Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
  • Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is the newest installment in the popular Dungeon Defenders franchise. DD:A’s gameplay is the ultimate combination of an action role-playing experience with rich tower defense strategy. Choose between four unique heroes and join forces with friends in up to four-player splitscreen cooperative play, fighting off wave after wave of enemy hordes and epic bosses with an assortment of weapons, abilities, towers, barricades, traps, and auras! The spoils of battle offer persistent character progression and loads of epic loot! Launches Feb. 2020.

    Learn more about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! https://bit.ly/2N7AhWO

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  • Runtime : 52
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  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson   1 weeks ago

    Finally I can hear 9 year olds scream in the background while I'm doing all the work defending against the hords on my Switch!

  • Omni Charlizard
    Omni Charlizard   2 weeks ago

    Oh my crap! I booted up my 360 and the old game still holds up 😎😂 the “Oohhh-ayyy” when you hit the B button brings back so many memories xD

  • Tyger Jo
    Tyger Jo   3 weeks ago

    Unless you have switch lite!

  • Darth Blu
    Darth Blu   3 weeks ago

    I just found out about this, AND I'M EXCITED!

  • Anja
    Anja   3 weeks ago

    Is it cross play?

  • Siphus
    Siphus   3 weeks ago

    I only cared because Dryad from Terraria was in it

  • Red 306
    Red 306   4 weeks ago

    The old graphics please

  • Ramón
    Ramón   4 weeks ago

    I was kind of excited for this trailer, but the characters and gameplay look EXACTLY the same as 5-10 years ago. Hard pass.

  • Homosuck
    Homosuck   4 weeks ago

    Haha you guys will never make another game

  • hector lopez
    hector lopez   4 weeks ago

    Good game for 360 until modders ruined it

  • Abner Cestari
    Abner Cestari   4 weeks ago

    I've played over 300h of the first game, I had a shop full of rarities and legendary stuff and takes ages to farm. I stopped playing after Dark Souls came out and guess what happened? All my stuff was lost, simply as that

  • Urwy
    Urwy   4 weeks ago

    What reason do I have to buy and play this game when I've already gotten my fill of the damn game in DD1 and 2, I get it, you guys are known for one singular title, but can we at least get some originality instead of remaking the damn game every 3 years and expecting the community to just keep buying? No thanks. I'm already bored of Dungeon Defenders.

  • Coconuts
    Coconuts   4 weeks ago

    He is on PC/PS4/ONE/SWITCH it's not DD1 it's remake of DD1 with new story, the story is sequel of DD2.

  • ZGC
    ZGC   4 weeks ago

    I already preorder the bundle pack game ! I'd love to replay all my old characters in this new story !Good luck to the devs ! I give you some money on Kickstarter so I hope that the game will release in February 2020 😉

  • Mfenton10 AJ
    Mfenton10 AJ   4 weeks ago

    Anyone still have the original on Steam? :)

  • Cobalt Serpent 0111
    Cobalt Serpent 0111   4 weeks ago

    They said this was going to be released as a "Timed Console Exclusive". What did they mean by that?

  • ki oka
    ki oka   1 months ago

    Fun Fun Fan! I will wait!

  • Genna Mowbray
    Genna Mowbray   1 months ago

    So~... Is this the original DD from the Xbox360 & PC that's being ported over to the Switch? Or is this some ramped up sequel-title thingy I had no idea existed. Cause me and my siblings LOVED this game years back!

  • JavyFJM
    JavyFJM   1 months ago

    February 2020😩 That’s so far away😭

  • Wingsaber
    Wingsaber   1 months ago

    I hope the framerate isn't as bad as it looks in this trailer.

  • Rayserbeamz
    Rayserbeamz   1 months ago

    I've waited for so long! I'm so excited!!

  • zaqqaz
    zaqqaz   1 months ago

    Is this more like the first one or part 2?

  • Seth Leonard
    Seth Leonard   1 months ago

    YES!A new game in the form of one of my favorite franchises!

  • Jake Botton
    Jake Botton   1 months ago

    Who watched king nappys play through? So sad there’s no more uploads😢

  • Sman
    Sman   1 months ago

    Framerate in multiplayer is gonna suck oof