I am sorry.

  • Published on: 29 June 2020
  • Runtime : 2:23
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  • Dr. Kimberly Wilson
    Dr. Kimberly Wilson   28 minuts ago

    What’s going on with society today Jenna now Liza those are both legendary you tubers and they both don’t deserve this. I’m so done why can’t people just say that is in the past. It’s a joke and it’s not racisit it’s just a joke and George Floyd died because of a racist cop that does not give a crap about African Americans. Personally I do not like calling the black people because where all the same. Thank you

  • Yousful
    Yousful   43 minuts ago

    Liza - We love you and support you. Thanks for being so nice and open with us.

  • skylerelax
    skylerelax   1 hours ago

    You are a woman of color with a net worth of $6M I think it is safe to say there is no systematic racism you pansy

  • Chloe Hayes
    Chloe Hayes   2 hours ago

    Liza please say this is one of your jokes please 😢😢😢❤❤❤

  • Millie White
    Millie White   2 hours ago

    when did jokes that are intended to make others happy and brighten their mood become racist? if it’s a harmless joke that is obviously not putting down any other cultures or religions or races, etc. i dont see why people get so upset. people joke whites for being basic, but we know there is no real harm behind the jokes. i understand that african americans are a minority and it’s different, but i’ve never once thought that any jokes on white people were harmful unless they were delivered with malicious intent

  • Pepper Dragon
    Pepper Dragon   3 hours ago

    the titel made me scared plus i dont want her to leave so please dont leave.

  • xoof89
    xoof89   3 hours ago

    Using fake Chinese language and dialect and thinking that how Japanese, Philippino, or Hawaiian native sound like is considered disrespectful and offensive. Not all to all Asian speak the same language, dialect, tone, or accent. How she thought it was okay and let David get away with it is beyond me. Come on Liza your better then that. Think before you say or do because there are consequences for ya action. Hope ya learn ya lesson and don't ever do anything like that again.

  • Devika Kapoor
    Devika Kapoor   3 hours ago

    u know what I am Asian and I am NOT offended by it and I wanna say that Japanese candy bit was one of my fav videos of David and liza And we all know it was all fun and NEVER intended to hurt anyone

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig   4 hours ago

    take it easy on her cause lizza has doen nothing but be bundle of joy okay. I'm not standing with racism but we have to learn to forgive and forget

  • Arlind Keputa
    Arlind Keputa   4 hours ago

    Apology videos are a trend now? You dont even make videos

  • Ruhaan Arora
    Ruhaan Arora   5 hours ago

    Can anybody write that in short because threes is no way I’m reading the whole thingWhat is it abt ?

  • Enigma Hominen
    Enigma Hominen   5 hours ago

    Am sorry i just found this awesome girl on the internet watched couple of her videos and loved the way she speaks and her comedy ..I found out she had a boyfriend watched all her and her boyfriend silly cute videos and then learnt they broke up in the comment sections...And now i see this video of her apologizing...Can someone please tell me WTF IS GOING ON !?!?

  • BiaBee
    BiaBee   5 hours ago

    so you can't even speak? so you cant EVEN SPEAK? Come on Liza I used to stan you but as a member of the asian community (Filipino) I'm still quite offended and the fact that you didn't even say anything or show your face but just put a typed out apology is unacceptable. I still love your videos and will find them funny but you know all things come to an end ig.

  • ObieWan ComeBlowMe
    ObieWan ComeBlowMe   5 hours ago

    I'm genuinely scared for the future, no ones gonna be able to make jokes without snowflakes coming after people.

  • V Pham
    V Pham   6 hours ago

    Maybe u should add elevator music .-.

  • Joshua Bokonga
    Joshua Bokonga   7 hours ago

    On top u go no read for usBut great job for saying sorry

  • heston farnsworth
    heston farnsworth   8 hours ago

    Guys. Liza is a person of color, so there for she can make jokes and have them not be racist. She is a wonderful person and would not hurt feelings for fun. So what im trying to say is, "GROW UP"

  • one is one
    one is one   8 hours ago

    I’m glad she’s leaving YouTube she deserves it!!!

  • Brooke Hatfield
    Brooke Hatfield   9 hours ago

    I'M curious to why the video was only one page when it says in the corner 1 of 3

  • Hope Nyariro
    Hope Nyariro   9 hours ago

    Is she leaving YouTube I hope knot case I started whaching her at age 5 plz do knot go

  • sabella meowz
    sabella meowz   9 hours ago

    is it just me or do ya'll LOVE liza so much and Liza, we just want to let you know. we love you and support you and you take ALL the time you need bc will still ill love, and support you still. it doesn't matter you feel that way we still feel the same. because you are a smart NOT IGNORANT woman. you are trying your best and we love you for it <3 <3 <3 ( even though you will prob never see this but if you do i love you so much. lol you WONT see this )

  • Dinora Olvera
    Dinora Olvera   9 hours ago

    why cant everyone be like liza ,cause no harm ,trouble,drama,and just say sorry without being told

  • Nancy Loera
    Nancy Loera   9 hours ago

    There’s been like a lot of apology videos from creators lately. 🤔

  • Johaneli Granados
    Johaneli Granados   9 hours ago

    I just want my Liza back .I want my sweet old happy funny Liza back .the Liza that would always put a smile on my face very time she posted .I don't no what happed but I JUST MY OLD LIZA😔😔😞😞😭😭😭😭😭

  • P&J's VLOG
    P&J's VLOG   9 hours ago

    Pls don't leave youtube PLSSS LIZA

  • Aya Rozo
    Aya Rozo   9 hours ago

    this is so dumb. i understand that with today’s day and age people are speaking out against racism but that’s TODAY NOWADAYS. you can’t punish someone for the person they used to be like jenna and some of these other you tubers, maybe if they were currently doing these things but they aren’t. and lizas content was never offensive and for someone to get hurt by that is just one person being sensitive to a subject. ofc nowadays we have trigger warnings for people who do take offense to things like that but we shouldn’t have to sensor things from the past because of peoples sensitivity now. if you don’t like those kinds of things and are triggered by them DO NOT WATCH THEM. it’s like someone talking about depression, if that kind of thing triggers and offends you just don’t watch because clearly it’s not meant for you and we shouldn’t cancel creators because of individuals who don’t like certain things about their content

  • Ma Christina Cruz
    Ma Christina Cruz   10 hours ago

    Ugh 2020 is the worst some people are qutting youtube wicth i dontlike i hate 2020

  • Savana Olivo
    Savana Olivo   10 hours ago

    i respect liza a lot for making an actual apology and not fake crying while shes begs people to pity her, she also apologized without being cancelled or called out on the subject. she was accountable for her actions and she was aware that they were wrong before anyone had to tell her they were, and i look up to her for that.

  • jimmy
    jimmy   10 hours ago

    idk whose apology is worse. this one or david’s where he only “apologized” in a two minute section of his podcast that doesn’t get nearly as many views as his youtube vids and didn’t even mention that he was apologizing in the title 😒