ATF as an Engine Oil substitute? Let's see what happens!

  • Published on: 02 April 2018
  • WIll automatic transmission fluid (ATF) work as a replacement for engine oil in the crankcase? Does ATF as good or better than engine oil? Does it "clean" sludge better than engine oil? Let's find out! Thanks for supporting the channel:
  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • rick nelson
    rick nelson   7 hours ago

    Interesting that the rpm is the same, of course it would be as it is controlled by the governor. Duh

  • matthew j
    matthew j   2 days ago

    would 80-w90 gear oil work as engine oil or would it be too viscous to properly lubricate the internal mechanics of an engine

    FIZZY VIEW   3 days ago

    please mix atf+dot5 as engine oil and hybrid fuel...

  • pete smyth
    pete smyth   3 days ago

    Back when engine oil was crap and didn't include detergents,tricks like using ATF to prevent sludge was a good,with the high quality oils available,there is no need to be messing around with adding extra's to engine oil - if you buy a sludged up heap,then use old school methods like ATF to clean out sludge,but be aware that the thinned sludge moving through the engine can get into fine oil galleries and could block them..not good.

  • Hani Omara
    Hani Omara   4 days ago

    Why did the compression go up after the test?

  • scooter Dave
    scooter Dave   4 days ago

    I had a 68 Mustang 6 cyl 200 I had to put a new head gasket on. it had a water leak, and I ran it till it would not run no more . all the paint was gone. without letting it cool down. I put cold water in it . it sounded like a Chernobyl disaster and looked like one too! the lifters were dead stuck. I tried that, but they were dead Jim, dead. I had to try to tighten the rockers while the engine was running to get them to seat . it was the most abused car in the world, but sure learned a lot.

  • CMD Air Systems
    CMD Air Systems   1 weeks ago

    Back in the day of Isuzu rodeos, I had a 97 Honda Passport with the v6 that made the loud lifter/rocker erm noise. I was advised to put a zero weight oil in and a quart of auto trans fluid, run it at least a couple hundred miles, then change it out. I will say, it actually DID quiet the noise down a large amount. Love the videos

  • BiffBallbag
    BiffBallbag   1 weeks ago

    Curious to see how this would work on a wet clutch motorcycle engine

  • Alarm Man
    Alarm Man   1 weeks ago

    many years ago I picked up a 78 Camaro with a 305 in it that had a bad lifer issue.  I had to remove the intake to clean the gunk away from the lifters and the drain back holes.  after doing this I did a oil and trans mix to clean the engine out.  I did this 3 times in a row with amazing results.  the compression returned and the knock went away.  the engine had about 200.000 km on it.  I drove that car for 2 years without any issues and gave it to a friend who used the engine for a demolition car and won.  I would highly recommend this treatment for cleaning.  I have been taught to clean gently and slowly or the engine will fall apart inside.  What's  your opinion?Your Show is awesome ... thanks for taking the time to do teaching us what you know and learnGod Bless

  • Rampage4reel
    Rampage4reel   1 weeks ago


  • Dale Hall
    Dale Hall   1 weeks ago

    Awesome and helpful . Your videos are very interesting

  • Lude Boukema
    Lude Boukema   1 weeks ago

    try some castor oil in the gas for cooling and more compression ? you need a lot of it to overcome carbon built up in a tweestroke i know and its about themp.. if you put enouf in it and youu keep the mixture rich there is no carbon ...waht do you say about my vision ?

  • Malachi Hart
    Malachi Hart   1 weeks ago

    Power steering fluid? Would expect results to be similar being that many power steering pump can also take atf

  • Rileymanification
    Rileymanification   1 weeks ago

    I did some in depth research a couple years ago, and I found out that ATF is nothing more than 20-30wt hydraulic oil, and according to API, that's all that it's required to be.

  • Herbert Norkus
    Herbert Norkus   1 weeks ago

    They say in ww2 on the eastern front, to keep engines from freezing up by gummed frozen oil, youd mix gas in the oil....when the engine heated up, it evaporated.

  • S. Stewart
    S. Stewart   1 weeks ago

    Good quality plastic-cammed engines...

  • Leighton Samms
    Leighton Samms   1 weeks ago

    I see this was some time back, but I knew someone whom had a ‘smoker’, so someone said fill it with ATF, sure as hell, smoking stopped, and was able to pass his NJ INSPECTION OK, BUT he then went Bach to regular oil, and smoking. Cheers from NJ🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • TT C
    TT C   1 weeks ago

    I wouldn't fill it with ATF. Just a partial, say 20% atf for cleaning

  • Bob Bowie
    Bob Bowie   1 weeks ago

    ATF pumps up the seals. It is absolutely great for older engines- but just use a few ounces.

  • AppleMichaelAppleNancy Kooosh

    ATF fluid was used twice in my gen 3 Prius and it did a good job cleaning the engine but also caused the crank seal to deteriorate and allow engine oil to leak.

  • digisol100
    digisol100   2 weeks ago

    ATF has been used for years, especially in 2 stroke racing motorbikes with wet clutches, as the oil is shared with the gearbox and clutch, obvipously it works well as the bikes I had were 300 kph racers, never had any gear or clutch problems, main reason to use atf is to get a lower viscosity for clutch operation at High speed, many oils have friction modifyers in them, this makes wet clutces slip.

  • David
    David   2 weeks ago

    Plastic camshaft and gears= designed to fail

  • Shane Des
    Shane Des   2 weeks ago

    remember u are to add atf too oil not to run it streight try a 50 / 50 test to give the atf a fair shot if u were to add another cleaner they would have u run it with oil not streight please give ot a try i think your results will be better

  • Shane Des
    Shane Des   2 weeks ago

    ATF is really only used in engines with high mileage to get rid of the sludge free up the lifters but I would absolutely recommend it before anything else

  • Bobby Dodge
    Bobby Dodge   2 weeks ago

    Hey Project farm, long time viewer. Love seeing all the wild tests you do in your shop. Looks like a lot of fun. Just wanna say keep having fun and doing what you do. Keep up the excellent and knowledgeable videos.

  • Evan Canter
    Evan Canter   2 weeks ago

    Now you should do atf vs marble mystery oil!

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40   2 weeks ago

    I wonder if this will be good mixed with oil during break in on rebuild?

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40   2 weeks ago

    Ive used a little right before oil change.

  • logix7
    logix7   2 weeks ago

    @ 7:18 ... truck nuts casting die??

  • Real world mechanic
    Real world mechanic   2 weeks ago

    I use a half a qt. Per 5gts. Of oil in my Chrysler town and Country. And it clean as a whistle. Just don't fill your engine with it. That would be stupid.

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL   2 weeks ago

    You should do a video with Soft Scrub cleaner as a lubricant. This is obviously not going to come out well, since Soft Scrub uses an abrasive matrix in order to clean, but I would be interested in seeing just how long an engine can last with this in the sump. I bet it would take 10 minutes for it to destroy compression and shut the engine off.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold   2 weeks ago

    I started substituting one quart of motor oil with automatic transmission fluid when my vehicle got to 200,000 miles. I now have 403,000 miles on the engine. The automatic transmission fluid substitution quiets down the infamous AMC 242ci I6 engine rattle. I use four quarts motor oil and one quart automatic transmission fluid. I do not know if it is destroying anything or not but it restored compression back up to levels when the engine was just a baby.

  • Justin Chey Hubb
    Justin Chey Hubb   2 weeks ago

    You should heat the oil to running temp befor the lubrisity test