Comedians VS Comedians Feuds and Insults

  • Published on: 15 January 2017
  • A compilation of the very best comedy rivalries and feuds which gave us the funniest insults and wittiest comebacks.

    Featured Comics:

    Sam Kinison VS Andrew Dice Clay
    Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Kinison had a major public feud during the late 80s and early 90s. They were the two biggest comedians at the time with similar acts that featured vulgarity and profanity. However, Kinison accused Dice of stealing his jokes.

    Louis CK VS Denis Leary
    "Asshole" is a song by comedian Denis Leary from his album No Cure for Cancer. In an appearance on The Opie and Anthony Show, Louis CK claimed that Leary stole his routine and turned into a hit song. Leary later disputed the claim, asserting that he co-wrote the song with Chris Phillips.

    Eddie Murphy VS Bill Cosby
    Eddie Murphy Raw is a 1987 stand-up comedy special, during which Murphy recounted a phone call from Bill Cosby chastising him for using profanity on stage. The bit became the centerpiece of the hugely successful film. Cosby responded by calling Murphy a liar even though he didn’t deny the phone call.

    Richard Pryor VS Chevy Chase
    In 1977, Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase both went on the Tonight Show to plug their respective TV specials, airing back-to-back on NBC the following night.

    NBC’s excitement and the public’s anticipation over Pryor’s looming special were unprecedented. During the interview, Chase’s interruptive taunts from the sidelines irritated Pryor to the point of delivering the memorable blow, “I don’t like Chase."

    Russell Brand VS Chelsea Handler
    It’s safe to say Russell Brand & Chelsea Handler share a mutual dislike of one other. Brand’s 2009 guest appearance on Chelsea Lately ignited a hilarious passive aggressive war of insults and comebacks.

    Dave Chappelle VS Key and Peele
    Since returning from his hiatus, Dave Chappelle has taken a series of shots at the stars of Comedy Central sketch comedy show, Key and Peele, most recently at the Roots Picnic Festival in 2016.

    He reportedly said about Key & Peele: “Put some respect on my name. Y'all don't know what I've been through, watching Key & Peele do my show the last five fucking years.”

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  • Dave Decker
    Dave Decker   13 hours ago

    "I quit smoking just to see if Leary would too" Bill Hicks

  • Brave Diomedes
    Brave Diomedes   1 days ago

    A good video without unnecessary, uninteresting commentary. Nice job.

  • Eric Staples
    Eric Staples   1 days ago

    I can't believe the comments are full of people who took these feuds seriously.

  • usernamedkjah
    usernamedkjah   2 days ago

    No, Dave Chappelle, Carlos mencia was doing your show that's kind of his thing doing someone else's material Key & Peele are much better than the Chappelle show.And it's not your show when you run away from it. And let's be honest the best season was when Charlie Murphy and Donell Rawlings hosted.

  • This is the Beginning

    Chevy Chase was pandering to White America...Period. He wasnt even funny or original. But was jealous of Pryor and Murphy. His true persona came through, passive aggressive, spiteful and jealous. Chase would have never said or acted like that towards a White person, and esp, a Jew.

  • Kai Laine
    Kai Laine   3 days ago

    Chelsea vs Russel reminded me of Churchill vs. Lady Astor XD“If I were your wife, I’d put poison in your tea!”“Madame, if I were your husband, I’d drink it!”

  • Spermario64
    Spermario64   3 days ago

    Chevy Chase is a prick always has been and I never liked him

  • Fred Pogue
    Fred Pogue   4 days ago

    You can clearly see that Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor were good friends

  • Stelio Kontos
    Stelio Kontos   5 days ago

    Chelsea Handler reminds me of the mother of that girl you went to high school with. And even though she was married, she tried to fuck all her daughters boyfriends. She became more of a punchline then of a mother. Not even her family liked her.

  • Nerdy punk
    Nerdy punk   5 days ago

    Daily show is bad now because of the host no other reason.

  • calibomber209
    calibomber209   5 days ago

    Chevy Vs Pryor was just a who could do more coke grudge

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man   6 days ago

    Do not fuck with Richard Pryor

  • Tad Watkins
    Tad Watkins   1 weeks ago

    Can’t stand Chelsea, she’s just like Kathy Griffith, just makes fun of people while not being able to take it

  • LiberalsAreWorthless
    LiberalsAreWorthless   1 weeks ago

    I remember when both Clay and Kinison were at the top of the comedy game, but I don't remember Clay's routine sounding like Kinison's....and I don't think Chevy Chase was really jealous of Pryor, who was a dude bangin other dudes while high on crack, but who knows, maybe he was 🤷🏻‍♂️.....

  • morgan disabato
    morgan disabato   1 weeks ago

    sam kinison was not funny and he was a loud fat retard, glad he's dead, it quieter here on earth now

  • Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
    Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS   1 weeks ago

    Chelsea and Russel... yeah, never really thought either one was comedian funny.. Brands a smart guy, but NOT a comedian... and Chelsea... she’s just a dumb slit.

  • Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
    Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS   1 weeks ago

    And is ANYONE really that surprised about Chevy being a douche nugget? As dirty as Pryor was, he was always a nice guy.

  • Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
    Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS   1 weeks ago

    Difference between Dice and Sam Kinneson was all the coke Sam was doing ...

