Engine ran without oil, seized! Can it be saved?

  • Published on: 22 May 2017
  • Engine operated without oil "locked up/seized". Is there anything than can be done to get the engine running again? In this video, I attempt to get this engine running again.

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  • Runtime : 7:1
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  • CO2InhalerGamer
    CO2InhalerGamer   3 days ago

    this channel is by far the best channel iv ever subbed too , learned alot from the videos and some are packed full of info

  • John Blanc
    John Blanc   3 days ago

    As usual - another great informative video. Kudos to you. Please keep them coming out.

  • Joseph G
    Joseph G   3 days ago

    Use Royal Purple Synthetic. I’m a believer after putting it into a high mileage 5.4 liter engine. It used to burn 1 1/2 quarts of oil between oil changes at 3000 miles and now with royal purple it uses only a half quart.

  • Gary Langley
    Gary Langley   4 days ago

    I'd say use the STP to help it with knocking and oil burning. I flushed out the engine in my old truck, and the oil pump started knocking. A mechanic suggested switching to 10-40 oil and a can of STP. It has been running fine for the past 4 or 5 years, and I have made several trips to Yuma, AZ and back (320 miles round trip) including in the summer, and it has run fine.

  • B Henry
    B Henry   6 days ago

    Too late Project Farm. You have too much broken chinesium on your hands, Trying to resurrect one won't wash your sins away .

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo   1 weeks ago

    lol, 35ftlbs I had a 308 Winchester locked to the point that it took 280lbs on the end of 7 feet of bar to make it scream.

  • joseph waldner
    joseph waldner   1 weeks ago

    There's an additive called powerup. They don't advertise and it costs about $70/L Canadian. Some guys claim it saved there engines because they ran em out of oil due to leaks or drain plug coming loose. Figured someday you could try to test it maybe see if it's worth the hype. http://www.powerupusa.net/index.php/products/power-up-products/nnl-690

  • Nddd Bjss
    Nddd Bjss   1 weeks ago

    Saved no get it running for a little while yes

  • Lady D
    Lady D   1 weeks ago

    I love that you test these claims! Seems to me a lot of companies are making claims they don't actually live up to, I'd prefer to know that before giving them my money, which is where you come in. Thanks!

  • Sheila Dawg
    Sheila Dawg   1 weeks ago

    STP, that muck will silence any rod knock!You really should install a new rod and rings. If the crank is OK maybe you can get more life out of it.Try MOTORKOTE in it! I really wish you'd do more Motorkote, that stuff seems too good to be true.

  • Shawn Barczak
    Shawn Barczak   1 weeks ago

    I had asked the other day in regards to a car that hasn't run in many years would anything you did here aside from marvel mystery oil help me out along with the new oil filter and fresh oil?

  • ohio player1177
    ohio player1177   3 weeks ago

    When he was turning it with the engine apart it looked like the left side of the piston was not moving evenly. The left side looked like it was not moving in and out as far as the right.

  • Nerdygirl
    Nerdygirl   3 weeks ago

    Put in new piston rings! You cannot add material that is lost. Uss a much thicker oil inside. Perhaps the thicker film of oil will increase compression? What can I say?

  • nucflashevent
    nucflashevent   4 weeks ago

    "All of our injectors got scored from the salt water in the fuel."--"Yeah, the housing's bent, you can hear it.--"Try the left rudder again, Chief."😁

  • Danny Gayler
    Danny Gayler   4 weeks ago

    STP , and Mobil Synthetic I would recommend for Your project !

    CORN BREAD   4 weeks ago

    Your videos are always great to watch and learn from, keep up the Awesome Testing and work!! Its Good to know that, you are not sponsored or affiliated with anyone and there is no bias in your work! I have subscribed long time ago and still love your videos. Cheers!

  • Mark T
    Mark T   4 weeks ago

    I once rebuilt a 16 hp Kohler single cylinder engine that had locked up. Looked a lot like this one inside. It was 30 years old from a John Deere garden tractor that the owners late father had owned since it was new. I tried to convince him a repower was the best choice but he insisted I fix the original at all cost. I pulled it down had the cylinder honed and sleeved. New piston, rings and con rod. I had the crank turned; journals and mains and installed new bearings on both ends. Reused the old counterbalance and oil dipper. It cost him $1000 to rebuild a $600 engine but it ran like new for years to come and the memory of his father lived on. Thank you for what you do and keep em coming!

  • jamie B
    jamie B   1 months ago

    20w50 and some stp lol

  • s4r3k Ornberg
    s4r3k Ornberg   1 months ago

    .... ummm the wd40 was only on about 40% of the piston.... my 2 cents... might have worked better if u had the mower vertically to let the wd40 seat all around the piston to the rings instead of letting it drip out at tdc.... but good vid

  • Tim schmidt
    Tim schmidt   1 months ago

    Try 20/50 engine oil or something thicker to see if it brings back the compression and quiet the knock.

  • Dan Schwerdt
    Dan Schwerdt   1 months ago

    Good candidate for engine restore you used in tractor

  • Leo & Dan Ryan
    Leo & Dan Ryan   1 months ago

    Try the Lucas. I hear very good things about it.

  • Kevin Moreaux
    Kevin Moreaux   1 months ago

    You will need a thicker oil now to limit blowby, change piston ring/s and let it run for quite some time, compression should go up a little as the cilinder wear polishing itself

  • Robert T
    Robert T   1 months ago

    I guess the only real fix would be honing the cylinder wall and replacing the piston rings.

  • Ron Rhoades
    Ron Rhoades   1 months ago

    i would go with engine restore hey it works

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins   1 months ago

    Because im an idiot I ran my lawn mower without oil. it began smoking from the crankcase within 1 minute and it was seized pretty much instantly after stopping the engine. I used this video as a guide to try and get it running again and was successful in restoring it to working condition. Great video, very helpful you got a thumbs up from me :)

  • Gas Man
    Gas Man   1 months ago

    Do you have a collection of these drift mowers?

  • Christopher Marshall
    Christopher Marshall   1 months ago

    Take the engine apart, & use coke can metal for shims to take up the wear.

  • Chris Rezendes
    Chris Rezendes   1 months ago

    I wonder since you tested "restore", if you added that how much it would of helped

    KAPANGAAAMASTER   1 months ago

    You should take that piston head and rectify it with a lathe. There's no point in starting that engine with the piston like that.

  • MDG MasterChief
    MDG MasterChief   1 months ago

    Let me barrow the mower so I can make my nieghbors insane