2019 Playoffs NFL Mini Movie: From the Titans Improbable Run to Mahomes Magic!

  • Published on: 10 February 2020
  • 2019 Playoffs NFL Mini Movie

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  • Runtime : 21:3
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  • Jose J
    Jose J   3 hours ago

    i care about the half time super bowl because of Shakira

  • Rektalof Blades
    Rektalof Blades   7 hours ago

    Mahomes is gonna dominate the AFC for he next five years. All the competition is leaving. Watson is really good but his team has left him to die on the side of the road. Brady is gone and no other team has a player like Mahomes. We’re looking at the new dynasty

  • Chambzilla 7154
    Chambzilla 7154   1 days ago

    The Titans are so stupid I want to take a poop on him I meant crap🤮

  • Alex G
    Alex G   2 days ago

    Super bowl 55 is gonna be Baltimore vs Cheifs orTitans vs Cheifs

  • Sports Channel
    Sports Channel   2 days ago

    Where was Michael Thomas in the Vikings vs Saints game Nice super Bowl win Chiefs vs 49ers

  • Gold Thunder8889
    Gold Thunder8889   3 days ago

    Packers win so confident to beat the 49ers after the game Aaron Rodgers my life is over now

  • James Ross
    James Ross   3 days ago

    The tomohak chop at 10:09 just sent chills down my spine.

  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis   3 days ago

    Mahomes is so hard to hate, he's so good and so fun-loving. the only way to hate him is if your a 49ers fan

  • Rollie Mc Splat
    Rollie Mc Splat   4 days ago

    Eagles final score that night was 9... just the player who we needed most

    GC ISOAWA   4 days ago

    I watch these year after year and am never one bit disappointed. Beautiful editing. This one was a good one!

  • Daniel Riddick
    Daniel Riddick   4 days ago

    Don't make me bring up Mahomes Accolades in his 3years in the NFL. First year: SatSecond year: Motivated Third year: Accomplished Fourth year: Stay tuned 😉

  • Daniel Riddick
    Daniel Riddick   4 days ago

    For my Chiefs:They said the texans were gonna beat us, they tried so hard to convince people Watson is on Mahomes level.NEXT!They said the titans couldn't be stopped, they said the titans were a different breed compared to the texans, they said we couldn't stop they run game.NEXT!They said the niners were gonna run all over us, they said defense wins championships, they said, the niners style of running was a different beast compared to the titans.🤐🤐🤐🤐💯CricketsMost of ya look better with your mouths closed.

  • Mr. Mcringle
    Mr. Mcringle   6 days ago

    Super Bowl was rigged, nothing will change my mind

  • NFL Moments
    NFL Moments   6 days ago

    I still can’t get over how the 49rs gave up their 10 point lead

    JAMES DO   6 days ago

    I still cant believe it, we won the Superbowl in my lifetime, our future is now looking strong after more than 4 decades of waiting and pain for me, we have arrived in the promised land, welcome to the Chiefs Kingdom!!

  • Danny Bailey
    Danny Bailey   6 days ago

    Do the SF announcers sound like that all the time? Sheesh that would be annoying to listen to

  • Danny Bailey
    Danny Bailey   6 days ago

    Houston should have gone home in the wild card, but the Bills D doesn't know how to wrap the hell up. So soft

  • Friday Geeks
    Friday Geeks   1 weeks ago

    Andy Reid says to Tyrann Matheiu go pump up the boys then it works 21 unawnsered points

  • Lariska Pargitay
    Lariska Pargitay   1 weeks ago

    I watched the Texans/Chiefs game and I was SO pissed, like I wanted to turn the game off, I was about to cry like ‘there goes our playoff chance!’ Then when we came back, 28 pts in the second quarter, 41 unanswered points period.... it was so beautiful lol

  • Eli Pae
    Eli Pae   1 weeks ago

    Have y'all seen Mahomes? Nobody believes it he should be the comeback player of them year, I mean his record for coming back by 24 and 10 he's 5-0 with that should be scared.

  • Uchiha Maikl
    Uchiha Maikl   1 weeks ago

    Mahomes: breathes Me: all hail the king👑

  • Kavi Kurup
    Kavi Kurup   1 weeks ago

    Anybody here after Tom Brady signed with the Bucs? Also, his last pass as a Patriot was a pick-6.

  • Jacob Brochu
    Jacob Brochu   1 weeks ago

    Why is nobody talking about what a legend that D.K.Metcalf could be

  • Matt Vargas
    Matt Vargas   1 weeks ago

    Any Niner fan I’m sorry but y’all didn’t have any competition in this years playoffs until the Super Bowl. Change my Mind

  • Joann Michael
    Joann Michael   1 weeks ago

    Tom Brady DONT say lets go cuz you suck and get retired your trash tom