Megan Rapinoe - Crazy Goals for USWNT

  • Published on: 02 June 2019
  • Runtime : 10:15


  • terminalgremlin
    terminalgremlin   11 hours ago

    The little bitch Rapinoe takes cash and awards from a filthy corrupt organization (FIFA) that includes countries that criminalize homosexuality. The little sell out bitch is a total hypocrite. Give the awards and money back and apologize to Trump on you knees. Beg him on your knees.

  • C Miller
    C Miller   14 hours ago

    Ha ha My opinion is that you are out of your fuc** mind!!Elizabeth Warren? You freak. Learn to groom yourself !You are excluded!! Freak!!!! A friend of Colon? That explains it! LMAO!!!!

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A   23 hours ago

    Lol. The goal at 1:59 is why people watch men's football over women's

  • Scottydog 072
    Scottydog 072   3 days ago

    I would have saved 99% of these goals and I'm not even a keeper

  • Manchester United
    Manchester United   1 weeks ago

    Chick football is pretty standards, to be honest. Deserve better pay but will take a long time as quality not enough for the commercial side of things to kick in. Slow, dont see much dribbles

  • AsianTryHard
    AsianTryHard   1 weeks ago

    goalkeepers in women’s football are so shite. 💀 im going transgender so i can go pro

  • bnet
    bnet   1 weeks ago

    6:50 wuat

  • Yousritos The One
    Yousritos The One   1 weeks ago

    Guys its obvious goelkeepers are trash tallest goelkeeper in womens football is 5ft5 or less in the other way men goelkeepers cant be under 6ft1 or 6ft minimum

  • axter 7
    axter 7   1 weeks ago

    A professional male keeper would probs let only 1 of these in

  • HookersAreGood
    HookersAreGood   1 weeks ago

    Whos here just to watch how bad women football are?

  • Regular Sherlock
    Regular Sherlock   1 weeks ago

    She is a great player and probably the best strike of the ball in Womens football atm. Does highlight how poor some of these keepers are

  • Roastedpig 32
    Roastedpig 32   1 weeks ago

    That goal against China will make Ibra sad😂

  • Luchy Hurtado
    Luchy Hurtado   1 weeks ago

    Con esas arqueras se corona cualquiera jajajaja

  • nahui 2236
    nahui 2236   1 weeks ago

    Por que esto es un balonde oro????

  • Benjamin Playford
    Benjamin Playford   1 weeks ago

    Women’s football is a joke. Nobody likes it so stop pushing it on us.. it’s really shit

  • SilverRat
    SilverRat   1 weeks ago

    Who here after she won the woman’s ballon dor 2019

  • My goddess is a badgal

    Ppl in the comments be really hating for nothing. Sure the goalkeepers weren’t good but accept the fact that she’s a goddamn good player and an excellent shooter

  • 이민재
    이민재   3 weeks ago

    A woman's place is her kitchen.

  • Kirra Berton
    Kirra Berton   1 months ago

    She is just EMBARASSING GOOD! deserves everyone of those awesome goal celebrations!

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy   1 months ago

    Its not the goalkeepers fault,,she has such kicking power and look at how the ball travels...

  • J D F
    J D F   1 months ago

    El Messi del fútbol femenino!

  • Dan T.
    Dan T.   1 months ago

    Stop coping Zlatan. There is only one Zlatan

  • null
    null   2 months ago

    She sucks, once those girls get their "gender equality" bullshit they want so bad and start playing against male teams, you will see how bad they are.

  • Random-Z0R
    Random-Z0R   2 months ago

    Is it just me or her goals look weird and just pure luck lol?

  • Heinz Ruedi
    Heinz Ruedi   2 months ago

    Max Rapinoe wasn’t good! The Goalkeeper was bad!

  • Heinz Ruedi
    Heinz Ruedi   2 months ago

    Max Rapinoe! What an arrogant lesbian!

  • Louis?
    Louis?   2 months ago

    Did all the goal keepers get their fucking knee caps removed??