Seafoam--can't believe what it did to my engine!!

  • Published on: 12 March 2017
  • Does SeaFoam actually work in a vehicle? The ultimate test---a 30-year old truck with noisy lifters and horrible oil pressure! This engine sounds like a 1990s era diesel! Did this stuff work? The video will provide proof!
  • Runtime : 10:12
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  • Mullay2
    Mullay2   2 years ago

    I use Seafoam in all of my vehicles. I add a can to about every five tanks of gas. I have a 2006 Honda Element with 140,000 miles on the clock. The emissions light used to come on quite often. Since I have been using Seafoam the emissions light rarely comes on. And the car runs great! I also use it in my two vintage Buicks and my 2012 Maxima. I get better mileage and smoother idle with every car that gets a can of Seafoam in the tank every so often.

  • Maxo Dorestant
    Maxo Dorestant   9 hours ago

    You always put out some great videos with lot of knowledge, thank you.

  • Andrew ?
    Andrew ?   1 days ago

    I had a Chevy that had 393k c-10 from 1997 and it ran great, I replaced the plugs oil and air filter as well as all little things like brakes and differential oil and suspension, it was a 305 v8, thing ran amazing, I got it at 230k then the emissions bullshit in my state made me sell it... the government is a load of shit. Fuck the DOT! That truck would have lasted ATLEAST another 100k but nooooo the government wants your money... anyway hope whoever made that law gets aids or corona whichever

  • Andrew ?
    Andrew ?   1 days ago

    There’s no help for fords, if they are designed like trash, trash will be the outcome lol

  • Bryson
    Bryson   1 days ago

    Just by watching this channel I've learned a ton about vehicles with simple fluids . They all seem to be good. Pretty much only use lucas or seafoam for engine treatments. I like vavoline products a lot. Valvoline works great in my ram 1500

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man   1 days ago

    do a test on nmf iconic friction reducer!

  • Machinist 72
    Machinist 72   2 days ago

    Im surprised you didnt let the bottle of Lucas oil sit in a pot of hot water to make it easier to pour.

  • Kansas Cowboy
    Kansas Cowboy   2 days ago

    I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, thanks for sharing this information 👍🏻

  • K
    K   2 days ago

    Used engine restorer 4 cylinders on my 2015 Scion FRS and I now have around 6 check engine codes. Cars at 82,200 miles and it says on the can use on any car over 50k...also put in a bottle of STP gas after a trip the gas station. Codes with the same oil I used the restorer on: P0420, P0014, P0014, P000B, P000D, P00014 Codes AFTER I changed the oil(because I changed the oil around 15 miles after): P0420, P0014, P000B, P000B, P000D, P0014, P000B. A month or 2 ago the car was at stage 1 with the OPENFLASHTABLET then stage 3+ with flex fuel(without flex fuel kit). Flashed it back to original ECU/file and sold the OpenFlashTablet. Some miles later it gave a transmission code cel problem then it fixed itself....then a catalytic converter o2 problem...let the car idle for 30 minutes rev'd it a bit then fixed pls ty

  • Malcolm Leader
    Malcolm Leader   3 days ago

    The Lucas is like STP - it simply increases the oil viscosity. For old engines there can be a benefit but most of the claims on the can are blaaattt! On engines in good condition all a viscosity improver will achieve is reduced mileage. As far as sea foam, it works but, clean and rebuild your carb! it isn't hard.

  • Saul Rodriguez
    Saul Rodriguez   3 days ago

    You think is will quiet the lifters on my moms Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0? It sounds like a diesel at idle. Btw nice cam at 3:50 😂

  • W T
    W T   4 days ago

    Can you do a comparison test with your headlights? I have old sealed beam halogen. These days theres all sort LED replacement options. I wonder are they worth changing.

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder   4 days ago

    All you did was clean the pickup tube for the oil pump and the top end wasen't getting any oil like it should, lucas oil stabilizer is great stuff been using it since it came out run it in everything bikes cars semi trucks, never have been able to blow up the engine.

