Tour This Couple's Tiny Home and See Why This Craze is Catching On

  • Published on: 16 November 2016
  • One couple, Weston and Sarah, live in a small house just off the Las Vegas strip. The "tiny house" phenomenon is sweeping the country has people trading in their spacious residences for smaller versions. The couple recently gave Inside Edition a tour, beginning with their upstairs bedroom that has "a lot more room than you think." To get dressed, the two take turns. They call their living room "huge" which is actually a community space located outside their door, shared with neighbors.
  • Runtime : 1:29
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  • J Dmitri
    J Dmitri   4 hours ago

    Now what if one of them falls of the bed ❌

  • Arianny Lily
    Arianny Lily   1 months ago

    Did he just say mount Carmel that’s the name of my school

  • slayaweng
    slayaweng   1 months ago

    Tbh I'd trade in my big house for a tiny home as well it seems a lot more comfy and cozy ngl

  • Alex Lorenz
    Alex Lorenz   1 months ago

    I would honestly live in one of those tiny trailers, I don't need a big house

  • Colt Bananas
    Colt Bananas   1 months ago

    If you play adopt me Roblox think of that car house

  • Jun Hao Lim
    Jun Hao Lim   2 months ago

    1964: Can't wait to sell my stupid small house for a big one2019: Ugh I hate my big house I'm selling it for a small one 🖕🏻

  • DylanPlayzYT
    DylanPlayzYT   2 months ago

    Did anyone else see the sign at the top of their house at the very start

  • VGFragz
    VGFragz   3 months ago

    Anyone else notice the name was “sloppy Weiner” 0:04

  • Mel Morrison
    Mel Morrison   3 months ago

    Sloppy weiner LOL literally had me dying

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye   3 months ago

    Why does it say sloppy wiener

  • Snowy Bunny
    Snowy Bunny   3 months ago

    It looks like that house car from adopt me in roblox

  • Lenny Swirda
    Lenny Swirda   4 months ago

    You need to have enough room to live with you and your sons it’s unfair to the sons

  • Chloe Jenkins
    Chloe Jenkins   4 months ago

    That looks like the travelling house from adopt

  • 21savege 79
    21savege 79   4 months ago

    300 square ft house = up to 3,100 yea that makes sense

  • ii_ BAK
    ii_ BAK   4 months ago

    The house is in adopt me in ROBLOX. There is a car that is a house.

  • Emme M.
    Emme M.   4 months ago


  • Martine Davis
    Martine Davis   4 months ago

    I CAN NOT do it!!. Sorry.. I can't even be in an elevator long, I cant imagine living in one.

  • zalda
    zalda   4 months ago

    0:02 do you see the sign on top of the door.

  • Thor Johny
    Thor Johny   5 months ago

    im just wondering how can they make love without privacy lol

  • Ordinary Tuber
    Ordinary Tuber   5 months ago

    This house will be perfect for my energetic dog.

  • kmt kmt
    kmt kmt   5 months ago

    The cost defeats the objective by far minimalist life style should equal to minimalist costs otherwise is just being capitalized on. Why live in a tent if it cost the same amount as a three storey?

  • expiredleslie
    expiredleslie   5 months ago

    this looks like the mini car house in adopt me lol

  • VoiDShotzZ
    VoiDShotzZ   5 months ago

    I mean I like small spaces because that’s how I grew up and I don’t feel at home with a lot of room it’s weird I know but still

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue   5 months ago

    I know someone that lives in an apartment with her bathtub actually being out in the open in the corner of her living room... and her bed and her kitchen