Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Talk Making of ‘Unlocked’ and Quiz Each Other

  • Published on: 03 March 2020
  • The unlikely duo sits down at the Complex studios to talk the journey of making 'Unlocked,' crafting a fake rap beef and quizzing each other to find the surprising truth about who knows who best.

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  • Runtime : 14:24
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  • Gary Lopez
    Gary Lopez   1 days ago

    Yo i have the same birthdays as denzel curry, wtf!!

  • Luminous721
    Luminous721   2 weeks ago

    Denzel definitely a hero to me man I wish I could hang out with this dude for one day and just talk about all kinds of shit. Anime, video games, real shit, anything. This dude is definitely one of my favorite artists around, smart ass dude too bruh.

  • Shonz
    Shonz   2 weeks ago

    Need This Sequel

  • nayr eejaffah
    nayr eejaffah   2 weeks ago

    "Thats how you know I'm a true friend muhfuckah"

  • Sam Diaz
    Sam Diaz   3 weeks ago

    I just wanna kick it with these two. I bet I could make a sick track if we just got lit and hit the studio. 1 day.

  • Isaak Gibson
    Isaak Gibson   1 months ago

    "You look like a frosted flakes ass nigga"

  • Luke Goldberg
    Luke Goldberg   1 months ago

    They said it isn't an album. But it's my AOTY so far

  • Tracy Vision
    Tracy Vision   1 months ago

    Can we please get a Kenny Beats Denzel Curry and Rico nasty collab

  • mojo
    mojo   1 months ago

    yo kenny's beard trim look clean af.

  • Bobby
    Bobby   1 months ago

    Kenny and Denzel are like those 2 cool cousins

  • Todoroki Is A Beast!
    Todoroki Is A Beast!   1 months ago

    Glad we are getting UNLOCKED Part 2 because part 1 was insane🤯🔥🔥 14:21

  • andrea
    andrea   1 months ago

    “the vibe i give you is bojack horseman? nah” sir you’re wearing blue jeans

  • chin chillin
    chin chillin   1 months ago

    Why Dreamville’s album has that same energy just the whole squad in one building making music

  • Amitty
    Amitty   1 months ago

    If you aren't putting cumin on your eggs too you're doing it wrong

  • Noah Rusty
    Noah Rusty   1 months ago

    Why Denzel starting to look like Earl

  • Tyree Phillips
    Tyree Phillips   2 months ago

    You seem like a frosted flakes ass nigga 🤣🤣 im dead

  • Charlie Wheeler
    Charlie Wheeler   2 months ago

    I’m not a musician or a producer but Denzel Curry seems like the best person to work with. Just so efficient but sincere. Watching him and Kenny was like watching old videos of Jay Z making music.

  • isa!
    isa!   2 months ago

    why dose kenny always look so worried

  • DJ Ocho
    DJ Ocho   2 months ago

    Fake beef is hilarious after it’s over 😂

  • mudkip ,
    mudkip ,   2 months ago

    Kenny got toasted in that album question

  • mudkip ,
    mudkip ,   2 months ago

    8:57"this is the rap of an aquariusIam a black metal terroristAin't no comparison"

  • Isaac Giovanni
    Isaac Giovanni   2 months ago

    I aint ever noticed that Kenny has these blue eyes until the todays day

  • Ophelia Sherman
    Ophelia Sherman   2 months ago

    im still wondering who the girl who said "astronaut" is

  • Ethan Wilson
    Ethan Wilson   2 months ago

    I honestly never saw the beef🤷‍♂️

  • Only17
    Only17   2 months ago

    Feels like they still got a little bit of beef like a Vegeta and goku relationship

  • de Mars
    de Mars   2 months ago

    Denzel loves Cowboy bebop and Samurai champloo... I like him even more now

  • Kuji Kuji
    Kuji Kuji   2 months ago

    "it's not about the song, it's about the banter"exactly why i love The Cave, all the discussions before the freestyle are usually so funny or interesting. it's a fucking great show.

  • David S.
    David S.   2 months ago

    After listening to the project for the tenth time and as a musician myself, I want to say that those two are a raw powerhouse of fire. I'm talking fucking Naruto/Sasuke, Luffy/Zorro or Mugen/Jin shonen anime shit tier powerhouse but for hip-hop. Can't wait for episode two ngl.

  • WogansNotDead
    WogansNotDead   2 months ago

    Man, Denzel is a genius! Love his work from day 1, and he's only getting better.