Seafoam--can't believe what it did to my engine!!

  • Published on: 12 March 2017
  • Does SeaFoam actually work in a vehicle? The ultimate test---a 30-year old truck with noisy lifters and horrible oil pressure! This engine sounds like a 1990s era diesel! Did this stuff work? The video will provide proof!
  • Runtime : 10:12
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  • Mullay2
    Mullay2   2 years ago

    I use Seafoam in all of my vehicles. I add a can to about every five tanks of gas. I have a 2006 Honda Element with 140,000 miles on the clock. The emissions light used to come on quite often. Since I have been using Seafoam the emissions light rarely comes on. And the car runs great! I also use it in my two vintage Buicks and my 2012 Maxima. I get better mileage and smoother idle with every car that gets a can of Seafoam in the tank every so often.

  • anon2240
    anon2240   7 hours ago

    If you are using synthetic oil in your engine do not use the regular Lucas oil stabilizer. They make a stabilizer product that is specifically designed for synthetic oils.

  • Prone Rider 562
    Prone Rider 562   11 hours ago

    Your videos are beyond awesome! THANK YOU for taking the time and spending the money to show these types of products and what they REALLY do for performance.

  • FakeNews
    FakeNews   22 hours ago

    I have a jeep liberty with 200,000 miles it had a stuck valve and the lifter sounded worse than yours. I did the same 3 step and man what a difference I saved hundreds of dollars. I didn't have to rebuild the top end or sand the valves and redo it. So basically sea foam is a great amazing product.. this is a 2 year old video but thank you for sharing you're experience!!

    JOOGSQUAD   1 days ago

    Finally something that helps instead of making problems worse. Good review

  • The Listener
    The Listener   1 days ago

    superb job of presenting a vehicle issue and using it for an experiment. Showing how it went from a "Before" scenario with a "Bad sounding" engine to an "After" scenario with a "Much improved" sounding engine. As always, some "Risk" is involved when trying something NEW on your personal vehicle BUT now your a happy camper because it worked for you. Cu-does.

  • DCM
    DCM   1 days ago

    I have a 2006 GMC 5.3 L V8 with the cold engine piston slap. This was a common problem on the mid 2000 engines. Have you tested the Seafoam on reducing the piston slap?

  • 3forks Hooligan
    3forks Hooligan   1 days ago

    I love your reviews almost as much as your comment section

    MARZOSIRUS   1 days ago

    I have personally tested different viscosities on my Ford Crown Victoria Police interceptor. The recommended viscosity is 5w30. I use fully synthetic. I have used 10w30 fully synthetic in my crown victoria and noticed my engine running more sluggish. I immediately switched back to 5w30 fully synthetic the next day after work. Scientific data shows that the lighter viscosity travels faster throughout the engine to lubricate faster then a thicker 10w30. You might want to test the Ranger out with some fully synthetic 5w30. It may improve the engine performance even further or may not. Since the Ranger has a 6cylinder I believe a 10w30 maybe just fine.

  • Bob Vincent
    Bob Vincent   2 days ago

    Hi thanks for the exact information on additives for gasoline engines,mainly. I have a 7 y/o diesel engine which has blow-bye as shown by cam cover pressure build up. Is there an additive to clean up the piston rings and how will it be achieved?.

  • Neil Alden Armstrong

    Wow. Seems almost too good to be true. Wonder if it would be of any value to do this to a new engine?

  • hachirokami
    hachirokami   2 days ago

    As far as the oiling issue is concerned wouldn't an atf engine flush have been a reasonable treatment? Since atf is a detergent it'll clean it out after running it at operating temps for about half an hour. Just a suggestion.

    MARZOSIRUS   2 days ago

    You know Ford done away with the pushrod tech and opted for OHC technology. The Modular 4.6L has been around for about 20 years now and is a proven success many engines going well over 300k and one I know of going for a million miles.I mean at 100,000 miles I consider that being barely broken in. But yes great job at cleaning the engine carbon out of the engine.

  • John Milner
    John Milner   2 days ago

    That throttle plate needs a tooth brush.

  • Jesus Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz   2 days ago

    Take that throttle body out and clean good bro

  • Mic Well
    Mic Well   2 days ago

    Also next time you change oil and filter add a can of Restore...NAPA has it...make sure it's for your cyl type...Lucus is nothing more than STP garb..

  • john carnall
    john carnall   2 days ago

    That noise is caused from neglect and not changing the oil regularly. I have a 89 ranger 2.9 with 240,000 miles on it with original engine never any major mechanical issues. Look at that throttle body how nasty,probably never been cleaned. Don't use lucas oil treatment in the winter.

  • George Brandt
    George Brandt   3 days ago

    your truck is junk before and after the seafoam....

  • The Volkenator
    The Volkenator   3 days ago

    That's amazing! Giving that old engine new life. That lifter sound going away was good as gold.

  • Will Fishing
    Will Fishing   4 days ago

    both great products, both have been around forever... go figure

  • fins59
    fins59   4 days ago

    160,000 miles? Does the speedo work? That truck looks like it's been around the clock a couple of times !

  • Robert Abbott
    Robert Abbott   4 days ago

    Seafoam make clean the inside of the motor out but so would kerosene we're diesel the problem is it releases the grit Angela oil the it's the bearing up you have to change the oil 2 or 3 times and the filter the Lucas Oil Treatment will quiet the motor but it stresses the oil pump or slows the speed in which the oil can reach vital components when cold because of its thickness but if the motor is dying anyway who cares

  • Trudi Fruty
    Trudi Fruty   4 days ago

    My truck sounds like crap a neighbor told me about seafoam to quiet my engine, thank you for showing all of your viewers how this stuff works. New sub

  • Hubcaps219
    Hubcaps219   4 days ago

    I love these technical videos, I just wish there wasn't so much intro. But I clicked on it, so I guess that's all that matters 😂

  • Pelt Down Posse
    Pelt Down Posse   4 days ago

    I use Seafoam in all my engines. Originally it was meant to be used to decarb 2 stroke outboards. I use it in my boat as well. It works wonders.

  • MrBaer
    MrBaer   5 days ago

    Awesome video I have never had a lot of respect for the pour and spray remedies. I've never had them work as advertised. I know Lucas is a big wheel so there had to be some credibility to their product, but how much? I may have heard of Seafoam..but that's it. Now I'm down with both. Very nice. Thanks.

  • Eduardo Kono
    Eduardo Kono   5 days ago

    First engine start at 1:16 and later, at 8:33. What a difference!

  • Mark Puleo
    Mark Puleo   5 days ago

    My ranger was 2000 model, and after 80k I started using Extend oil treatment. It really quiets the motor. Makes it sound brand new. I would do this every oil change

  • barnett37
    barnett37   5 days ago

    Drop the oil pan and clean oil pump screen is the correct repair... not really for mechanic in a can.

  • ken nickerson
    ken nickerson   5 days ago

    You should put the Lucas in some warm water for a few minutes it will flow better

  • Donk
    Donk   6 days ago

    How does it do on stains?

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy   6 days ago

    If combustion happens inside the cylinders, how did carbon get into the intake?

  • callmebigpapa
    callmebigpapa   6 days ago

    No offense intended by this comment but that thing is so loud I thought it was a diesel