• Published on: 20 September 2019
  • BABY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Telling my family I'm pregnant for the first time was so much fun! They were all shocked, emotional, and excited at the same time!


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  • Runtime : 23:23
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  • Analisa Trofimuk
    Analisa Trofimuk   4 months ago

    Gosh this was so sweet!!!! So heartwarming to see your family and friends be so happy for you guys!!!!😊 ❤️

  • EmbraceThePuzzle
    EmbraceThePuzzle   1 weeks ago

    I wish everyone would stop saying “that fast?” “Already” Be happy!!!

  • Timothy Gil
    Timothy Gil   1 weeks ago

    I don't get why so many people these days hype up the reaction in a video in the title then in the first 5 seconds SHOW a short clip of the reaction?????? I mean you give away the best part, you need to learn like movie studios do to tease up to it but never give away that moment, you will get more views, trust me!!!!!

  • Samantha 🤪❤️
    Samantha 🤪❤️   1 weeks ago

    literally everyone in the video kept saying “already” like damn 😂😂 can’t just be happy

  • Bourbon and a Baby
    Bourbon and a Baby   2 weeks ago

    Love Dylan's reaction... "Uncle D!" Congrats, being a parent is pretty much the best thing ever!

  • Hannah Leth
    Hannah Leth   3 weeks ago

    The dog was the best by far!!! Lol😀

  • Natasha Melady
    Natasha Melady   1 months ago

    "I thought it was something I wasn't supposed to see" SO CUTE

  • Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore   1 months ago

    All of them were like that was fast!! 😂

  • Kelsey Dement
    Kelsey Dement   1 months ago

    This is only the sending videos of yours that I watched but I had to come say that my name is Kelsey and I’m married to a Seth!!💙😂 congrats on pregnancy!!💜💜

  • Ino145
    Ino145   2 months ago

    Hmm, nice.. You also for some reason look so much more prettier at 18:11+ Weird.. :D Congratulations hope it all goes well, you seem young.. :3

  • Breanna bug
    Breanna bug   2 months ago

    Her brothers reactions were so cute though!!❤❤

  • Andallan Byrd
    Andallan Byrd   2 months ago

    Everyone's like alreadyyyyyy😲😲😲😥😥😍😍

  • Vima Mckenzie
    Vima Mckenzie   2 months ago

    The puppy reaction ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • LouisaK 22
    LouisaK 22   2 months ago

    Why was the dogs head doing that 😂

  • Alyssa Hopkins
    Alyssa Hopkins   2 months ago

    From one Alyssa to another congratulations! I can’t wait for my husband and I to be lucky enough to get pregnant.

  • Haleigh Dobson
    Haleigh Dobson   2 months ago

    new subscriber her! i have a small channel and would love it if you could check it out!

  • Haleigh Dobson
    Haleigh Dobson   2 months ago

    i live this so much! i can’t wait to have a family of my own:)

  • Aracelis González
    Aracelis González   2 months ago

    I really liked this video. When did u guys get married? New here...Im from PR.

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen   2 months ago

    So many people think the baby is a boy already. I cannot wait for the gender reveal.

  • bryanna steinhoff
    bryanna steinhoff   2 months ago

    The part when you told your dog was so freakin cute😭😭😭❤️

  • Zesty
    Zesty   3 months ago

    Im so glad for you guys ❤️

  • LIV & GAV
    LIV & GAV   3 months ago

    So amazing!!! So happy for you guys!

  • Ashlynn Seal
    Ashlynn Seal   3 months ago

    The dog is the best part ❤❤💍🐕

  • Mariahs Vlogs
    Mariahs Vlogs   3 months ago

    My mom is due march 21st your baby will 1 month older i love u guys

  • Marcela Celma
    Marcela Celma   3 months ago

    We also have the digital ones in Mexico FYI, that says "Pregnant" in english. lol