Juventus 3-1 Udinese | CR7 Scores Twice as Juve go Top! | Serie A TIM

  • Published on: 15 December 2019
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Bonucci score against Udinese, to give Juventus a 3-1 win | Serie A

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  • Runtime : 4:14
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  • PapiNeshn Tv
    PapiNeshn Tv   3 months ago

    You are about to see one of Juve's greatest squad in their history. How many concur with this?Like to AgreeComment to Disagree.Lets go!

  • Wira 619
    Wira 619   3 months ago

    Aroh hebati ronaldo neh..jeg mantap adana👍👍

  • BMT F4M
    BMT F4M   3 months ago

    Ronaldos on a mission

  • Dazz
    Dazz   3 months ago

    Apart from CR7 .... I love their shirt

  • manga one piece
    manga one piece   3 months ago


  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   3 months ago

    was a slow start but he’s gaining momentum, CR7 gonna show he still got it this season🥶

  • Shinobi 91
    Shinobi 91   3 months ago

    Juventus highlights hit millions of views whenever CR7 scores 😂😂

  • deruiy foiu
    deruiy foiu   3 months ago

    was a slow start but he’s gaining momentum, CR7 gonna show he still got it this season🥶

  • Kadir İşcan
    Kadir İşcan   3 months ago

    yanlış olmamış mı sanki vinland sağa nın kütüphanesinde ne işi var bunun :D

  • Davy
    Davy   3 months ago

    RONALDO can jump out of a grave

  • Adizt 09
    Adizt 09   3 months ago

    Cr7 superstar sepanjang masa

  • Acoustic Hive
    Acoustic Hive   3 months ago

    Who thinks CR7 can continue playing until he's 40 yrs. Old? ☺️Manny Pacquiao did it in Boxing. ☺️

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug   3 months ago

    Ronaldo fans from india like

  • Atis Djimi
    Atis Djimi   3 months ago


  • Leo Mont
    Leo Mont   3 months ago

    Que tal banquete de Dygualdo..La trilogia que empieza a dar forma al mostro de tres cabezas.....tiembla Europa!!..Ese bicho es un hijo de puta...La juve tuvo una version mejorada..mejores automatismos..Esperemos que la senda siga asi...