Unboxing WEIRD CHRISTMAS Presents

  • Published on: 21 December 2019
  • merry scuffedmas
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  • Runtime : 10:1
  • christmas lazarbeam


  • DDplayzMF
    DDplayzMF   3 hours ago

    2:23 me when I tried vegetables

  • JWM
    JWM   9 hours ago

    It is funny how at 0:20 he looks pretty normal and then look at 8:58

  • YT xrxvenge
    YT xrxvenge   9 hours ago

    Who’s watching guring quarantine

  • YT xrxvenge
    YT xrxvenge   9 hours ago

    Who’s watching this firing quarantine

  • baby Doge
    baby Doge   13 hours ago

    Dam thats how much he get demonitized that he had to used wish to buy his presents

  • Red Golem
    Red Golem   1 days ago

    I literally have that exact Shrek blanket.

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan   1 days ago

    I don't even celebrate Christmas so I can't go to the naughty list

  • Orla Tobin
    Orla Tobin   2 days ago

    u should give the slippers to Bhodi

  • Kanan's Krazy
    Kanan's Krazy   2 days ago

    The only reason lazarbeam can make fun of trump is because us americans are nice enough to not nuke australia. but dont mess with kimmy boi

  • Twan van Veller
    Twan van Veller   2 days ago

    I agrre with lazarbeam with the trump toilet brush poophead

  • RealSqaudRG YT
    RealSqaudRG YT   2 days ago

    Like this for a early present from ScuffedSanta in quarantine :)

  • dan halo
    dan halo   3 days ago

    I still wanna know how this videos category is gaming?

    DAReeLBLITz YT   3 days ago

    Me when I read the title and look at thumbnail: Lazarbeam wtf are u up to now.

  • Jay mat
    Jay mat   3 days ago


  • Jay mat
    Jay mat   3 days ago


  • Eva Cresswell
    Eva Cresswell   3 days ago

    lazarbeam its a flat bread blanket me whyyyy is a tortilla spends rest of life depressed cuz of the flat bread insedent

  • Kalso 27
    Kalso 27   4 days ago

    Yo I watch Mully all the time and now I know he's friends with Lazerbeam

  • Jejdhd Hdjaka
    Jejdhd Hdjaka   4 days ago

    He finally became a furry. We all knew it was going to happen

  • AustinGaming 1230
    AustinGaming 1230   4 days ago

    I was watching this at midnight on my computer and my mom walked in and asked wtf I was watching