Is Non-Ethanol Gasoline Really Better? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 21 January 2019
  • Is non-ethanol gasoline really better for fuel efficiency? What about carbon buildup? In this video I use a generator with electronic fuel injection to measure fuel efficiency, an engine with a see-through cylinder head to observe the combustion process, and an additional small engine to measure carbon buildup. Hope you enjoy the video! I enjoy reading your comments. So, please let me know what you thought of this video, and I look forward to your future video ideas! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 9:4
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  • Clarence Smith
    Clarence Smith   3 hours ago

    Personal experience here. I had a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 sport with a 5.2l v-8 and with non-ethanol gas in town I would get 12mpg with ethanol gas it would drop to 8mpg.

  • Glenn S
    Glenn S   16 hours ago

    Ethanol will freeze? Bad if a tractor is outside...I have a 2007 Toyota Avalon V6 I travel for work, when i put non ethanol fuel in i get better mileage, but cost difference between 100% gas vs 10% ethanol doesn't make that much difference plus it's getting harder to find 100% gas. I do run 100% gas in all my yard equipment and tractor....that's my 2cents.

  • NebukedNezzer
    NebukedNezzer   1 days ago

    if you used "Top tier" ethanol fuel it should keep the engine cleaner than fuel that is not top tier.

  • arborcidal maniac
    arborcidal maniac   1 days ago

    I got a video suggestion how bout testing klotz r50 vs amsoil dominator vs cerma 2cycle oil LMAO!

  • Darin Preston
    Darin Preston   1 days ago

    The only good thing about Ethanol is that it is produced here in the USA. We SHOULD be using our own oil too....

  • lucas goldner
    lucas goldner   1 days ago

    here in Brazil the gasoline when it is not adulterated has 27% ethanol

  • george curtis
    george curtis   2 days ago

    The only test i ever did is go on a short tour on my motorcycle. Calif to nevada. Non alcohol gas from nevada made my bike run better and gave me more mileage. All i needed to know. So alcohol gas gives you possibly cleaner exhaust, debateable, but causes one to use more gas to go x distance. Not a great trade off.

  • Troy eager
    Troy eager   2 days ago

    Blue flame is hotter and cleaner than yellow.

  • Phi
    Phi   2 days ago

    Well, you could feed people with the same ground.

  • FTLAUD 911
    FTLAUD 911   2 days ago

    Will take non ethanol fuel everyday over ethanol. I have seen the fuel seperate if not used within a few months. Regular gas while not great will last around 6 months. I had a new Honda mower carb get gunked up in 2 months running ethanol. Switched to non ethanol and have not had an issue since. I have access to non ethanol so I use it. It is more expensive than premium, but worth it to me. I also use stabilizers as well since its additional cheap insurance. Great review!!! Thank you for doing amazing comparisions.

  • AC Mike
    AC Mike   2 days ago

    For the last 2 years now, I have been using 89 octane non ethanol gas in a Simplicity w/ Briggs V twin, John Deere w/ Briggs V Twin, Husqvarna w/ Kohler V Twin. Between the 3 mowers, we mow approximately 5 1/2 acres every 1 - 2 weeks. I use synthetic multi grade oil in all 3. They all run longer on a fill up, but most importantly, I find they do run cooler. I feel it is because there is more energy in the non ethanol gas, so a engine produces its full power, which means it doesn't work as hard to perform the same job. I live in northern Indiana, during the summer it is very common to have 90+ temps in the afternoon. These mowers all used to run on (dieseling) when I shut them down from idle speed using gas with 10% ethanol. Switching to the non ethanol gas stopped that without doing anything else to these engines. Also, I always fill gas tanks completely full for winter storage, and in the spring they all start right up first try. Even with the added cost, I'm convinced non ethanol in all small engines is the only way to go.

  • Bert Birge
    Bert Birge   2 days ago

    It's a very bad thing!!! Spent a lot of money getting my truck fixed because of this crap!!

  • Joe De Jesus
    Joe De Jesus   2 days ago

    For any test of any product, go to "Project Farm" their the UL {Underwriters Laboratory} label on You Tube.

  • Michael Mathews
    Michael Mathews   2 days ago

    Well i know you said you couldn't recamend that genarator, but that thing ran as smooth as ANY engine (genarator) that ive ever had. Including Honda's.

  • jp
    jp   2 days ago

    Ethanol is ethyl alcohol, it's in every alcoholic drink. If you are sure that ethanol is doing serious damage you had better cease drinking NOW. Back in the good old days with tetra ethyl lead alcohol was added to fuel to further increase it's octain rating for use when racing motorbikes and cars. It allowed the use of considerably higher compression ratios. I have been drinking ethyl alcohol for over half a century and I can assure you my fuel lines are in perfect working order - unless I add a strong vindaloo curry of course which tends to foul up the exhaust port. The reason the added water/ alcohol mix did not reach the line was because alcohol has molecules so small they fit between water molicules.

  • William Ambrogio
    William Ambrogio   2 days ago

    Over the past 8 years my Ford f 250, 390 ci V8 with 2 barrel Autolite carburetor has been rebuild 3 times only because after about 1-1/2 years plus, it started leaking around the accelerator pump and the spark valve, I held them bothe up to the sun light and they bothe were perforated with tiny holes, all 3 times !!! So I was talking to a gasoline tanker driver and he said that in California all gasoline is at least 10% ethanol unless you get it at an airport, as the FAA will not allow ethanol in their gasoline. It eats away the rubber. So far I have call two carburetor rebuild kit companies and they Don't make ethanol resistant carb kits ??

