$2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza • New York City

  • Published on: 09 April 2017
  • “It’s fulfilling one of my greatest fantasies.”

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    Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/13503

    Braulio Bunay
    Mario Batali
    Alex Bisogni
    Sam Elesawi
  • Runtime : 15:46
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  • Merlyn Hall
    Merlyn Hall   10 hours ago

    When Mario Batalli calls Joes the best slice, then you know there's no contest

  • Vamsi Abhishek
    Vamsi Abhishek   1 days ago

    "The pizza looks like it's bur..."Who TF is going to say THAT???"Looks like it's bursting with AwESomeneSs!!!"

  • bombzax x
    bombzax x   1 days ago

    I hate that Adam is so quite i want him too. Talk and tell us stuff

  • Danos
    Danos   1 days ago

    7:05 "It's Burnt"

  • ThePurpleSheep
    ThePurpleSheep   2 days ago

    Yeah, i'd much rather 1,000 cheese pizza slices rather than 1 black gold pizza

  • D.G. Blades
    D.G. Blades   4 days ago

    People are saying truffle is just to make it look expensive but it actually has a very unique flavour but the gold is really bad for you and it has no flavour

  • Knacksahne
    Knacksahne   4 days ago

    I wish someone payed me to eat 2.000$ pizza

  • Ammar monim
    Ammar monim   4 days ago

    Isn't this the 2000 pizza they recreated in good mythical morning ? And they hated it if I remember correctly.

  • Humble Dreamz
    Humble Dreamz   5 days ago

    I wanna stab the elbows off the damn table.....

  • Alessandro Capelli
    Alessandro Capelli   5 days ago

    Come cazzo fai a spendere per una pizza 2000 dollari e faceva anche schifo dalle vostre espressioni facciali

  • a------------
    a------------   6 days ago

    bet he regrets saying he is Mario Batalli's friend now lol

  • Gian Carlo Dela Merced

    I gotta disagree with mario. Having a char on a pizza is different from a cremated pizza

  • Fiscalsolid
    Fiscalsolid   6 days ago

    that dude always says "this is the most excited i've ever been" every damn video

  • Zenoch _
    Zenoch _   6 days ago

    I'm scared to say it looks burnt...

  • Mr.JuicyPear
    Mr.JuicyPear   1 weeks ago

    I love restaurant owners who aren't afraid of cussing on front of customers and just connects with them.

  • GDFallen -
    GDFallen -   1 weeks ago

    Isn’t Stilton cheese the one that gives you livid dreams at night after eating it

  • Imperator
    Imperator   1 weeks ago

    The 2k pizza is a lesson in pretentiousness and the cancerous decadence of capitalism.Edible gold in a world where people are starving is morally wrong, no question about it.

  • it brooklyn here!!
    it brooklyn here!!   1 weeks ago

    I like how andrew was more excited for the $2 pizza than the $2,000 pizza

  • Curie Skyri
    Curie Skyri   1 weeks ago

    The expensive pizza looks like a dry oatmeal pie with blackberries on top

  • Gil Gosseyn
    Gil Gosseyn   1 weeks ago

    I have no idea why but for some reason I feel like I should be hating on guys like Batali and Guy Fieri.... but the more I see of them and hear them talk they're really f***in cool people....

  • Corb buddy
    Corb buddy   1 weeks ago

    does anyone remember that old buzzfeed skit with Andrew and he was thinking about how much he loved pizza?

  • WWEera
    WWEera   1 weeks ago

    7:16 The pizza is burnt!!!