  • Vinny Angell
    Vinny Angell   1 weeks ago

    Chase calls Pryor's son a hooker? what a piece of shit!!!

  • Max Sucks
    Max Sucks   1 weeks ago

    K&P are both only half black so a lot of their comedy is about black identity and how it is pushed on them, from the "Soul Food" skit to "Negro Town" a lot of their stuff is a critique on what it means to be black in America while Chappelle talked more about racial divide between us and how people perceive black people. As mixed people K&P's comedy can be summed up to "What does it mean to be black?" and Chappelle's comedy can be summed up to "this is what it's like to be black". Theirs a clear differance between the two because since K&P are mixed they're entire lives have been shaped by a feeling of not being black enough. Dave Chappelle's accusing them of steeling his bit is stupid because their bit isnt about being black it's about being mixed. Early on K&P's first bits were about a feeling of needing to play up their blackness for others which is something chappelle never would feel the need to do because Dave isnt mixed. That's the difference. "I'm black and this is what it's like" vs "Am I black and if so what does that mean?"

  • Max Sucks
    Max Sucks   1 weeks ago

    I think Dave Chappelle attacking Key and Peele just shows how petty and jelly he is. He's my favorite comedian of all time, I re-watch his stuff all the time, but I have noticed he's bitter about other people getting bigger than him. He does the same thing with Kevin Hart. K&P dont deserve the hate at all since their writing is WAY different from chappelle, yes theirs a lot of racial commentary their but their punch lines are abserdist comedy, for example: The "I Said Bitch" bit ends with them literally in space. What makes K&P great is how they take a concept and push it to absurdity which isnt what Chappelle does, Chappelle makes caricatures of social issues, for example: Rick James is made into a basically a cartoon character. Theirs a key difference in their approach to writing. Chappelle does caricatures while key and peele do absurdity. If we're gonna call them a knock off because they do sketches with racial issues well than black comedians can never do a skit show ever and we can accuse him of just ripping off In Living Color. Their minority comedians, majority of minorities have a thing to say about social issues in America. Women talk about being a women, jews talk about being a jew, indians talk about being indian, luic ck taks about being a bald ginger, a comedians job is to show you how they see the world so of course black comedians are gonna talk about black issues.I LOVE Dave so much but him quitting his show (by HIS choice) has made him just bitter and he now often talks about how his life is just now him trying to recover from his fall and how he's mad when he sees other comedians reach his level of success. The man chose integrity over fame and now he's mad he's not at the top. Sorry Dave but YOU CHOSE integrity, stop getting mad at other people for being famous.

  • B Free98
    B Free98   1 weeks ago

    Jelly pudding eatin muh fuka

  • Robert Crittenden
    Robert Crittenden   1 weeks ago

    Bwhahahaha if I had rubber gloves I'd do it for you 😂🤣😂🤣 LMAO

  • Gene jordan
    Gene jordan   2 weeks ago

    why is the end music 10x louder than the rest of the video?

    HAIRPLAY1980 JONES   2 weeks ago

    The Richard Pryor and chase one had racism all over it. Listen to wordings and watch chase wipe his hand and lap where pryor touched

  • Ooni Oomphs
    Ooni Oomphs   2 weeks ago

    Louis CK is pro pedophilia and I am glad his career is ruined. RIP loser!

    T THORN   2 weeks ago

    Never thought Chevy was funny.

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo   2 weeks ago

    Louis should just be glad Leary only stole his closer & didnt steal his entire act like he did Bill Hicks.

  • Shane Young
    Shane Young   2 weeks ago

    So cheesy. And the movie sucked. Where are they now file.

  • Shane Young
    Shane Young   2 weeks ago

    ADC, what a joke. He wasn't funny then!

  • abi dabi
    abi dabi   3 weeks ago

    Slapper: "You're a sex addict is that right?" Russel: "I don't know if it's right, but it's fun!"

  • Stop the BS
    Stop the BS   3 weeks ago

    For all you guys taking sides both Chase and Pryor were complete fucking pricks!! If you know enough about them and their history and you have the capability to think objectively than you will see that. If you actually think one is much better than the other when it comes to being a awesome example of a human being than you're treating this like rooting for your favorite sports team. Don't believe me? Bet you do the same thing with your politics.

  • Evil Twin
    Evil Twin   3 weeks ago

    Brand VS Handler isn't even a competition.You've essentially got a Marine VS a girl scout.Brand is cerebral - educationally well versed and articulate in conversation.

  • Mr. Observant
    Mr. Observant   3 weeks ago

    5:32 I can just imagine Bill Cosby having a chat with his date, telling her about how "Dirty" Eddie Murphy's show is... as he hands her another of his special freshly-stirred rum and cokes.

  • Jennifer Power
    Jennifer Power   4 weeks ago

    "Madame,if I had rubber gloves I'd do it for you" Lol!..Burn baby burn!!.😎 I love Russell..😘

  • Jordan Aconito
    Jordan Aconito   1 months ago

    Sam kinison was fucking useless, just yelling isn't funny, Andrew Dice clay had charisma and a good rhythm. Sam kinison just yelled and was never funny, not every death is a tragedy

  • Trev Moran
    Trev Moran   1 months ago

    It's crazy how Chevy has managed to be despised by talent greater than himself for so many generations, yet still get work! I'm assuming his genius lies in simultaneous anal-play and shaft magic.