The Best Spark Plugs in the World and Why

  • Published on: 07 January 2019
  • Spark plugs. The Best Spark Plugs in the World and Why, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. How spark plugs work. Copper spark plugs vs platinum spark plugs vs iridium spark plugs, which is better? What are the best spark plugs to buy? Best spark plugs for performance and horsepower. Spark plugs replacement. Buying spark plugs. Why spark plugs fail. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
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  • Bryan
    Bryan   1 years ago

    Great video Scotty! I used to work at autozone and half the time my coworkers had no clue about spark plugs so they would just recommend the most expensive ones and then customers come back pissed off finding out their cars run worse than their used set of plugs😅😅

  • Nate Decker
    Nate Decker   9 hours ago

    I compared several spark plugs for my 05 GMC Sierra before choosing the spark plugs I put in my truck 4-6 years ago. NGK ir plugs... look like they will never go out of gap. My AC delco oem spark plugs look so cheap & they are & Bosch ir fusions were low endurance crap on my truck. Good advice 👍 Compare the length of old plugs to new plugs before your install

  • kupal lord
    kupal lord   2 days ago

    Which is better sir ngk Iridium or brisk silver sparkplug?

  • Phil Landers
    Phil Landers   2 days ago

    I use NGK split fires because they are cheap. They are only supposed to last about 20,000 miles but I like to pull my plugs about every other oil change so that I can inspect them and see how things are going. About 1/3 to 1/4 the price of iridium plugs.

  • Todd Pickens
    Todd Pickens   2 days ago

    Scotty, have you had any experience with Pulstar spark plugs?

  • catapult182
    catapult182   2 days ago

    Scotty do you recommend anti-seize for spark plugs?

  • Ivan
    Ivan   2 days ago

    Sorry but its still not clear: who is the best spark plug?

  • Mike Faulise
    Mike Faulise   3 days ago

    Great job Scotty ! Keep up the great videos.

  • Jay Cee Max
    Jay Cee Max   3 days ago

    This was one of your most pt together spark plug videos Scotty.

  • Orlando Galvan
    Orlando Galvan   3 days ago

    I think Scotty smoking crack out spark plugs😵🤣

  • Henry Rapoport
    Henry Rapoport   3 days ago

    My VW Scirocco 16v had special Bosch spark plugs with three electrodes. They made a huge difference in performance on the car. You had to go to the VW dealer to get them. The other car I had with special plugs was a Alfa Romeo GTV6 which had Lodge plugs. They lasted forever but they had a strange electrode arrangement of four electrodes around the middle conductor so they were flat. They had a silver electrode. Both plugs were good for over 100k miles and this was the 80's. Neither would foul either.

  • petalumapapi
    petalumapapi   3 days ago

    You’re the best Scotty I love your common sense

  • Denis Cabana
    Denis Cabana   5 days ago

    Great info,Scotty! I learned that boosting another car should be done with the boosting car off! Didn’t know that one! Thanks for the info.

  • Roderick Palac
    Roderick Palac   5 days ago

    Aye ain't suppose to improve if not of manufacturing cost also? Thanks for the advice, maybe the time of change and the material not to worn out to maintain the blue-worth spark for electricity side and the smoke not to be produced is observed for best engine performance

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato   5 days ago

    pulse star have proven that it does put out more power because of the good bit hotter spark

  • Daniel Abbate
    Daniel Abbate   6 days ago

    Scotty do u know the torque for a 2014 rline beetle the plugs are NGK.. its not in my manual..i want to do this myself..vw wants to charge me 200 dollars,thats without parts..thank you

  • Sceptic Optimist
    Sceptic Optimist   6 days ago

    Thanks for the info!Here's over question though:my ex had a Mitsubishi Lancer X, l don't remember the engine model but it was a 2.0 liter 150 hp/ appr. 200N/m torque with a CVT transmission, and l had a Toyota avensis 250 with the 1az-fse D4 engine, 2.0 liter, 147 hp, appr. 200 Nm torque. Both had iridium spark plugs only hers required NGK and mine Denso, and one used a single wire and the other (l don't remember which) had 4 wires.Now the technicians said that:1) Denso was better than NGK any day;4) you can't replace a 4 wire spark plug with a 1 wire spark plug, which l can understand, and that you shouldn't do the opposite as well.Is this right?