  • Morgan Sedge
    Morgan Sedge   4 days ago

    Nice going. It's interesting :-) out here we have Metal 5 it remetalises the pistons bringing back compression

  • vovod voevod
    vovod voevod   4 days ago

    I had one of these. It's a well known issue with those "Cologne" engines. Drive it for 30 minutes, the noise will come back after the oil thins out. The issue is with the thrust plate wear; once the oil gets thin, it doesn't make it to the lifters. I had a 40 minute commute, with 20w-50 it stayed quiet almost all the way home. The only fix is to flip the plate to start the wear cycle over again.

  • Rich
    Rich   5 days ago

    Great info THANKS ! IM going to start doing this to my sailboat 2gm20 yanmar.Ill let you know how it works.what do you farm? Ill try to buy it.KAG

  • Chad O
    Chad O   6 days ago

    Wow. Night and day difference!

  • Matthew Currie
    Matthew Currie   6 days ago

    Sea foam always makes loads of smoke. Lol. That’s normal

  • mark baird
    mark baird   6 days ago

    Who is giving these videos a thumbs down? The videos are straight and to the point and unbiased.

  • Robert James
    Robert James   6 days ago

    Good comparison with the before and after, Sea Foam really does work. I have a 2012 BMW 128i with 59K miles, and I add a can of Sea Foam with every tank full and the car runs so much better and smoother. I never ran it through my intake, not sure if I need too, if anyone has any suggestions it will be appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Noman Blekvud
    Noman Blekvud   6 days ago

    The throttle must be removed and washed. blowing dirt the throttle is not good!

  • Dr. Evil
    Dr. Evil   1 weeks ago

    Seafoam sucks! My uncle was hit by a bus and my dog barks too loud because of seafoam

  • Andrew Kilby
    Andrew Kilby   1 weeks ago

    You could also drive it at 70 miles per hour for 30-60 minutes. That will clean everything

  • dakotah ritter
    dakotah ritter   1 weeks ago

    Hey. You should see if water can run in the cooling system in case of emergency. I know the outcome is probably bleak but I’d like to see it

  • Mr.Reyam
    Mr.Reyam   1 weeks ago

    Seafoam does works. I was also hesitant the first time i tried it but it is magic. I had rattleting noise and rough iddle at cold starts every morning. Tried a bunch of different vicosity and brand oils. No help. Then one day tried 1 can of this product and voila.. Noise gone. problem solved. After 5k miles noise came back put a new can again into my intake and noise is gone again. In the can it says to use it every 3K miles. So i will do that. Since its a 6$ fix so in a year i dont mind spending in 3 or 4 cans to keep my truck going powerful and smooth.

  • KGB
    KGB   1 weeks ago

    i wish Project Farm continues to stays away from any "bribes". This channel is a "once in a life time" truth baby and im loving it and spreading the word to my friends about it as well

  • Douglas Fox
    Douglas Fox   1 weeks ago

    Amazing before and after...tune up in bottles

  • Douglas Fox
    Douglas Fox   1 weeks ago

    Wow, country Paradise...You live in Gods Country..them old Fords never die

  • Jeff U
    Jeff U   1 weeks ago

    Just discovered your vids. Very interesting Stuff ! Thank you.

  • Formula Firebird
    Formula Firebird   1 weeks ago

    Clean the Throttle body with Throttle body cleaner and you'll be amazed how much better it will run..

  • Shang Hunter
    Shang Hunter   1 weeks ago

    Will this sea foam stuff clean up my sea foam colored Fender guitar ??

  • Smitty's channel
    Smitty's channel   1 weeks ago

    LOL they only want you to use the whole can so you'll have to buy more of it

  • Smitty's channel
    Smitty's channel   1 weeks ago

    Lucas oil stabilizer has created moisture in my rear ends & motor