What's the Most Difficult Place to Get to In the World?

  • Published on: 10 March 2017
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    There are some places in the world that are almost impossible to get to. Some are so difficult that no human yet in all of history has ever set foot there before? Where are some of these places? Watch and find out!

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  • sarah basir
    sarah basir   17 hours ago

    The most difficult place for me to go to is school lmao😂😂😂

  • almond milk
    almond milk   1 days ago

    i wonder how the people got on that first island. but wait, can’t we still go there? even if there’s no airport? or am i stupid

  • yung daddy
    yung daddy   1 days ago

    0:19 are those places we have never been to?

  • Mario Bowser494
    Mario Bowser494   2 days ago

    Now I want to move to Pitcairn. It’s nice and quiet

  • Zahir
    Zahir   2 days ago

    if its so hard to get to the top of everest than why dont yalll just use a helicopter

  • Gabbin
    Gabbin   3 days ago

    2:04 Dutch: Heavy Breathing

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer   3 days ago

    Lives in the most difficult place to liveQuirky, Unique

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham   3 days ago

    I like the sound of Pitcairn! I wanna move there for sure. There's a lot to be said about only having to deal with 50 people including myself as opposed to an entire country of idiots. I'd rather be stuck on an island with 49 fools than on a continent with 400 million of them.

  • Yassin Wael
    Yassin Wael   4 days ago

    I know I'm late (goodness 3 years) but maybe people have been in the unexplored areas, but maybe they haven't actually said or recorded it.

  • Petar Kresoja
    Petar Kresoja   5 days ago

    To be clear if you call 9 moths a reasanable time to get a US visa than i am the king of sugar valley

  • Mcheetah
    Mcheetah   5 days ago

    Someone should build an airstrip to Pitcairn Island and Kerguelen Island and do secret illegal experiments there in the name of science.

  • KingAlexGaming
    KingAlexGaming   5 days ago

    Duch van der linde should've went to Pitcairn Island

  • Dani
    Dani   6 days ago

    Inside the pants of Gigi Paris..

  • Dani
    Dani   6 days ago

    If you don't know what you're doing when at sea. No instruments and so on.. The west coast of Norway can be a real nightmare.. Almost guaranteed you will run on ground somewhere in the middle of, what you thought was, an open sea. Its epic.. But of course in this era its not much of a problem..

  • Cool Pineapple
    Cool Pineapple   1 weeks ago

    The hardest place to get to is my crush’s heart

  • Toby Foster
    Toby Foster   1 weeks ago

    Not a photo of Pitcairn Island, the photo in the video at 2:29 is an actual picture of one of the inlets of the Gambier Islands

  • JustMeKevin
    JustMeKevin   1 weeks ago

    but aricrafts that can land on water?

  • Card board
    Card board   1 weeks ago

    Hardest IN the world to get to? Probably the center.

  • W. G.
    W. G.   1 weeks ago

    The death rates are greatly over-exaggerated as they do not include anyone whom has unsuccessfully attempted to climb those mountains but did not die. Funny though that the depths of the ocean were left off of this list of hardest places to get to.

  • Doris Lin
    Doris Lin   1 weeks ago

    5:05 If 223 people died trying to climb Mt Everest and 4,000 people have summited, that means one person has died for every 20 who summited. But it doesn't mean that 1/20 people who tried has died, because more than 4,000 people have tried. There is some number that tried but never made it to the top.5:22 Same goes for the K2 analysis. How many tried to summit K2 but returned home without making it to the top?

  • Ryan Hale
    Ryan Hale   1 weeks ago

    I just sneezed and accidentally pooped a little

  • Paula Stenman
    Paula Stenman   1 weeks ago

    It started nicely with actual places with time to get there, but it was about Mountain and highs

  • VictorMag
    VictorMag   1 weeks ago

    The amount of people who success tu climb a mountain are not the same who just try and fails.Sayng that your chances to die if you try to climb the everest is 1/20 is just wrong.

  • That Turner Kid
    That Turner Kid   2 weeks ago

    Most difficult place to get to? Inside of Peggy Fassbender's panties. Trust me, I tried and failed.

  • Mercy
    Mercy   2 weeks ago

    the buttom of the ocean is pretty hard too

  • ricardo romero
    ricardo romero   2 weeks ago

    No place is difficult to get to because of google maps

  • jondotwhy
    jondotwhy   2 weeks ago

    out of bronze league of legends