Engine ran without oil, seized! Can it be saved?

  • Published on: 22 May 2017
  • Engine operated without oil "locked up/seized". Is there anything than can be done to get the engine running again? In this video, I attempt to get this engine running again.

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  • Runtime : 7:2
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  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins   6 days ago

    I watched the one with a wooden head,,, ,I would love to see one with a wooden made piston,,I bet that would last a good few mins,lol,

  • Nad Ronnoco artwork
    Nad Ronnoco artwork   1 weeks ago

    If you used a ball grinder to re cross hatch ? Wonder if that would work

  • Michael Buckley
    Michael Buckley   1 weeks ago

    I use to use marvel mystery oil to remove carbon from engine. I poured about a 1/4 cup water in carberstor and than add about the same amount of mystery oil to revolt the valves and piston did this with engine running, good product, but with the cylinder scared nothing can help accept resleving engine and changing piston, connector rod, crank bearings.

  • Ed Hoover
    Ed Hoover   1 weeks ago

    I know it's expensive -- but for the learning process I'd try full synthetic oil an see how it held up!

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis   1 weeks ago

    Well at least I know if my mower locks up, I could possibly get one last mow in before having to purchase another lol.

  • Tyler Blubaugh
    Tyler Blubaugh   2 weeks ago

    Hey anyone know what the type of torque wrench he used to test how much force it took to turnover the engijes

  • mr3000gtman
    mr3000gtman   2 weeks ago

    Please test coolant additive! Aka water wetter etc

  • Daniel boss
    Daniel boss   3 weeks ago

    There was not normal, but, i worked in a shop of garden machines, and we repair ONE chainsaw seized, (less than your engine) the metod is sandpaper wet whit oil&fuel mixture of 2t engine, after mare than one hour fingering the engine (jajjajjaj xd) the seize disapear totally at touch. Next we put a used piston, and the machine runs aparently perfect, probably whith less power but for a really cheap job, who care? Usually seize means, new full kit

  • Feras Kassem
    Feras Kassem   3 weeks ago

    Do you mind if you try (BG moa) motor oil additive and review it please they say its magic

  • Kelohonka
    Kelohonka   1 months ago

    Do you mean it did the bakery like rabasa engines typically do every couple of days? (regards god-tier am6)

  • dar ko
    dar ko   1 months ago

    Wife: "hey what are you doing?"Me: "just watching a YT video"Wife: "of what"Me: "it's just a guy trying to blow engines out in all ways he can"Playing in the background: "...and so will an engine run while it's on fire? For today's project I borrowed my neighbor's flamethrower..."Wife: "I want a divorce"

  • John R.
    John R.   1 months ago

    Team up with Mustie1...you destroy it...then see if he can get it working! 😂. I’m dying to see him take a shot at the one you poured honey down...LOL! 😄

  • Bamcorp Gaming
    Bamcorp Gaming   1 months ago

    question: could you use jb weld to fill in the "very deep cut" at 1:58? I saw your video using jb weld to repair a different part of the engine, now could we try this?

  • F.V.
    F.V.   1 months ago

    my 650cc bmw seized with enough oil and coolant after running it to 3k rpm @ start. took about 15 seconds. I've got a spare though

  • Anime guy
    Anime guy   1 months ago

    I have my 2 stroke moped (50cc) and previous owner had oil in the “self lubritating oil tank “ ( it just adds oil to carburetor instead to a gas tank)and the pump stopped working for him and he never told me and one day I was driving happily , I got home and I told myself “ I’ll go to a gas station for some gas and then it wasn’t starting (it wasn’t stiff at all) so I checked carburetor if it wasn’t clogged up or gas tank if it wasn’t clogged up I checked everything but I didn’t check Two things ... piston and the cylinder wall... I was hopeless so I towed it to my friend and he told me that the piston and the piston ring are completely crushed (also the cylinder wall , so I’m hoping that I would get these parts for good prize and I’ll get the scooter going again ☺️

  • Lagle David
    Lagle David   1 months ago

    How about a test of glues. Good luck

  • Pl pave
    Pl pave   1 months ago

    Marvel mistery oil.The wd40 of the oils

  • keaton miller
    keaton miller   1 months ago

    How long do you spend reading comments? Im looking though the comment section and you reply to a lot of them.

  • Trey House
    Trey House   1 months ago

    Put everything in it behind you

  • KSMA Clan
    KSMA Clan   1 months ago

    Wow this guy is still responding to people on his old videos. That's how you know he cares. Thanks for the great content!

  • Topsiekku
    Topsiekku   1 months ago

    Pyöritä sitä konetta RVS:n kanssa.

  • TJ NightTrain
    TJ NightTrain   1 months ago


  • Ray Nabozny
    Ray Nabozny   1 months ago

    Engine Restorer but it won't do anything for the rod knock,after the restore put some Motorkote in the oil. from Ray in Michigan

  • jldwolfe
    jldwolfe   1 months ago

    I have brought back small engines that seized completely up while running. However this is an example of why it's not always gonna work. But the steps he used where solid.

  • WiseOldRafikiYT
    WiseOldRafikiYT   1 months ago

    difference between science and dicking around is recording the results

  • mickenoss
    mickenoss   1 months ago

    I forgot how chill these older videos were, feels like the newer videos pound you with a lot of loud talking - not moaning, but I like this more chill style more.

  • michaljc1
    michaljc1   1 months ago

    Testing the product claims is useful to us all, it is not wasteful.I did not watch the bacon fat etc videos, as they serve no purpose.I think your channel and testing procedures are the best on you tube.Thanks for your effort.

  • Sean Fatin
    Sean Fatin   1 months ago

    Who typed this in their search bar...

  • battlin
    battlin   1 months ago

    I just enjoy videos you post especially when you do product comparesions and testing

  • MrMagooo
    MrMagooo   1 months ago

    You should have torn the whole engine apart and looked at the internals

  • Tommy Fresia
    Tommy Fresia   1 months ago

    And what do you think about put a turbo on a lawnmower?Or on your kart, it can work and have a lot of success