liqui moly vs motul engine oil

  • Published on: 21 April 2019
  • liqui moly vs motul fully synthetic motor oil is a tournament to find the best oil of 16 for your engine even redline royal purple amsoil Amazon basics mobil 1.

  • Runtime : 10:3
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    More information liqui moly & motulClick the link below.

  • george Ionescu
    george Ionescu   1 days ago

    Both are not group ıv or v oils, they are not true sintetic, they do not have polyalfaolifine or ester

  • Yorkiepoocharlie
    Yorkiepoocharlie   3 days ago

    So many variables in this type of testing. I’m not sure you can conclude much.

  • Ionut Teodor
    Ionut Teodor   4 days ago

    Isn't a valid test because you can change the force applied on bearing with screw between that arms.

  • Florin Galesanu
    Florin Galesanu   1 months ago

    i use to fill all my 4 cars along last 10 years with motul 0w40 for gasoline bmw z4 2.2i and 118i e87and 5w40 bmw 330cd e46wife fiat bravo II 1.4 turbo last year I found out on the motul bottle "made in Italy" rather than France and I switched on liqui molly and I'm glad

  • Nick Dalton
    Nick Dalton   1 months ago

    Using some diamondmscales would be better as they can weigh .001g in case you getnsome really close result

  • Pupok Kakahin
    Pupok Kakahin   3 months ago

    Диктор как будто пятку дунул перед началом видео

  • RR LL
    RR LL   3 months ago

    Silly test. You are doing these tests at room temperature. Your oil runs at close to 100 degrees C.

  • Speedwell rider
    Speedwell rider   3 months ago

    Take two same brand cars .. Sponsor ur oil to them .. Let them drive for 10k kms .. Let them share the drive experience. Fuel average, How's the oil condition after removing, lastly cost !! If oil companies print their additive on the oil can surely I can stir and make my own coffee better !! 😎

  • What is inside
    What is inside   3 months ago

    The scew that holds bearing in place ... is that really keeping it accurately in place...

  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   3 months ago

    Motul is one big crapp oil, it destroys engine after long term of use.

  • AymZventure Tv
    AymZventure Tv   4 months ago

    how about top 1 oil and lucas oil? can you make a video ty

  • D man
    D man   4 months ago

    300v only for my bike

  • Rintluanga Rta
    Rintluanga Rta   4 months ago

    motul 7100 vs yamalube r15 v3 engine ojl test ?

  • Rick H
    Rick H   5 months ago

    Interesting comparo. Thanks for posting. Suggestion: for the flow test, a better experiment to rule out cap orifice differences (don't assume they are identical) would be to swap containers and run the test again.

  • Andrea
    Andrea   5 months ago

    Test mannol oils :)

  • Jyrki Kortesniemi
    Jyrki Kortesniemi   5 months ago

    Test Shell Helix Ultra C2/C3 against some other VW 504/507 oils, please.

  • SkodaPANDA
    SkodaPANDA   5 months ago

    Mobil 1 esp 5w30 made in France is my go to for 504.00 507.00 approval

  • Jaguar
    Jaguar   6 months ago

    Hay Joe your grandmother be much smarter from youWho told you to do those scam test?

  • Corsa15DT
    Corsa15DT   6 months ago

    So how do we know you are being honest?

  • matreyia
    matreyia   6 months ago

    You should have tested Motul 300V estercore...not the cheap motul

  • S-H Performance
    S-H Performance   6 months ago

    I’ve used motul x-cess 5w40 on my wrx heavily modified been running it for about 50k miles now no issues love it

  • Pavel Pulukchu
    Pavel Pulukchu   7 months ago

    your pour test is no good. Those end caps are restrictive to flow

  • Jeca Soliva
    Jeca Soliva   7 months ago

    Liqui moly is the best oil I've known since I saw what was the effects to the cars and motorcycles riders.

  • Pinto
    Pinto   7 months ago

    Castrol can never be better then pensoil! Penzoil ultra platinum and AMS oil are the best in the Business ..

  • Sandy Shoremann
    Sandy Shoremann   8 months ago

    The Bearing scar test has absolutely NO correlation with internal engine wear and is an invalid test for wear protection in a motor oil. Once the bearing is scarred the oil has failed. So, the load being applied is excessive for the material under test and not relate-able to components in a modern engine. You viscosity test just shows which lubricant has a lower viscosity at the tested temperature. Some engine would respond to less and other to a greater viscosity - so there would be no clear winner here. I see someone trying to model his channel after another successful huckster on the Tube and ring the cash register. I wish you good fortune nonetheless.

  • Omar HT
    Omar HT   8 months ago

    Love the vid it help me to pick my Pennzoil

  • vodka 72
    vodka 72   10 months ago

    Tear down a engine that both of these oils have been used...period..all these home made diy test ...a joke...