Is Non-Ethanol Gasoline Really Better? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 21 January 2019
  • Is non-ethanol gasoline really better for fuel efficiency? What about carbon buildup? In this video I use a generator with electronic fuel injection to measure fuel efficiency, an engine with a see-through cylinder head to observe the combustion process, and an additional small engine to measure carbon buildup. Hope you enjoy the video! I enjoy reading your comments. So, please let me know what you thought of this video, and I look forward to your future video ideas! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 9:4
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  • J Louis
    J Louis   1 days ago

    So here is a thought. You go to a pump and that has ONE hose. The last person bought the cheapest gas with ethanol. The 93 octane gas is non ethanol. How much cheap gas am I getting when selecting 93. Where is the valve. Am I getting a gallon of the cheap stuff. Can you test this theory.

  • Stickman
    Stickman   2 days ago

    Hey Project Farm Dude, Love your videos, but did you look at the spark plugs? The ethanol is much, much cleaner. Also the top of the piston was nearly perfect. Compare the color. The carbon around the valves is also different. I don't know which is intake or exhaust but on gas the left one was more carboned and on the ethanol blend the right one was more carboned. You also might try running E30 or so. If your EFI generator has an O2 sensor you can go E20, E25 and maybe even up to E33 with just relying on the O2/ECU to adjust the mixture. That will give you a better comparison to ethanol to gas.All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860) To all you other silly people who rag on ethanol... I could say you are just paid by big oil or I could say your running on confirmation bias, or I could just say you are conformists never willing to stick your head out of the sand.. But one thing I can say is you are on the wrong side of science if you are ragging on ethanol. I run 100% e85 and I'd run 100% Ethanol if it was legal and I had a cheap source for it. I get 22mpg on the highway with 100% e85 and 24mpg on gasoline. I have duel tunes. (75mph) The reason people run diesel in trucks is the low end torque that fuel can produce. Ethanol is the same. It produces amazing amounts of low end torque on a super/turbocharged engine. Another thing peeps miss is when you burn ethanol it's combustion is primarily WATER VAPOR. [You know the things clouds are made of. ] The other is carbon DIOXIDE, the stuff you breath out every day. The stuff plants MUST HAVE to grow. Try that with gasoline or diesel. (Burning ethanol produces carbon DIOXIDE a harmless gas, not Carbon MONOXIDE the poison that GASOLINE produces.) Quite a difference there.And the best thing about ethanol is you just grow more. Yea, yea, I know "you don't burn food!!!" Again, uniformed people. The crops that are used for ethanol production are not food grade. Also algae is producing 100K gal. of ethanol from 36 acres. (about 7 times what corn does). So unless you are fond of eating algae, don't worry your big tummies will get plenty of food. Also algae farms can be grown on concrete, in buildings, in ponds and plenty of other places that do not displace food crops.Ethanol is the fuel for transportation of the future. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

  • rollmeister
    rollmeister   3 days ago

    When I drive my Holden Cruze 1.8L (similar to Chervolet Cruze in the USA) up a hill near where I live in 3rd gear with the air-conditioner on, I cannot accelerate to 70kph, stuck at 50kph. The idling is noticeably rougher. The live fuel consumption tool in the instrument cluster indicates 4% more fuel consumption, which I do not really care about as long it was cheaper but it is only 3% cheaper. I also get pinging when accelerating, or trying to, up hill! I do use the Pro-ma PT5 additive in the fuel which is supposed to be tuned to ethanol blends but I use it because it can reduces fuel consumption 10%. I stick to 95RON and the PT5 to maintain performance.

  • Lok Tom
    Lok Tom   3 days ago

    Ethanol added gas were brilliant idea from the Hall of Shame elected douchbags of the late 1970's from the oil crises of the OPEC.Now there's plenty of oil in US and Canada it remains as the $nake oil $alesmen's dream and your elected ELITES class.

  • Matt
    Matt   3 days ago

    Another failed attempt by the uneducated climate purveyor politicians. Thanks for destroying all my lawn equipment and forcing me to pay more for something that is less efficient. Climate change is BS since the 1970’s when it was global cooling.

