• Published on: 29 September 2019
  • INSTAGRAM: @hindash
    Caroline's Instagram: @carolinelabouchere
    Hey guys!!! I felt like it's been ages! Here's one of my MOST REQUESTED makeup tutorials to do - How I do makeup on mature skin! I hope you find this video helpful, more mature models are coming (darker hair as well) so stay tuned! - Hindash xx

    🖤SKIN: Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Vichy Mineral 89 Serum. La Mer The Eye Concentrate. Sisley Ecological Compound. MAC Lip Conditioner.
    🖤BASE: Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation "315N". Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer "25".
    🖤BLUSH: Nudestix Nudies Matte "Sunset Strip" + Nudies Bloom "Tiger Lily Queen". NARS Orgasm Blush.
    🖤CONTOUR: Fenty Matchstix "Mocha".
    🖤HIGHLIGHT: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand.
    🖤EYES: Sigma Enchanted Palette. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. NARS Mambo Eyeliner.
    🖤BROWS: Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil "Grey". Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel.
    🖤LIPS: Charlotte Tilbury "Pillow Talk" Lip Cheat. MAC "Spice" Lip Pencil. MAC Love Me Lipstick "Tres Blase".
  • Runtime : 12:59
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  • Hindash
    Hindash   8 months ago

    How beautiful is Caroline? Also, we're basically in OCTOBER. That's nuts!!! I'm contemplating Halloween looks but I'm not gonna lie, I'm not sure if I'll have time to do something super detailed! 🎃

  • Udi M
    Udi M   1 days ago

    she looks RICH!!!...gorgeous.

  • Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams   3 days ago

    I am 47 years old and people are always guessing I'm 51 to 55 I have a very dark complexion with red undertones, do you have any ideas on shades I could use to make me look younger?

  • Kim Gestro
    Kim Gestro   3 days ago

    Hey there! Loved this video, and I subscribed!

  • Jennifer Noye
    Jennifer Noye   6 days ago

    Just beautiful 🥰thanks for sharing these tips for the mature lady 🥂

  • Mandy Jackson
    Mandy Jackson   1 weeks ago

    Don't get me wrong but this lady is really stunning but for me the eyebrows look really untidy!!!!! Caroline is beautiful though

  • Suzanne Walker
    Suzanne Walker   1 weeks ago

    Beautiful Caroline is NOT representative of most women over 50-55 yrs. old. She has little to no wrinkles, sagging skins and amazing bone structure. Please consider the fact that most mature women have wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots etc. The average mature women cannot buy $100-250+ products, especially retired women who live on their retirement income. Please consider this and if you are willing, consider creating content that works towards the average person. People with significant retirement resources (aka $) use spas, private skin and make-up consults & services and don't go to YouTube for their make-up advice.

  • Angel Aman
    Angel Aman   1 weeks ago

    May I know about the brushes as well as u tell about the product so can u tell about its brand as well

  • Lola Montez
    Lola Montez   1 weeks ago

    Lovely lady, but this is a very intense beauty routine with a dozen or more expensive products and elaborate applications -- whew! imagine doing this on a work day! -- and very frankly what changes her appearance 95% is the LIPSTICK. Like most older ladies, she has lips that lack both fullness and COLOR. The lipstick gives her a "mouth" and balances her pretty eyes and thick eyebrows. Without lipstick, her lips disappear.So basically: she'd look the same with a good moisturizer....a bit of mascara....and LIPSTICK! no need for all the face goop.

  • Skating Canuck
    Skating Canuck   1 weeks ago

    I am a 40ish woman who looks at least 10 years younger. Despite my age I have oily skin and love colours. Please do a video that would make me look youthful celebrating colour. I don't want to look like a unicorn, but I want a look that has a pop of colour other than just muted neutrals. A look that doesn't just fall into a mature skin box.

  • Skating Canuck
    Skating Canuck   1 weeks ago

    Finally makeup on a mature beauty because not all of us are 25! She is such an elegant beauty and you truly just enhanced her assets.

  • Sarah Jane Hasmissanjhan

    Ele fez uma maquiagem perfeita muito natural sem retirar beleza dela ,deixando ela jovial e bonita, diferente daqueles vídeos Russos ,que muitas vezes a mulher mais bonita sem maquiagem do que com o resultado final!

  • Song Vang
    Song Vang   1 weeks ago

    Will this look last the whole day without foundation smudging off?

  • nibblypig82
    nibblypig82   1 weeks ago

    Stunning woman. I love this tutorial. Thank you

  • ZZ ZZ
    ZZ ZZ   2 weeks ago

    I have ALLLL kinds of issues. I am 54. I have deep acne scarring. I have acne STILL in the same spots that just WONT go away. If he did all that to me, the dewiness that looked amazing on her, would do nothing but highlight all the acne scarring....I've tried EVERY method....they all look bad to be honest, so all you women without a lot of issues, quitcherbitching!

  • ZZ ZZ
    ZZ ZZ   2 weeks ago

    She looks GORGEOUS HE is GORGEOUS His hands....that isn't hair on his fingers, right? Must be makeup....anyway, he did such an amazing job!!! I love how soft it is.

  • Angie Horvath
    Angie Horvath   2 weeks ago

    I'm so chuffed, mature skin is totally different, you have nailed it with natural colours that enhance carolines natural beauty now for me to try...

  • Zaharazah MacCauley
    Zaharazah MacCauley   2 weeks ago

    You're doing an amazing job; however I can't imagine a mature women spending this much time and energy to create this lovely look. I'm a mature woman and there's no way I would spend this much time dressing up my face. This session feels more like a rather expensive make-up Ad, but nice nonetheless.

  • G Z
    G Z   2 weeks ago

    Wow, è STUPENDA! Sembra Demi Moore da grande. Bellissima... 💕

  • texascoolchic
    texascoolchic   2 weeks ago

    Yes yes. Ty! Beautiful. I would love to see mature with grey light skinned with hooded eye please.

  • Patricia saulnier
    Patricia saulnier   2 weeks ago

    She def looks like an older Demi Moore . Very beautiful women .

  • Elaine Kim
    Elaine Kim   2 weeks ago

    what's your favourite hyaluronic acid serum?

  • Carla Weems
    Carla Weems   2 weeks ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet puppy doggie.. :-) The makeup presentation on this lovely woman named Caroline.. is flawless... she is a lovely model--- and your work applying the makeup was magic. Beautiful presentation - and even more beautiful finished look.. stunning.

  • P Cook
    P Cook   2 weeks ago

    Beautiful before, stunning after. I would love to see her made up with less steps, so many products! Gorgeous though

  • Michelle Kucera
    Michelle Kucera   2 weeks ago

    FWIW, a company stole excerpts from your video to sell their product. Ads are all over Facebook. The model is so strikingly gorgeous I recognized her immediately as being from your video.

  • Susan Perkins
    Susan Perkins   2 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh, Caroline is so gorgeous... I love her brows!

  • Marjo Sutinen
    Marjo Sutinen   2 weeks ago

    Fabulous! She's gorgeous and the look works super well.