Is HEET better than Seafoam for Water in Fuel? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 17 December 2018
  • Which product works best for removing water contaminated fuel: Seafoam, HEET, or Isopropyl Alcohol? In this video, we test each of these products in water and we also test how they do with preventing and melting ice that's formed in gasoline. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 12:11
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  • Michael Shuler
    Michael Shuler   6 hours ago

    Will you please test diesel fuel filters. I have a Duramax and I always use ACDELCO. I've heard WIX and CAT is better, but idk.

  • Racer D
    Racer D   1 days ago

    Awesome work, now how about a 2 Stroke oil mix???

  • Joe Smartballs
    Joe Smartballs   2 days ago

    I poured yellow Heet in a car and it wouldn't crank. Then I poured a half a bottle of alcohol in it with about 3 gallons of fuel. No,crank. Then I drained the tank, and added new fuel. Now it cranks. Im sure I removed most of the water, and what was left in the tank was mixed with Heet and alcohol. Car was sitting for 4 years. I also use alcohol to clean my lawn mower carb floats.

  • Rollie Moon
    Rollie Moon   3 days ago

    A test I would like to see is the Lucas oil additive. In stores there are test items with little gears and a wheel you can turn. I wonder what the oil mixture looks like at 20 below?

  • B Cardot
    B Cardot   3 days ago

    Great video. I live in the rust belt. It's a good perspective to keep in mind.

  • NewWorldOrder
    NewWorldOrder   5 days ago

    Everclear with 95% alcohol does the same magic.

  • multibucker
    multibucker   6 days ago

    The detail in this channel is amazing! Thank you for the valuable knowledge.

  • Tim Skiff
    Tim Skiff   1 weeks ago

    Why do my small engines start so much easier with seafoam in the fuel? It works great here in northern VT. Trying to use nonethanol ht for these units. Mower blower and 2 stroke husqy.

  • Masin Storm
    Masin Storm   1 weeks ago

    I found it was a lot easier that if you knew it was going to freeze or have a heavy snow the next day I add heet the day before.

  • Super Chevy
    Super Chevy   1 weeks ago

    I have a 06 trailblazer Is Ben it runs it spits out a ton of water so I been usi g the red bottle of heat should I use just the yellow runs great o. Freeway but city at stop light sounds lime I have a big cam in it

  • Randall Frank
    Randall Frank   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for the information. I live in Alaska and I normally use Heet in all my vehicles. On a 50 below zero day about thirty years ago, adding multiple bottles of Heet to the gas tank allowed me to get my wife's van home and into our warm garage. When filling your gas tank at the gas station, it is best to avoid doing so right after a tanker truck has dropped a load of gasoline into the below ground tanks. Water can collect in the bottom of these tanks and possibly get stirred up and pumped into your car gas tank. This is what happened to my wife.

  • Jake
    Jake   1 weeks ago

    Did this guy really just use a dry measuring device to measure WATER?

  • FlatFifties
    FlatFifties   1 weeks ago

    I wish you had included IsoHeet in your test. I think that it is 100% dry isopropanol. In the red bottles. The drug store isopropanol you tested already had 9% water in it. You can also get dry isopropanol in the solvents section of your hardware store.

  • paul62462
    paul62462   1 weeks ago

    I have a question. I have looked around & cant find an answer to it. I have some dry gas that im sure is "real old" does it go bad or does it just get weaker with age? Can it still be used?

  • chookvalve
    chookvalve   2 weeks ago

    Methylated spirits. Or denatured alcohol works fine.

  • EMS Rusty
    EMS Rusty   2 weeks ago

    That mower has seen some shit folks lol

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972   2 weeks ago

    Have you done a video on how long you can runa lawnmower on just gasoline vapor...? Use your plastic container with a fuel hose coming out going into the gas tank but seal up the tank really well so no air gets in.. i bet you can run that mower way longer on just vapors than on direct fuel.

  • Brent Howard
    Brent Howard   2 weeks ago

    Very good video as always! Here in the north (ontario) one must have a understanding of gasline antifreeze if you are driving the back country. Methyl Hydrate (methanol) is the best. Isopropyl may keep a line from freezing but does not work well for thawing one that is frozen. As you know, moisture comes mainly from condensation inside a fuel tank which is low on fuel and is left sitting. I think old "wood alcohol"as it was called in the 60s is methyl hydrate and I think it will burn in a alcohol burner ,wick burner, when mixed with up to 50% water !

  • Kenneth Cypret
    Kenneth Cypret   2 weeks ago

    I had a 94 Dodge Spirit that wouldn't start in when it was extremely cold. HEET worked ok but really ISO HEET worked the best for me.

