Baby Boy Nursery Tour | Filmed One Day Before Losing Our Son

  • Published on: 30 October 2018
  • Hi, I'm Braxton's Mommy. I was 40 weeks + 1 Day pregnant the day that I learned Braxton no longer had a heartbeat. That was the worst day of my life- the day my life was changed forever.
    When I was pregnant with Braxton, I LOVED watching Youtube videos. I spent so many hours watching videos about pregnancy, newborns, what to pack in a diaper bag or hospital bags. One of my favorite videos to watch was the "Nursery tour", so I finally decided to film my own. I filmed this nursery tour on September 10th, Braxton's due date, and we lost him the very next day.
    Recently, I was finally able to re-watch this video and edit all of the clips together. I wanted to share the happiness that Braxton brought to me and it's so clear in this video.

    If you have also lost your baby, please comment or message me. It helps to know that we are not alone. When I have more courage, I plan to post more videos and talk about this topic- Still birth; there is so much I wish others knew about stillbirth and I just want to bring awareness while keeping my son's name alive.

    Jonathan and I have also started a fund to help keep Braxton's name alive:
    'STILL Braxton Tiago' fund raises money to directly support children in need across the globe. With the help of donors, we can carry Braxton's name through the world while also continuing the dialogue of stillbirth.

    Each year, Jonathan and I will identify a non-profit organization that has a proven track record of helping less fortunate children. All proceeds raised will go directly to the selected non-profit to provide resources for the children of that community.

    This first year, we are excited to partner with Build A Better Benin (BABB). BABB focuses their efforts on the country of Benin in West Africa. Once the goal amount has been raised, Braxton's mom and dad will personally deliver these resources to the children of Benin.

    Instagram: @Feli_urvana
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  • Nonya B
    Nonya B   2 months ago

    If you don't mind me asking, what exactly happened with your baby? I know he was a stillborn but just wondering if the hospital or doctors ever told you what happened or identified a reason.. I hope I don't get tons of backlash for asking. As long as I don't offend you the mother, I'm not concerned with the other readers opinions. I understand it's a difficult and emotional thing to talk about so if you don't feel comfortable answering I understand.

  • rena
    rena   3 months ago

    i cant even describe how much i wanna take braxton in my arms and put him in yours. so unfairly gone. your little boy is always gonna be with you,stay strong mama ❤

  • Cynthia Hill
    Cynthia Hill   4 months ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have one boy and all my other pregnancies have resulted in miscarriages. It’s truly sad to go through the loss of a child, especially after the birth. I am praying for you and your family. May God bless you. 😔

  • Lilith’s Silver Moon
    Lilith’s Silver Moon   5 months ago

    Omgosh mama! This broke my heart- love you so much and your video’s. I know your heart aches- mine aches for you 😔😢😭🥺

  • Kim Golden
    Kim Golden   6 months ago

    Sorries for your loss.... I appreciate you sharing your story..... Will help others I believe..... Thank You ....

  • Delroy Carter
    Delroy Carter   6 months ago

    I'm sorry for your lost .I know how you feel I went through this 16 years now and it still hurt.

  • oscar V
    oscar V   7 months ago

    Im so sorry for your lose 💔💔💔😭😭 I can see you were excited for this angel to come , the thing that touched my heart is that the giraffe has his heart , I'm soooo crying right now, see you soon Braxton ( angel) and I know that your waiting for your mama and dada to come hold you and kiss you another time , I know it's really tough to lose a baby , my heart is melting right now , I LOVE YOU BRAXTON xxxx ❤❤❤❤❤ your an angel now , you were an angel before and after you got go to heaven 💔💔👼👼👼👼😔😔😔🤧🤧😞😞😞 GOD BLESS YOU GUYS 🙏🙏🙏

  • Arissa G
    Arissa G   7 months ago

    This video broke me inside. I'm so sorry that that happened to Braxton. Your excitement and sweetness towards becoming a mommy and having your son also broke me. I kept looking at the giraffe on the rocking chair thinking how cute. Then you showed us it was his little heart beat and again I broke. 🙁😢💔

  • Rachel Love
    Rachel Love   9 months ago

    It's crazy, it's like Felly go to the hospital, have your baby now! It's so sad to see her so happy here, so ignorant of what's about to happen to her world.

  • Morgan Floyd
    Morgan Floyd   9 months ago

    This is so heartbreaking , I’m so sorry for your loss . I’m actually due September 10th of this year with my first that’s a boy . You’re such a beautiful person inside and out 💙

  • Suus Fraiquin
    Suus Fraiquin   10 months ago

    You pushing around the stroller with a plush teddy in it just crushed my heart. No mom should loose her baby. So happy for you both to know Braxton is going to be a big brother very soon, but heartbroken that he is not physically with you all ❤️

  • Alejandra HG
    Alejandra HG   10 months ago

    I am beyond at loss of words. I am truly sorry for your loss and my heart is beyond broken for you and your family. I am a 28 year old mommy of 5. I have 4 boys and 1 girl. My youngest was born Oct 4th 2018. Omg my heart😞 Xoxoxo

  • rmontoya888
    rmontoya888   10 months ago

    I never had baby showers because my mother believed they brought bad luck. She said "if something happens you don't want to have to pack up everything. When I was 8 months along they couldn't find my daughters heart beat. I was thousands of miles from home stationed in Germany. I called home and my mother just said "see I told you. God knows what he's doing " they induced me immediately. She was born blue, revived and rushed to the NICU. This May she graduated from college. I feel so blessed and understand the sadness and fear. Bless you.