  • wbvmcgary
    wbvmcgary   6 days ago

    I use the Bosch Platinum in my 93 Honda Accord with really good results. My 2006 Harley has Iridium. Both work great. Thank you for another great video.

  • John Ballew
    John Ballew   6 days ago

    my 2004 GMC Serria.....5.3 motor..........'well just tough to get plug wires off ....I'm 65 yrs. old and my 30 yr old son couldn't take them off...........shame on old 1970 trucks where easy to change....engineers .... what a joke!

  • Ysidro Vicioso
    Ysidro Vicioso   6 days ago

    There's no way in getting the one that's came with the car Nissan wants 27$ for each one

  • Robert Lamont
    Robert Lamont   6 days ago

    I put Denso iridium TT plugs in EVERYTHING! I first tried them in a s-10. I replaced the original plugs with Bosch platinum plugs and lost a few MPGs. I switch to the Densos and gained 3mpgs over baseline. Sold for life. I have them in a new Corolla that I have achieved 42mpg city with!!!!!

  • Bill Walker
    Bill Walker   1 weeks ago

    WooWhoooo looks asthough I may have missed out on that Monday in January and a free set of plugs...I did however just buy a new set of oem Motorcraft platinum plugs for my 2001 Towncar it has only 95k. Maybe next tim I'll ck into those iridium plugs...thanks for the tip.

  • Ancient aliens
    Ancient aliens   1 weeks ago

    When I win the lottery him hiring Scotty as my private mechanic

  • jaden dennys
    jaden dennys   1 weeks ago

    i have a 2002 jeep liberty and i recently changed the plugs on it. it had those stupid 4 electrode plugs which im also pretty sure were done. i went to my local napa and bought a set of platinums and my L/100km has gone from 22 to 18. also with the old plugs it had a stutter when i floored it. with the new plugs thats completely gone

  • AW
    AW   1 weeks ago

    rev that engine aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  • jockellis
    jockellis   1 weeks ago

    I put Bosch Platinum +4 plugs in my 3-cylinder Geo Metro and got 14% better mileage for 10,000 miles. Then my son got his license and wanted to show me how to make it accelerate. Soon I had no car.

  • shannon snyder
    shannon snyder   1 weeks ago

    I love your videos man! I don't watch any but yours if it involves car stuff that I need answers to. I'd love to sit with a 6 pack and just talk cars and the stupid things ppl do to them lol. Like that Lexus with all the modifications on it that tripped 100 different OBD codes lmao. I had tears rolling from laughing so hard, especially the little pics in the corner, omg too funny. Keep up the amazing work and keep them videos coming!! Much love from Wisconsin!

  • Afsana Islam
    Afsana Islam   1 weeks ago

    Hey Scotty does your vehicle have to have the same spark plugs??? or you can use anything thank you

  • Mohamed Ramadan
    Mohamed Ramadan   1 weeks ago

    Helllo i reallly think ur one of the best and i always watch ur videos .. what do u think i should get for an infiniti fx35 2009 3.5L v6 ... im finding a lot on ebay and other websites but in not sure they're authentic ... and im shipping overseas ... So if u sell em or u know any wbsite i can get original ones and i can pay through paypal please let me know thanks

  • Kenneth Tolbird
    Kenneth Tolbird   1 weeks ago

    Amazing what people come with. Loved the video cause I am an original equipment man.

  • phillip miller
    phillip miller   1 weeks ago

    Seeing the MP chart I made tungsten plugs. Now my car has 2x the power as before !

    JOHN BOSTROM   1 weeks ago

    Scotty is the best. Its just that simple. Thank you Scotty.

  • SuperBanana45
    SuperBanana45   1 weeks ago

    hi scotty what plugs would you recommend for my 76 nova with a 305 , im using ngk atm

  • leonard
    leonard   2 weeks ago

    Nice info scotty😁😁 is there exact mileage to know when you need to change new sparjplug? My crv now 45k do i need new? Thanks