• Published on: 03 September 2018
  • Ariana Grande uncomfortable and awkward moments
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  • Runtime : 9:7
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  • Platypus_uWu
    Platypus_uWu   53 minuts ago

    The fact that she ripped off her skirt is disgusting and then they held her bent over is disgusting like that is sexual harrasment

  • Guess who I am
    Guess who I am   1 hours ago

    She looked so awkward and all the people were just disrespecting😔

  • L U N A
    L U N A   2 hours ago

    6:30 thats the most disrespectful moment ever.

  • Diamond W
    Diamond W   4 hours ago

    Unless what Madonna did is planned to a certain extent, that’s straight up sexual assault. How are you going to grab her and bend her over when she’s visually attempting to get away, and then do it in a recorded setting? She’s doing this in public on purpose

  • noemi ghosh
    noemi ghosh   6 hours ago

    She is kinda girl not for fuck rather adore.most gwron guy wont bang her with fear that next day she will complain about pain.

  • A Human
    A Human   7 hours ago

    Anybody else think the dude in 0:34 is Damon Salvatore from Vampire diaries?😅

  • Juliette Tyson
    Juliette Tyson   9 hours ago

    Sad how you can't be a beautiful and successful woman without people disrespecting you, treating you like a child, and makimg unwanted sexual advances towards you.

  • Jas moo
    Jas moo   11 hours ago

    0.31Excuse is that damon Salvatore teying to kiss arina dude wth!

  • Lily Delaney
    Lily Delaney   12 hours ago

    These were not just embarrassing or awkward moments these where terrible things that people should not have done to Ariana.

  • asif getto
    asif getto   14 hours ago

    that pastor son of a bitchpreaching christianity. tragedy ok the century

  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter   14 hours ago

    The only one that was actually okay in this one was Ellen.

  • Wiktoria
    Wiktoria   14 hours ago

    However the fact Ian kissed her she’s blessed 🥺🥺 I want him to kiss me 🥺🥺🤧🤧

  • Billie Lopez
    Billie Lopez   20 hours ago

    6:27- 7:54!!!!!!!!! THATS JUST RUDEEEEEEEEEEE

  • theagscreations 2020

    I feel bad for her ...she is very much innocent but unfortunate things happen with her..😔

  • Arianna Warner
    Arianna Warner   1 days ago

    What even happened just now?! That was so disrespectful. No way to treat anyone.

  • TheBestOfTrinity
    TheBestOfTrinity   1 days ago

    Was that my love Ian somerholder omgggg lol that was awkward

  • Lucia Hlinková
    Lucia Hlinková   1 days ago

    that scene with Madonna was played. it was a role play, it was planned before.

  • Only Jesy
    Only Jesy   1 days ago

    I know Ariana said she likes Madonna, that’s fine. But from what I see, it’s disgusting. I don’t really care if Ariana says it’s ok it’s wrong she’s uncomfortable Madonna was being vile. That’s so disturbing to watch.

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok   1 days ago

    Madonna is absolutely disgusting me what the fuck seriously?!

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok   1 days ago


  • Leona Berjani
    Leona Berjani   1 days ago

    6:39 did you hear Madonna! “Get over!” Now, that’s what sexual assault is, kids.

  • Leona Berjani
    Leona Berjani   1 days ago

    I hate Madonna and the dancers for disrespecting her like that and showing her privacy.

  • blue
    blue   1 days ago

    6:27 this is total abuse. What a shame. At what point did they think it would be a good idea to take off her dress without her consent, hit her on the ass and grope her around the waist and throw her back and forth? disgusting

  • Chiara
    Chiara   1 days ago

    fucking god they harass her so much because they know she trynna keep it professional and she aint gonna say anything. Jesus. This is disgusting to see

    TULIP WIND   1 days ago

    Madonna is ridiculous! Such a jealous bitch.. Bloody wannabe

  • Jay peeea
    Jay peeea   1 days ago yeah fuck you :p

  • Maria Kinzie
    Maria Kinzie   1 days ago

    why did ariana do ian like that? hes too hot to be dissed.