liqui moly vs motul engine oil

  • Published on: 21 April 2019
  • liqui moly vs motul fully synthetic motor oil is a tournament to find the best oil of 16 for your engine even redline royal purple amsoil Amazon basics mobil 1.

  • Runtime : 10:3
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    NATES INTERACTIVE AUTO   6 months ago

    More information liqui moly & motulClick the link below.

  • Pinto
    Pinto   1 days ago

    Castrol can never be better then pensoil! Penzoil ultra platinum and AMS oil are the best in the Business ..

  • Sandy Shoremann
    Sandy Shoremann   1 months ago

    The Bearing scar test has absolutely NO correlation with internal engine wear and is an invalid test for wear protection in a motor oil. Once the bearing is scarred the oil has failed. So, the load being applied is excessive for the material under test and not relate-able to components in a modern engine. You viscosity test just shows which lubricant has a lower viscosity at the tested temperature. Some engine would respond to less and other to a greater viscosity - so there would be no clear winner here. I see someone trying to model his channel after another successful huckster on the Tube and ring the cash register. I wish you good fortune nonetheless.

  • Omar HT
    Omar HT   1 months ago

    Love the vid it help me to pick my Pennzoil

  • vodka 72
    vodka 72   2 months ago

    Tear down a engine that both of these oils have been used...period..all these home made diy test ...a joke...

  • Ariel F MaChe
    Ariel F MaChe   2 months ago

    Hi there! in theory the motul specific was made for the vag group fulfills everything ... right?

  • byron wallace
    byron wallace   2 months ago

    Could. you do a test with Pensoil Ultra platinum too please. This is an oil I've had great results from. Thanks

    NATES INTERACTIVE AUTO   2 months ago

    Liqui moly Germany's best engine oil did this... watch

  • ak46snipes
    ak46snipes   3 months ago

    Liqui Moly Leichtlauf 5W40 please

  • Essam Timani
    Essam Timani   3 months ago

    Germans like their cars are always on top!!!

  • litok kt
    litok kt   3 months ago

    Fake video 1,35 runs oil together...and 1,36 the oils big difference just 1 second.. 1,35-1,36 look the video stop and start again..Redline and amsoil the best oil ever..I have 20vt engine on my car and 670 ps the mystake is change oil ever 5000-7000km and your car run for much years..

  • bogdan tranca
    bogdan tranca   3 months ago

    I don t think this is concludent because of the temperature of the oil. You have to be close to the temperature that the engine will run. At this temperature you ll run only for a few seconds. Thats it. Just an opinion . Please share your toughts

    DURGESH TRIPATHI   3 months ago

    bro try amsoil ,believe me amsoil is the father of all good oil u ever know

  • Vipul Jadhav
    Vipul Jadhav   3 months ago

    Hey Nate.Which oil is good for skoda octavia 1.9tdi diesel 2006? Please suggest .

  • Neo
    Neo   3 months ago

    I saw another (italian) youtube video where Motul came as winner in this very same setup

  • Ninja ZX-12R
    Ninja ZX-12R   4 months ago

    I use Motul 300v for my ZX12R Ninja and it runs and shifts super smooth. Motul is the best.

  • Speed Zero
    Speed Zero   4 months ago

    bardahl is number one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Макс Нетес
    Макс Нетес   4 months ago

    А я думал что только у нас такие долбаёбы масла тестят, а нет во всём мире этих долбаебиков хватает 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bb
    bb   4 months ago

    Very interesting test :) only thing missing is the Mannol ll combi 5w30 beast oil!

  • Győző Győry
    Győző Győry   4 months ago

    8100 X-clean+ 5W-30 is better than Specific 504 507 5W-30

  • Math Panuwuth DOA
    Math Panuwuth DOA   5 months ago

    Thx for the video.I'm looking forward to watch the result of Mobil1 vs. Liqui Moly. 😉

  • RedNeckSasquatch
    RedNeckSasquatch   5 months ago

    I call bs the oils are even past the 4oz mark into the 3oz mark, than film cut and as the oil passes again from the 4oz mark to the 3 oz mark there is a defference.....I CALL B.S. (TIME 134) CHECK IT OUT. watch in slo mo. stop lyinlg to people..

  • Mehedi Chy
    Mehedi Chy   5 months ago

    can you compare mobil 1 5w30 vs mitasu platinum 5w30 please, thanks.

  • Tobias
    Tobias   5 months ago


  • subharaj naskar
    subharaj naskar   5 months ago

    Hi sir I am from India . I have 160 cc 4 stroke bike modified so my company recommended oil grade is 10w30 so wich will be better motul 7100 10w40 or liquimolly ?? Wat is drain interval of motul 7100 ?

  • Liviu bors
    Liviu bors   5 months ago

    Fack off video is fake, why did you change the image before it runs out, you think we are all retarded....

  • mrt ky
    mrt ky   5 months ago

    İki yağı kullanmış biri olarak merak ediyordum.Good test