• Published on: 09 February 2020
  • Here are some of the most beautiful moments of respect in sports.

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    football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
    In this video we commentate/report about some emotional moments of respect that happened during sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!

    Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!.
    Music by Approaching Nirvana:
    Song: Mount Olympus
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  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • WuZzY
    WuZzY   9 hours ago

    7:46 thats because they were down by 1 goal and forlan (blue shirt) was wasting time by walking off the pitch slowly as he got subbed off .. ronaldo was jz making him walk off faster

  • ListlessLlama
    ListlessLlama   9 hours ago

    Ronaldo 'helped' the opponent off to hurry him the fuck up so they'd have a chance to come back lol

  • Diogo Nunes
    Diogo Nunes   15 hours ago

    Pulisic plays in Germany but hes not German he's American do your research just don't say somebody helped somebody

  • *Reindeer Plays*
    *Reindeer Plays*   18 hours ago

    he decides to take his NEWBORN on to the field with himKid: is standing and kicks the soccerballMe:*hMmMm*

  • tin tin
    tin tin   18 hours ago

    All good clips but the brothers running were doing a triathlon not marathon.

  • Limozy
    Limozy   19 hours ago

    what was that at 5:21 lol

    BP AMOCO   22 hours ago

    1:04 a very known GERMAN football player????

  • Vascheerleader
    Vascheerleader   23 hours ago

    DCC Has a strict no dating players rule 🤔 so I wonder what the story is there

  • Muz Lifah
    Muz Lifah   1 days ago

    Saya sangat terharu melihat video ini. Succes selalu utk kamu yg bikin ini video

  • Mint
    Mint   1 days ago

    Nobody:Literally nobody:No one:This comment section: Nobody: Literally nobody: No one:

  • CH1LL P1LL
    CH1LL P1LL   1 days ago

    So no ones going to talk about the kids fighting for the shirt? 9:26

  • Kristi Jacobson
    Kristi Jacobson   1 days ago

    i loved the ones where the people took pictures with the kids i know security is importnant to keep people safe but dont just attack a kid like that the kids could get hurt.

  • michael Messer
    michael Messer   1 days ago

    "During a powe" that shit killed me and I have no idea why

    JIWOO PARK   1 days ago

    A very famous German player ...? He is American

  • My Story
    My Story   1 days ago

    Everything you said about Ronaldo was untrue

  • Treston Torres
    Treston Torres   2 days ago

    This isn't on tomorrow's test or on the homework. Go back to studying!

  • 6 D9
    6 D9   2 days ago

    I still can’t forget the Chinese swimmers say”I’m a winner,you are a loser” how rude

  • irfan SYAQ
    irfan SYAQ   2 days ago

    5:05 is the video supposed to be like that? Or its corrupt?

  • Golvo
    Golvo   2 days ago

    2:17 this isnt a marathon its Triathlon and those guys are brothers get your shit right!