  • Amber Maness
    Amber Maness   10 months ago

    I can't conceive a child either me and my husband were born with disabilities, and we are not able to conceive a child, so we are considered now reborn, parents of one and or 2 reborn babies

  • Taylor Crofts
    Taylor Crofts   10 months ago

    I recently lost my son to. Your videos have helped me alot ❤

  • Yohanna John
    Yohanna John   11 months ago

    Poor little sweet heart, no one should ever have a to lose a child, I wish you strength and courage, I know it’s hard to get through such an ordeal so stay strong

  • Frisk Angel
    Frisk Angel   11 months ago

    It ok u can always try again it going to be ok I have I lost my son to I got jumped by my moms other kids I lost him i had his brother a year later and another one after another boy and i all most died having him I hemorrhage really bad so my doctor told me I can have no more kids cuz I'll be a health risk at birth and it'll be bad he said it without saying it u know

  • Ivett Villa
    Ivett Villa   11 months ago

    At least you can still listen to his heartbeat I have been crying while watching your videos especially on the one that's dedicated to him when you sang I'm so sorry you had to go through this 😓 love you❤️! You would have been an amazing mommy

  • Paige playz
    Paige playz   11 months ago

    I have a question. Are you going to use things in his nursery for the new baby?

  • Aylin Gonzalez
    Aylin Gonzalez   1 years ago

    how depressed are you like sis he’s in a better place now

  • Dallas Moon
    Dallas Moon   1 years ago

    My condolences to you & your boyfriend. 💔 I pray for you both.

  • Rachel Michele
    Rachel Michele   1 years ago

    I’m so happy you have a recording of his heartbeat ❤️

  • Chelsea Divel
    Chelsea Divel   1 years ago

    I WAS a twin but my brother died at birth... not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I just feel like I’m missing something from my life, like an emptiness is just their... ☹️

  • Jennifer Pritzlaff
    Jennifer Pritzlaff   1 years ago

    I was looking for a way to private message u, but I’m not even sure how. I lost my son @41 weeks. I myself, also had no idea there was such a thing as stillborn. I also was my doctors first patient to have a stillborn so when I went into the hospital thinking I was in labor (contraction that never let up), she was kicking nurses out that were telling me “it’s ok, it’s ok” when the the US machine came out because they couldn’t pick up a heartbeat. She told them “it’s not okay, please leave” to them. That’s when it got real to us. I like you was in a daze, had no idea what to do or to think. I begged and begged for a c-section thinking they could save him and they said that’s too much of a risk to me. I suffered from placenta abruption. Everything was perfect with him, he was 9lbs 11oz- they found nothing wrong w him or me (clotting issue, uterine issues). Only conclusion I can tell myself to feel better is, his umbilical cord was 31 centimeters (I believe I’m saying it correct) and that’s substantially shorter than the norm. Feel free to message me if you want. I’m going on 16yrs and he has not been forgotten. I wish I had support group or something but because it was my drs first case I just thought it was one in a million chances. Praying for you.My Instagram is Jenn_j_prit23

  • Stacia Hill
    Stacia Hill   1 years ago

    You are a wonderful mother. I'm sorry your time with your son was cut so short. No mother should have to go through something like that. You show so much love and care for your baby. I'm very excited for you to get to meet Braxton's little sibling <3 <3 <3

  • Sheenah Dorsey
    Sheenah Dorsey   1 years ago

    Oh God hunny. My heart breaks for you. I pray your pain is eased.

  • Nicole G
    Nicole G   1 years ago

    This video isn't just helpful for mothers who have lost their children. For moms going through tough times with their kids -- this is a heavy reminder of how lucky they are to still have their children. Thank you for sharing this. It really puts a lot of struggles into perspective.

  • TheEmz370
    TheEmz370   1 years ago

    I miscarried. I only had a handful of things for baby, as I was about 10 weeks along. Just some socks and my ultrasound pictures. I lost the socks in a move and I carried the ultrasound picture with me in my wallet and it recently got stolen. I didn’t find out the gender but I always had a feeling it would have been a boy, and I always called him Noah. I think about him every year on his due date of July 21st. I couldn’t imagine making it as far as you did. 💔 One day I’ll be ready for a rainbow baby, but I’m not there yet, even 8 years later.

  • Kristina Terry
    Kristina Terry   1 years ago

    People would pay you to decorate their nursery! So cute!

  • Kyra brianna
    Kyra brianna   1 years ago

    Now she cries because she never got to read the the book to Braxton 😢😢😢

  • Shunasia Harris
    Shunasia Harris   1 years ago

    This breaks my heart 😢❤️ I am praying for you

  • Bex kent
    Bex kent   1 years ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this breaks my heart for you so much I’m so sorry for your lose I hope the future is so bright for you and your man. Sending so much love your way! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Schmeeda Smellmora
    Schmeeda Smellmora   1 years ago

    I cried all the way through your videos knowing what happened and the sorrow you have been never breastfeeding him.....I never got to breastfeed my son and now 50 years later I'm still crying about a sorrow that fades over time but the memories come flooding back and the painful reality of loss washes over me....but those sorrows are part of life and death but thank God there's also joy and blessings that helps to lessen the pain. You will heal and then you will have another child....not as a replacement of Braxton but a new chapter of your journey. I'm not sure what to say about keeping or changing the things you have for your son who's gone...but for me, it's too much of a painful reminder that could take away the joys of your next baby....there are many moms out there who have little to nothing and they would be thrilled to be gifted with a new nursery...perhaps an injured warrior/service man who has suffered from the injuries received by serving our country and they have very little income to buy something as wonderful as you have...and the blessings that you receive from your gift and blessings to someone who is worthy. I know that you have a great amount of $ invested in the beautiful nursery but I know that you will not be sorry for choosing to be a huge blessings to someone who is need...just a thought you may want to consider as part of the healing process...may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  • Gianni C
    Gianni C   1 years ago

    braxton is such a weird Name, reminds me of braxton-hicks contractions