Which Double-Sided Mounting Tape is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 16 September 2019
  • Double-sided mounting tape tested: LLPT, 3M VHB, Duck, Gorilla, Gorilla Clear, T-REX, Loctite, XFasten, and FixPro. Most brands purchased on Amazon. Loctite and Duck were the only 3/4 inch tapes. All other tapes were 1 inch. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. It helps a lot! https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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    Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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  • Runtime : 12:43
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  • Ray Parker
    Ray Parker   8 hours ago

    I bought the gorilla tape and it was garbage

  • Cerus98
    Cerus98   21 hours ago

    Not surprised YT recommended this one to me after the painters tape one from yesterday. What I would have liked to have seen was a weight attached matching their rated weight and then left alone. The testing methods here are great but how long will the #1 tape actually hold vs the lowest rated one?100lbs doesn’t mean much if it let’s go of a 20lb weight in a day vs weeks for a lower performing tape with the same weight. Especially considering many advertise as being permanent.

  • Shru J
    Shru J   1 days ago

    Much require a suggestion. What should I use to attach the very outer metal frame, where brand name is put, square frame has come out from the microwave door where branding is put. This is Panasonic Dimension 4 turbo bake 1000W oven.

  • Han Wagu
    Han Wagu   3 days ago

    Keep up the great videos...I seem to need stuff lately that PF has done a test. Again, though, I have issue with the test methodology, focusing on brand versus tape type, just like your test focusing on brand of duct tape instead of comparing same or nearly similar duct tape types (e.g. 17mil to 17mil rather than 17mil vs 5mil). In particular 3M VHB. As you noted about some of the tapes not performing as well on porous wood material, 3M VHB is not intended for porous wood. If you are using porous wood, then it needs to be sealed for 3M VHB to work properly. 3M VHB also needs the surfaces to be prepared correctly, cleaning with 50:50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water before applying the tape (and/or using primer depending on which VHB). Wrong application and preparation are two reasons why people end up believing 3M VHB isn't good tape. The stuff literally is like a weld when used/applied correctly.

  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar   3 days ago

    With zero knowledge on these Im waiting for recommendations on double side tape for on 1inX30in wooden piece mounted to tiles wall with this recommend double tape.. we hang plant pot with 5kg x3Nos .

  • Mickie
    Mickie   3 days ago

    I would have loved to see samples with mixed products, like painted wood and plastic. To see how it would work with walls in the home. (Picture hanging for example) I am looking into this, since my landlord doesn't want us using screws on the walls. Still a very informative video. Thank you!

  • Louis J T
    Louis J T   4 days ago

    Excellent product review. It's reviews like this that make You Tube so valuable, unlike so much other garbage that is posted. thank you!

  • 5thcorps
    5thcorps   5 days ago

    Which upright vacuum cleaner performs best?

  • Oo. :ll: Pee.
    Oo. :ll: Pee.   1 weeks ago

    I would have liked to see some real life subjects, like plastic holder/hanger to ceramic tile, GoPro camera to helmet etc. Other than that, thank you for this review.

  • Justin Fahn
    Justin Fahn   1 weeks ago

    You should do allot double sided tape against alien tape which is also a double sided tape

  • Idaho Spyder
    Idaho Spyder   1 weeks ago

    👍great video as always. I appreciate your channel.

  • Usha`s Recipes
    Usha`s Recipes   1 weeks ago

    You actually reply to all these comments and make great quality videos. Never seen anything like this

  • Kelsey Jeffery
    Kelsey Jeffery   1 weeks ago

    I wonder how the company don’t get mad at this guy

  • Ronald van Kemenade
    Ronald van Kemenade   1 weeks ago

    The amount of work that goes into your tests is amazing. A delight to watch.Edit: I also watch Scotty Kilmer, and you are proof one can speak loud and clear without flaying your arms. Scotty makes at least 50 virtual balloon animals in the same time span.