  • Karl Schneider
    Karl Schneider   3 days ago

    Ethanol is fine for cocktails but it's shit on engines, hoses, seals, etc. I NEVER buy any gas with alcohol mixed in it. NEVER.

  • lolcopter
    lolcopter   4 days ago

    Did you ever complete the test regarding the possible damages of ethanol over the 6-9 months?

  • gatojj
    gatojj   4 days ago

    I have a 76 vette and it kept shutting off after a long ride because the gas turned into vap/gas and i use only non-ethanol and i have not had problem since !

  • gym shoe
    gym shoe   5 days ago

    Don't forget what happens when you leave a vehicle in storage or used little--the fuel system will need a complete overhaul within a few months. To combat that you may use a fuel stabilizer, americans spend over a billion every year on such chemicals. Ethanol should be banned immediately!

  • John Mazzanti
    John Mazzanti   5 days ago

    I bought an older Silverado about a year ago. I checked the mileage several times using ethanol added gas then I ran a tank of ethanol free gas. When I ran the ethanol free gas my mileage went up about 2 miles per gallon. Since it was out of my to go and buy ethanol free gas the next few tanks were ethanol added gas I continued to check the mileage. It took a few tanks of ethanol added gas before my mileage dropped to the pre ethanol free gas mileage . His study is flawed!

  • saladdogger
    saladdogger   5 days ago

    Using ethanol in an engine designed for gas and having problems - imagine my shock.

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P   5 days ago

    My car performs better and I get I sweat by this 100 miles more miles in my tank

  • John Moyer
    John Moyer   6 days ago

    Yes it is especially for small engines like weed eaters, lawnmowers and chain saws.Also boat motors

  • C Warren
    C Warren   6 days ago

    I drive a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood and get 2-3 miles per gallon better fuel mileage with non-ethanol gas.

  • Ronnie D Miller
    Ronnie D Miller   6 days ago

    I watched your demonstration. Try running the engine for 2 years and I can tell you that the ethanol free gasoline will be cleaner and more efficient.

  • Ronnie D Miller
    Ronnie D Miller   6 days ago

    We have a 2017 Hyundai Ionic Hybrid vehicle. It was getting between 38 to 40 mpg (highway) with ethanol gas. We switched to ethanol free gasoline and now no matter where we travel we get 49 to 55 mpg (highway). We were getting between 25 to 30 (in town) with ethanol gasoline. After we switched to ethanol free gasoline we are getting 32 to 40 mpg (in town). You may think that this is because of the gasoline/hybrid engine, but look at the difference. My Chevrolet Colorado gets about 5 to 7 mpg better both in town and on the highway. Sometimes it would get better if my wife didn’t start it and let it cool off every time she uses it. The ethanol gasoline is slightly higher in price, but the difference in mpg and maintenance will greatly prove it to be a lot cheaper in the long run!!! Most gasoline items, such as lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, etc. recommend ethanol free gasoline or adding an additive to the ethanol gasoline. I had to replace the carburetor on my lawn mower after owning it for 2 years (I bought it new). I was using gasoline with ethanol and adding the additives and the inside of the carburetor looked like I had been running acid through it!! Why are we using our food in gasoline? To make the Congress people in those corn districts richer!!! I hope and pray that President Trump wins 2020 and Jesus Christ blesses us with a Christian Conservative Congress so we are able to make ethanol free gasoline and get things done in this Country that’s needs to be done!! It’s time we spend our money on our Country and quit giving it to countries that not only hate America, but would destroy it if they could. God Bless America and President Trump!! #Trump 2020 # America 2020

  • William V
    William V   6 days ago

    What do you do with the water that is drawn off from the test??....pour it out on the ground?

  • Linda Kemer
    Linda Kemer   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for doing this comparison. I noticed when gas stations added the 10% ethanol, my car was getting less miles per gallon. Now that I live in an area where ethanol free gas is available, the higher mileage has returned!

  • Ghamma Wayve
    Ghamma Wayve   1 weeks ago

    We should have an option at every gas station for ethanol free in every grade, just like we should have an option for tap water without fluoride.

  • lcagee
    lcagee   1 weeks ago

    I think this is a great video. I didn’t know that about the water in the gas 20 cc becomes 30 cc. Makes sense.

