Megan Rapinoe - Crazy Goals for USWNT

  • Published on: 02 June 2019
  • Runtime : 10:15


  • Kip Kip
    Kip Kip   1 days ago

    What a joke. How can people even watch football played by females, so slow

  • playboidirt
    playboidirt   2 days ago

    Equal pay for keepers that can’t even dive properly

  • Josep Shim
    Josep Shim   6 days ago

    She scored a lot but she unloved by men. Because she is fucking stupid sjw hahaha bitch

  • Willo
    Willo   1 weeks ago

    Trump voters here just hating on Rapinoe for no reason xD

  • R ojeda
    R ojeda   1 weeks ago

    I love you megan you are fantastic

  • Danièle delbaere
    Danièle delbaere   2 weeks ago

    Capitaine oh ! mon capitaine !MEGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chewy
    Chewy   3 weeks ago

    she's such an amazing player... just simply brilliant.

  • Jason Joseph
    Jason Joseph   3 weeks ago

    I think this shit gone too far with the suing for equality in this sports world, women wants to be equal in all things which is stupid..ok u win the big cup ok u made sales..count the amount of years u they been doing it..not enough..not enough to get so large that u want equal pay and status...damn shame u women want to tear apart sports for money,,come in we all know it's about the money,,,,not respeor the love for the sport...I'll never comment on women football again I'm done

  • Matyas 554
    Matyas 554   3 weeks ago

    Disgusting nasty sharp and precise shots. She could play play with men and she would still excel.

  • Makaveli St8 ballin
    Makaveli St8 ballin   3 weeks ago

    Wow That guy can play!Didn’t know guys were allowed on the girls team.

  • mj r
    mj r   3 weeks ago

    Low level Sunday pub team she is shit

  • mj r
    mj r   3 weeks ago

    Shit player, shit goalkeepers

  • john adams
    john adams   3 weeks ago

    What an awful, self-important, HYPOCRITICAL, loathsome 'woman'. Revels in her impressions of the worse type of man.

  • eric martens
    eric martens   3 weeks ago

    Megan is pure skill and talent, there’s an reason she’s a captain, she shows up on the field.

  • Nikhil Surendran
    Nikhil Surendran   3 weeks ago

    Wtf? how do actual football lovers watch this and enjoy? She plays like a 9 year old girl. I mean everyone plays like 9 year old boys. And her arrogance stats she wants equal pay as men. First of all, play like men or play against men and draw or defeat them, then talk about equal pay. Americans should just stick with NBA and their American football.

  • Malaxfeiler
    Malaxfeiler   3 weeks ago

    Most goals went through the middle. The issue is how bad the keepers are.

  • Ken Fen
    Ken Fen   3 weeks ago

    Wow she has brown hair i always thought it was blond 3:45

  • Press Start Gaming
    Press Start Gaming   3 weeks ago

    Take all these shots against a English 4th division goalkeeper and a lot of them would be saved.Also, Americans are awful commentators.

  • Vanessa P
    Vanessa P   3 weeks ago

    Rapinoe - the unstoppable force!

  • Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe   3 weeks ago

    She needs to be deported and tried for sedition. Poor example of a US athlete.

  • Hola Supernatural
    Hola Supernatural   4 weeks ago

    She can use her feet alright. Maybe one day in the future she can use her head too (for thinking)

  • Fazal Habib
    Fazal Habib   4 weeks ago

    I'd like her to try any of that with real goalkeepers not With these fuckers that look like they work for tekkers

  • fresh eazii
    fresh eazii   4 weeks ago

    If womens usa team played against mens india team they would lose

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas   1 months ago

    i cannot imagine hating america as much as rapinoe does. what did real americans ever do to her?