Everything Wrong With The Departed In Bahston Minutes

  • Published on: 04 February 2020
  • The Departed is f*cking awesome. Great acting, great suspense. It rules!!

    But it's Oscar season, and The Departed won Best Picture, so it's kind of a theme pick. Anyway, here are the sins.

    Thursday: More Best Picture winner sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 20:53
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  • Juan Copete
    Juan Copete   15 hours ago

    Something else you didn’t mention, why the fuck did Scorcese give an Irish mob boss a known Italian boss’s name? Someone answer me that bullshit for some REAL entertainment!

  • Mr. Geo
    Mr. Geo   1 days ago

    This in my top 5 favorite movies ever, gimme shelter needed to be in this movie lol

  • KevinWood44
    KevinWood44   3 days ago

    In some videos u r so fucking annoying....this is 1 of those videos

  • PlasticMan
    PlasticMan   3 days ago

    This god damn movie makes me so fucking mad at the end. It put me in such a bad mood from it. Its such a good ass movie though

  • The Mourning
    The Mourning   3 days ago

    I can sum up everything wrong with The Departed in two words .... NOT MUCH

  • Marcel Zachary
    Marcel Zachary   4 days ago

    Crazy how Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg look almost alike and way cast in the same movie if that's not crazy what is.

  • Odin Satanas
    Odin Satanas   5 days ago

    Haha wait, you're sinning the fake lawyer he can't do that he just did scene..But one of them is Costello's other mole, and the black guy doesn't seem like he'd go tell the bosses, and they're both dead soon anyway

  • Ben Hear
    Ben Hear   1 weeks ago

    It's super easy to text without looking, on a flip phone.

  • Just Passing Through
    Just Passing Through   1 weeks ago

    8:10 I don't know about anyone else but I definitely could text like that on a flip phone back in the day

  • Bruce Grossman
    Bruce Grossman   1 weeks ago

    This movie really didn’t click with me. I liked Mark Wahlberg, though.

  • Shane Merrigan
    Shane Merrigan   1 weeks ago

    You forgot a sin @ the Title Screen: "The moment every home-viewer realizes they made a horrible mistake cranking the volume to hear the curse-riddled exposition that starts this long-ass film."

  • El Oso
    El Oso   1 weeks ago

    6:50 he got blood on his face because the guy threw something at him

  • Shooter Q
    Shooter Q   1 weeks ago

    Before touch screen phones, I had the T9 texting pattern memorized. I could slide open the screen, hit a number for speed-ID selection, hit the top-left button to start a text message, type out my message, then hit send and slide the phone closed without taking my hands out of my pockets. Used to do it to tell friends when I was heading to their dorms while walking and keeping my eyes up on the traffic.

  • D.J.
    D.J.   1 weeks ago

    Leo had blood on his face because the soon-to-be departed threw a toy duck thingy and hit him in the head ... this was not a "sin", it was a job-related injury! I was sad at Costello's departing just because it was Matt Damon!

  • Saladon89
    Saladon89   1 weeks ago

    this movie is soo overrated, worst leo movie, mark walhberg worst actor, always the overconfident cocky fuck in every movie, cant play any other role, hes like john fuckin cena from wwe in the movies, both fucktards. only reason why its soo overrated is cuz of all the Grade A actors, except for walhberg, hes a crappy actor and dunno why ppl dont criticize him

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick   1 weeks ago

    You cannot give this film as many sins as fucking The Village or the Happ3ning

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick   1 weeks ago

    So this is the problem with Jack Nicholson...he’s not a terrible actor but he’s not a good one and he really cannot carry a scene.

  • 00justSomeAccount00
    00justSomeAccount00   1 weeks ago

    SSN was needed so the mole could look up police database for employees

  • d james
    d james   1 weeks ago

    Really terrible movie when you break it down....ding! Infernal Affairs is far superior.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh   2 weeks ago

    That leo and marky mark reference to basketball diaries was pretty good I have to admit lol

  • J-Rock Eastwood
    J-Rock Eastwood   2 weeks ago

    sin 37 the blood on leo's face is from getting hit by the flashing noisey duck toy that the guy threw at him when they walked in the room just before mr. french popped him in the head with the 2 liter soda bottle on the pistol. Thats a minus 1 sin.

  • dimi g
    dimi g   2 weeks ago

    Bulger was giving up the Italians

  • Daniel Lugo
    Daniel Lugo   2 weeks ago

    Leo got blood on his face cuz he got a toy thrown at his face

  • Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson   2 weeks ago

    Cinemasins is lack of social life geeky kids complaining on every upload but have no uploads of fixing what they complain (Everything wrong with Cinamasins)

  • shubham 07
    shubham 07   2 weeks ago

    12:49 not actually a sin. Costello owned the theatre.. That's why they met there.

  • shubham 07
    shubham 07   2 weeks ago

    6:19 😂 That's one thing I nvr understood

  • mike utley
    mike utley   2 weeks ago

    Begging for a sins video of the Irishman. Marty is a legend but i'm sure it has its sins, just like once upon a time in hollywood

  • No division Just Unity

    Less arrogance, and I would dig this totally. Don't forget who you're doing it for. Hint, it's not you.

  • TheRiddick27
    TheRiddick27   2 weeks ago

    The porno theatre does turn a profit. Infact, I've heard their coining it hand over fist!

  • Velvetina
    Velvetina   2 weeks ago

    Ha, Jeremy gave 50 sins for the “not have cats” comment.😄 But CinemaSins should’ve gave 200 more sins for Damon’s and Wahlberg’s yuck, fake accents, knowing they’re from Bahstan’s suburbs!🤣

  • Matthew Cleary
    Matthew Cleary   2 weeks ago

    Of course the FBI loves a boss as an informant. They keep the crime semiorganized and fill their arrest quota.

  • devolu marian
    devolu marian   3 weeks ago

    50 sins added at (12:31on youtube timer and 12:22 movie sin timer ) why?

  • G Kroll
    G Kroll   3 weeks ago

    De crapio is a mutant EddieMunster hope is jet plane crashes Tells us to get rid of our cars tells us how to live Screw that mudget

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous   3 weeks ago

    Whitey wasn't FBI he was CIA,he was part of the MKUltra LSD experiments they would dose him with LSD and question him to see if the LSD could make him talk