarde.   4 weeks ago

    Jack's face at 2:12 is hilarious. I'd be that pissed off if I was trying to talk about animals and James was just flailing around.

  • Afnan Hasan
    Afnan Hasan   1 months ago

    That black guy is being completely immature, annoying and disrespectful in trying to be “funny”. Also James, continuously interrupting. Only the middle guy has manners and looks genuinely interested. Not to mention, the black guy saying “white people stuff” as trying to be “funny” is racist. Imagine a white person saying “that’s black people stuff” even as a joke, then it would’ve been all over media and what not for being racist.

  • Kanari Raspberry
    Kanari Raspberry   1 months ago

    3:05 "this is white guy stuff"Nah, you're just a chick.

  • Chowmeth Angja
    Chowmeth Angja   1 months ago

    Jack just want you love ALL OF THAT animal! You can see it AND He try hard to tell you a lot of information but he can’t! Please listen and respect him.

  • Atomic flea
    Atomic flea   1 months ago

    Jeff has seen dinosaurs. It's a game for him

  • ツ
      1 months ago

    4:52 nobody:me: I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT

  • Petr Novy
    Petr Novy   1 months ago

    What kind of man jumps up when he see animal

  • Sean Eslami
    Sean Eslami   1 months ago

    Kinda sucks how the poor guys just trying to spread awareness for these animals and James keeps talking over him

  • Mishkat Rahman
    Mishkat Rahman   1 months ago

    Maybe you guys should stop bringing these animal guys to talk shows if you’re gonna insult them by interrupting them like that, and that goes for the audience as well. Let the man speak dammit! This particular video was way worse than any other I’ve seen. Jeff Goldblum was the only person who was actually interested and respectable to Jack in that room.

  • Eden Williams
    Eden Williams   1 months ago

    Why are we applauding Marlon... He's rude and ridiculous and disrespectful. I'm so over this scared of the animals bit they put on.

  • Wild
    Wild   1 months ago

    I love you to death Cordon, but it's almost disrespectful the way you were doing Hannah.I do love how Goldblum was acting and finding the animals fascinating.Waynes,.... Always a clown.(✿^‿^)(◕ᴗ◕✿)¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

  • my gender is yes
    my gender is yes   1 months ago

    Jeff was the only one actually paying attention to jack.Marlon was too scared.James was making jokes the entire time.I feel so bad for jack, not just him but the entire of the animal talk shows. Everybody is just like awwwwwww or laughing.And then they want to keep on going on to the next animal. Jack's face whenever he is interrupted is so sad. :(Manners matter guysLook at 6:24 hes trying to speak and gets cut off by james and then his poor face when he gives up is so sad.

  • sky daddy
    sky daddy   1 months ago

    I felt physically uncomfortable when they kept talking over jack

  • Fürst von Dortmund
    Fürst von Dortmund   1 months ago

    Marlon:"That looked like a monkey and a racoon had a baby."Jack:🤦Lemur:"Nah, I am too old."

  • Fürst von Dortmund
    Fürst von Dortmund   1 months ago

    Never thought that I would see Jeff and Marlon next to each other in a coach.