  • Levi Mcclung
    Levi Mcclung   1 weeks ago

    Please do these on plastic to rubber or plastic to plastic because they never work on plastic

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood   1 weeks ago

    I would giving this a try and use a vice to smash the 2 pieces to gather to get a maximin contact meshing and see if you get a different result also let them sit for a day sounds weard but the bond is beter. I have multiple times I used immense pressure on the 2 different contact surfaces this caused a near-permanent bond! and I use the 3M Scotch 1 in. x 11.1 yds. Permanent Double Sided Extreme Mounting Tape 30LBS per 1 X 1 inch and it is pretty permanent Id say a hole roled could probably lift a car. And this stuff just at home depot lol I usually mess up what is put it on when trying to remove it. But This is a very good video I thuroly enjoy your break downs and test. I would be more than happy to buy you a role of this tape I use to test for your self.

  • Nique
    Nique   1 weeks ago

    Thank you so so much!!!

  • e g
    e g   1 weeks ago

    Great video, do you think heat would affect them universally? I plan to use it it my car and want to maintain the bond when it heats up in the summer.

  • Kelly Land
    Kelly Land   2 weeks ago

    Could you consider testing different shingle brands? And if hand nailed shingles hold better than using a nail gun? Atlas, GAF, Owen's, CertainTeed.

  • jeffsond
    jeffsond   2 weeks ago

    I’ve got a worn out area on my phone where I type... Thank you.... how many people went and searched LLPT..??

  • s10 mafia
    s10 mafia   2 weeks ago

    All I know is the 3m shit sucks for automotive stuff like holding on rain guards and trim

  • Lesser Z
    Lesser Z   2 weeks ago

    I was just curious on 3m strength, glad to see your test. Debating 3m or gorilla. Llp might be overkill to use on my car. But it is cheaper, and stronger. Curious on if it's weatherproof.

  • David Lincer
    David Lincer   2 weeks ago

    I would want to have made the edges of your 2x4s flat by running them thru a planer before you put the tape on. I suspect much of your variability might come from the quality of the mating surfaces.

  • Thomas Brandolini
    Thomas Brandolini   2 weeks ago

    I’m wondering if a more meaningful result would be yielded if a more uniform surface ( tile, glass ?) was used in addition to wood.

  • MR ONO
    MR ONO   3 weeks ago

    Your shear strenght test is flawed tho because for example pitting the hook at the end of the test piece like that introduces torque to it. Thats why you see it loosen at the bottom every time first. If ur gonna do it again then pull as close at the test area as possible amd pit supports around it so it cant turn like that

  • Mozias Gezias
    Mozias Gezias   3 weeks ago

    I bought the 3m off wish before and nothing will compare to how well it held a light strip on the front of my 4wheeler, and after 2 years when I took it off it was tough but didnt leave any sort of mess.

  • Jonathan Reeves
    Jonathan Reeves   3 weeks ago

    The proper way to use this stuff is to have a advise promoter And needs at least 15lbs of force when applying this tape for the best results

  • Ugur øzden
    Ugur øzden   3 weeks ago

    plz do one where you do different sanding level on steel and plastic with double sided tape .

  • 8000RPM
    8000RPM   3 weeks ago

    I'll say it again,....Consumer reports has met it's match.

  • bobkin611
    bobkin611   3 weeks ago

    LLPT Sales probably went through the roof after this

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer   4 weeks ago

    This test must've taken so long to set up.

  • Jim P
    Jim P   4 weeks ago

    Woodworkers frequently use double-sided tape for temporary holds while working on a piece or for test fits and mockups. For that reason it would have been nice to see something about ease of removal and residue. Good vid otherwise.

  • Pat W
    Pat W   4 weeks ago

    Wow. I'm surprised to see Gorilla down there so far. I have a roll I use here and there and holy shit I have trouble taking stuff apart that's held together like that. Taped a power strip to the back of my desk to keep it off the floor and it took me forever to get that thing back off. I can't imagine I'd ever get it off with 3M tape lol