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf   3 days ago

    non-ethanol is the only beverage my 40 year old truck can swallow

  • Nuancolar
    Nuancolar   3 days ago

    To summarize: Non-ethanol is not preferred because it is "better" or more fuel efficient. The reason gas stations offer a pump with non-ethanol gas is so consumers can avoid the small engine issues caused by the ethanol content in conventional gasolines. If you put any kind of ethanol blended gas in your mowers, gas-powered blowers, trimmers, chainsaws or anything else with a small engine, you're probably going to have trouble. So non-ethanol gas is not favored because it is better or that it gives you something more, but rather that fact that it gives you something less - something you don't want.

  • Worawat Li
    Worawat Li   5 days ago

    You can't escape 10% ethanol fuel in my country. Every gas station has them, and are subsidised by the government, so it is cheaper than pure gasoline. I think it's the same as 100% gasoline, it also depend on your engine. Mine has a bit worsen fuel economy on ethanol fuel, but because it is cheaper per litre, I have no reason to use pure gasoline.

  • Michael Speakman
    Michael Speakman   5 days ago

    It doesn't matter what kind of fuel it is. They can add octane. All plants manufacture the same gasoline the additive packages is added on later. When the trucks are being filled

  • Michael Speakman
    Michael Speakman   5 days ago

    I noticed that rubber and gaskets dr in out terribly. With ethanol. Rubber in Weed Eaters dry out. The new carburetor cleaners cannot be used on any rubber. It will swell. But I've been using non ethanol fuel. I haven't had hardly any problems with my weed eaters. My chainsaw runs good with it. And you can sit for 6 months. And start right up. And they tell me that the ethanol turns into sugar. Because it is grain alcohol. Yep that's why there's so many diabetics in the world

  • Basik Vids
    Basik Vids   5 days ago

    My direct injection infiniti has been running better and avoided all the common carbon build up issues related to direct injection and ethanol. I have been running non ethanol gas for several years and can't figure out why the warning at the pump?

  • Corporeal Undead
    Corporeal Undead   6 days ago

    20 parts water and 10 parts ethanol will equal 29 parts because the alcohol molecules slip in between the spaces around water molecules so that the total volume is reduced

  • Jonathan Nance
    Jonathan Nance   1 weeks ago

    Another great video! I am lucky, one of the gas stations in town carries non- ethanol in 87 and 93 octane. I treat the Jeep to a tank full from time to time and i do notice a little better gas mileage. My usual gas station is Costco.

  • D Lamar Sobotor
    D Lamar Sobotor   1 weeks ago

    Might be great for Nebraska's farm industry. Just a costly useless PITA here on the east coast.

  • Nikolaos Vitoroulis
    Nikolaos Vitoroulis   1 weeks ago

    Not entirely actuate on the method for measuring content. Ethanol does not have the same density as water so measuring it volumetrically to be 10ml isn't right. Side note is it 10% by volume or mass?

  • Hugh Pendergrass
    Hugh Pendergrass   1 weeks ago

    Non ethanol gas ruined the hoses (decomposed) on my Blower. Vendor says use non ethanol only. Besides, do you really think anything the government does is really best practice? I don't.

  • Bruda Miranda
    Bruda Miranda   1 weeks ago

    Not sure if you have tested. OSB ply wood vs wet then dried OSB, SHER strength. Just testing strength of wet osb. Thanks

  • tywentarmy
    tywentarmy   1 weeks ago

    I would like to know "Trufuel" is better than regular gasoline.

  • Deutz Allis
    Deutz Allis   1 weeks ago

    Don't forget the cancer you get from oil companies oxygen enhancer, forget the name of it!

  • Deutz Allis
    Deutz Allis   1 weeks ago

    Too bad farmers came to the rescue building ethanol plants when fuel went sky high, you citiots should've been paying $20 a gallon for gas instead. Henry Ford used 100% alcohol to run his 1st cars. The crud you get letting tank sit for awhile comes from crude oil they mix with ethanol because it's a superior product, test that once. Try testing 100% alcohol and report that.

  • Mark Baker
    Mark Baker   1 weeks ago

    No it is bad on the human heart and air. Making America get cancer.

  • Paul Standaert
    Paul Standaert   1 weeks ago

    I am not sure where to submit more video ideas, but what about doing a video on whether or not a burning cigarette can ignite gasoline. I was unsuccessful in my attempts. Nobody believes me when I say that you can drop a lit cigarette in a puddle of gasoline and nothing happens.TIP: Use a vacuum cleaner or something similar to suck in the cigarette. And vent it outside.

  • Brent Wegher
    Brent Wegher   1 weeks ago

    Combustion energy density in MegaJoules per kilogramGasoline (petrol) = 46.4 MJ/kgGasohol (E10) = 43.5 MJ/kgA tank of E10 will have 43.5/46.4 (or 6.7 percent) less energy than pure fuel.That does not mean that a vehicle will lose 6.7 percent in MPG. Modern vehicles have computers that can sense the fuel and make small adjustments in spark timing and other engine controls to partially compensate for fuel energy. Another engine with higher compression ratio might tolerate and adapt differently, depending on driving conditions. Ethanol tends to work better in engines with higher compression ratios.Basically, E10 is the same as adding a few percent water to your tank. Pure ethanol has about 30 MJ/kg combustion energy. E10 also will suck humidity out of the air and becomes "more water" with time.