  • crazy squirrel
    crazy squirrel   1 weeks ago

    I noticed you didn't adjust the mixture when switching.Gasahol needs a slightly richer mix.If you have an O2 sensor this is done automatically.There is more energy per pound of straight gas than gasahol has.'Mo Power is what many want!If you are worried about carbon then use LPG or Hydrogen. Hydrogen actually REMOVES carbon (look up hydrogen embrittlement for a worst case scenario).

  • Troll Master
    Troll Master   1 weeks ago

    That was done outside right?Carbon monoxide poisoning?

  • james Leedy
    james Leedy   1 weeks ago

    Ethanol fuel will attack the metal that older carburetor are made of .it will cause pits that effect air fuel mix

  • crazy squirrel
    crazy squirrel   1 weeks ago

    When I used straight gas in my car, I got an extra 3-5 mpg depending on the season.That comes to nearly a 20% increase in MPG.Most Marine engines and other small engines do not recommend ethanol gas.

  • Leighton Samms
    Leighton Samms   1 weeks ago

    Ethonal, ruined, my snow blower,,my lawnmower, and my string trimmer., CERTAINLY BETTER THAN MTBE, CHEERS FROM NJ

  • Steve Lamperta
    Steve Lamperta   1 weeks ago

    ethanol is corrosive to aluminum , attracts water an makes it soluble with gas which is horrible for two strokes cause it leans them out, thats why so many or them blew up when they started using it ! I can't believe we have this in question at all !!! its only single benifit was it made millions of dollars for the non -working persons ,... The suit an tie guy's !!!

  • adammperez
    adammperez   1 weeks ago

    What octane was the ethanol free fuel?Around me i can only find 91 octane E0 gas which I’m worried will lower efficient compared to 87 octane

  • takis550
    takis550   1 weeks ago

    Hope the video about ethanol fuel and effects on carburators is coming soon :)

  • a name
    a name   1 weeks ago

    Outstanding video. Your scientific method is to be commended. "alcohol is hydrophillic..." I think you mean hygroscopic. Hydrophillic means it mixes with water IIRC. Hygroscopic means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Dot 3 and 4 Brake fluid is hygroscopic which is why it should be changed periodically. Just sayin'.

  • Colton Stiffarm
    Colton Stiffarm   1 weeks ago

    Do fuel stabilizers help solve some of the problems associated with ethanol?

  • docthebiker
    docthebiker   1 weeks ago

    How about a follow up using "home washed" ethanol gas?

  • bigrockets
    bigrockets   1 weeks ago

    the ethanol is not added to boost the octane it is added to oxygenate the gasoline. ethanol has a hydroxyl group attached on one substituent link of the carbon parent chain. Gasoline has no oxygen molecules in its structure. The alcohol adds more oxygen into the cylinder causing more complete combustion and supposedly cleaner tail pipe numbers. Small engines really don't need any more octane with a compression ratios in the 7 to 8:1 range. At only 10% ethanol its octane boosting isn't much. 100% ethanol is about equal to an octane number of 108. So in A 10% level in gasoline doesn't add very much. people have the mistaken idea that higher octane gasoline automatically adds more power if you put it in your tank. This is only true if your engine pings on regular. Ignition timing also needs to be optimized after increasing the octane number on vehicles that don't have ECM controlled ignition curves. Regular gasoline at about 85 octane actually burns faster than higher octane fuels in the 92 number range. If your vehicle doesnt need premium fuel then your wasting money on it.

  • Philip Royd
    Philip Royd   1 weeks ago

    If anyone looking for a non-ethanol gas station in their travels, use as your map to the nearest gas station. It has saved me many times in my travels in my car when I want E0 fuel.

    4TIMESAYEAR   1 weeks ago

    I will never put Ethanol in my car, mower, or snow blower.

  • SouthernEagle
    SouthernEagle   1 weeks ago

    I use ethanol-free fuel in all of my small engines regardless of what the manufacturer recommends. I run ethanol-free fuel in my classic vehicle engines. I do run ethanol fuel in my modern passenger vehicles. I look forward to Electric Vehicles...the midwestern corn farmers and their lobbyists can go suck an egg.