Chance the Rapper Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on: 09 October 2019
  • James Corden invites Chance the Rapper for a commute through Los Angeles that includes the two singing Chance's biggest songs, and James attempting to open Chance's mind about adding vegetables to his diet. And Chance tells James how he would handle getting a subpar verse from a collaborator on one of his tracks.

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  • Runtime : 12:3
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  • Tgie Arts
    Tgie Arts   1 days ago

    Funny to realize now that this is all fake and he’s not driving

  • Ginger Hunter
    Ginger Hunter   6 days ago

    Ummmmm......... I'm a Chance the rapper fan now!............

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia   1 weeks ago

    They both said “ahhejrifikwofoeodkzngone”

  • Tijuanna Smikle
    Tijuanna Smikle   1 weeks ago

    all we had to do was gave him a chance🤗 and really just to know him better.... james is the only person i could ever watch being himself💯this man just all crazy fun and kool bruh!.. like its amazing 💜

  • Im m
    Im m   2 weeks ago


  • Elliebearforlife
    Elliebearforlife   2 weeks ago

    The whole begnining song:msn ocrkmsehnr thnenweixfdhimasclnhxukxhqerjbfcnmqelnirsgnhxnleifmhnlqknrfdhnhnldgcmhincdhghuihbsfjekjpirhugerigurbfwheougsekjngeafuhlbfaeiuiwefuvubuygvfygbhgyfttvgybgytfrdcfvgbftrdftvgbytfrdfvgbytfrdftgyhygtfrdvfvfvfvfvfvjnbvfgbhnjnhbgvfttvgbhunbgyvftftgybhunbgyvftvgbyhungbfvdcfvgbhnbgytfrtgybmsn ocrkmsehnr thnenweixfdhimasclnhxukxhqerjbfcnmqelnirsgnhxnleifmhnlqknrfdhnhnldgcmhincdhghuihbsfjekjpirhugerigurbfwheougsekjngeafuhlbfaeiuiwefuvubuygvfygbhgyfttvgybgytfrdcfvgbftrdftvgbytfrdfvgbytfrdftgyhygtfrdvfvfvfvfvfvjnbvfgbhnjnhbgvfttvgbhunbgyvftftgybhunbgyvftvgbyhungbfvdcfvgbhnbgytfrtgybmsn ocrkmsehnr thnenweixfdhimasclnhxukxhqerjbfcnmqelnirsgnhxnleifmhnlqknrfdhnhnldgcmhincdhghuihbsfjekjpirhugerigurbfwheougsekjngeafuhlbfaeiuiwefuvubuygvfygbhgyfttvgybgytfrdcfvgbftrdftvgbytfrdfvgbytfrdftgyhygtfrdvfvfvfvfvfvjnbvfgbhnjnhbgvfttvgbhunbgyvftftgybhunbgyvftvgbyhungbfvdcfvgbhnbgytfrtgyb

  • Marc
    Marc   2 weeks ago

    So he was being towed huh?

  • Candi Marie
    Candi Marie   2 weeks ago

    Chance singing into the camera is so damn cute lol

  • Jennifer Gamez
    Jennifer Gamez   2 weeks ago

    Chance’s energy in this video compared to his energy in the Hot Ones video DOES NOT compare!

  • Jacob V
    Jacob V   2 weeks ago

    I would've lost it if they sung something from Acid Rap, I would've died if they sung something from 10 Day. AGH!

    NOBODIES   2 weeks ago

    I hope you have some more rappers on, that would be dope

  • Brandon
    Brandon   2 weeks ago

    Doesn’t drive the car. Smh.

  • Raphael Herrera
    Raphael Herrera   2 weeks ago

    i got vegetables in the back he sayschance starts munching on someone’s wheelchair

  • Sandy Romero
    Sandy Romero   2 weeks ago

    Who’s here after he showed the list of the only ones that were towedMeghan trainer Migos Cardi bChance the rapper Justin Bieber 3rd time

  • ClaSsy Benjy
    ClaSsy Benjy   2 weeks ago

    Hes not acctually driving in this one😂

  • Wesley Forman
    Wesley Forman   2 weeks ago

    When u realize they are being pulled in this video😳

  • Briana Ruiz
    Briana Ruiz   2 weeks ago

    so he wasn’t driving in this vid??

  • K P
    K P   2 weeks ago

    Plot twist, he’s not even driving

  • Say Hey to Josh
    Say Hey to Josh   2 weeks ago

    James acting like he’s driving when in reality he’s being towed

  • grfin
    grfin   2 weeks ago

    Can someone please comment a list of the songs from this carpool karaoke?

  • I bu
    I bu   2 weeks ago

    Yup aint no freaking way he was driving here, he’s not pretending I mean

  • Eva-Adinaj
    Eva-Adinaj   2 weeks ago

    Who's here because it's one of the episodes the car was towed?

  • Iqra Amin
    Iqra Amin   2 weeks ago

    Who’s here after finding out that James cordons carpool karaoke aren’t actually him driving it’s his car being towed 🙂