  • Ss Russ
    Ss Russ   2 weeks ago

    Best way.... dont get gas at old stations or while they are droppping gas

  • InHocSigno
    InHocSigno   2 weeks ago

    Interesting test/comparison. I've heard Heet (red bottle) breaks down and disperses water, where as Heet (yellow bottle) just collects the water together into one mass. Also, saw a test that showed STP worked very well at dispersing water. No frozen tests were done, but water was dyed blue to see it separate in the gas. Can you test those?

  • Ward Collins
    Ward Collins   2 weeks ago

    I have a couple of questions, is project farm where it gets really cold say below 0° F where you can test this in real life on some of the diesel questions? and does project farm have diesel equipment to test it on?

  • Ward Collins
    Ward Collins   2 weeks ago

    I guess in the early 80tys I was at my uncles and he was out with his model A john Deere tractor getting up fire wood and it was about -5° F degrees in iowa at that time and the tractor begin to cough and sputter and he headed to the house and grabbed a bottle of heet from the shed that was out side (at -5°F) and poured it in and watched the fuel bowel and as the heet worked the sputtering cleared up however you could see the water collect in the bottom of the fuel bowl, he then shut the tractor off and dumped the fuel out of the fuel bowl and worked the rest of the day with no problems, at the end of the day a little more water had collected and he dumped it, the thought was a little frost had collected in the gas cans after he had bought the gas a couple weeks before and they to had been setting in the shed and we had some warm weather during the days before getting up to about freezing and frost had built up in the cans and the moving and pouring of the gas in to the fuel tank of the tractor and maby the tank had some frost and gas sloshing around knocked it off and down to the bottom of the fuel tank where it started to plug up the fuel line, however heet saved the day.

  • KC Boon
    KC Boon   3 weeks ago

    No offense but isn't this obsolete considering fuel contains ethanol now and ethanol and water tend to mix. I'm saying there is no need to put methanol in ur tank to get the water out...gasoline already has ethanol which will readily mix with the water and be used up in the engine thus negating your need to mix in heat (methanol) to get water out of your gas tank.

  • Jeff Birtles
    Jeff Birtles   3 weeks ago

    HI. We use meths in mower and farm bikes. Meths evapourates the water and doesnt seem to affect performance. Maybe give it a shot? I am talking about water in fuel from washing down! Not pouring water in fuel ! But i have had problems in my jet boat bot i used alot of meths to evapourate from avgas! Can you please try in your series. I really enjoy watching you do stuff Kind regards Jeff. Masterton NZ 🙋‍♂️🙂

  • Jonathan Gusler
    Jonathan Gusler   3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tip I work on boats and have a lot of people that get water in their gas

  • Bill Malec
    Bill Malec   3 weeks ago

    As I've always said.... Seafoam=snake oil.

  • Magnetar
    Magnetar   3 weeks ago

    Prevention is the best practice. Before winter comes add a litre of methsnol or isopropyl alcohol to avoid problems and ice formation during sub zero temperatures (celsius).

  • C G
    C G   3 weeks ago

    Can you try Justice Brothers fuel system cleaner? It should beat all of these

    WOLFMAN TROY   3 weeks ago

    I learned to never stick my bare arm into a tank of gas when it is -35 degrees outside. I live in AK and had ice in my tank. Having cut a access hole already to replace my fuel pump I reached into the tank to pull out the ice. Frost bit my arm.

  • Christopher Marshall
    Christopher Marshall   3 weeks ago

    I had water in my fuel put there by vandals. I drained the fuel system of my car, & flushed it out. When I replaced the fuel, I put some diesel in the fuel. I then fitted a locking fuel cap.

  • TheKrumstuff
    TheKrumstuff   3 weeks ago

    I have a 2013 Hyundai veloster with the gdi motor. It's been misfiring during startup and while coming to a stop in traffic. Changed the spark plugs and coils and ran seafoam through it but just learned seafoam is not the best option for gdi engines. Going to try heet and if that doesn't work guess it will be replacing fuel injectors next.

  • GRBTutorials
    GRBTutorials   3 weeks ago

    I’m wondering... what about adding ethylene glycol (antifreeze)?

  • David Schlueter
    David Schlueter   3 weeks ago

    I tried this product from Meetz small engine K 100 S it mixes the water up with the gas basically burns it through the engine. I tried it on one of my snowblowers it always has some water in the tank in the fall. It mixed with the gas and water and after about 3 mins ran perfectly. I checked the gas tank the next day no water in bottom still mixed in with gas. Started snowblower back up ran great. This product definitely works this blower always has this problem in the fall. Usually I just drain the tank and put fresh fuel in.