• Published on: 27 December 2017
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  • Runtime : 9:43
  • yiay jacksfilms fix your art pix pics pictures comments photoshop draw


  • sarah
    sarah   1 days ago

    i love him sm

  • Truff Playz
    Truff Playz   1 weeks ago

    4:45Joy to the world the meme has come.

  • IrakliGaming700
    IrakliGaming700   1 weeks ago

    he may be not so good at drawing but he has a good handwriring

  • şans
    şans   2 weeks ago

    JENNA IS BEST! (i hope thats how you spell her name)

  • Prakash Pun
    Prakash Pun   3 weeks ago

    I remember you said you hate nepal i am from nepal and i am offended😤 I'm still offended

  • ChexA
    ChexA   3 weeks ago

    Why was this an ad?

  • Ne Ko
    Ne Ko   3 weeks ago

    Fun fact. I actually got this as an ad, that’s how I found his channel. Currently I’m watchingall of the yiays in a playlist. Started at number one. It takes so long

  • Eric Dowling
    Eric Dowling   3 weeks ago

    I'm gonna buy the chrome book for Christmas

    SHIONWARE   4 weeks ago

    No one:Absolutely no one :Billie Eilish's Album cover : 0:30

  • Callum Whalley
    Callum Whalley   1 months ago

    Fix my wienerComment the joke in my comments if you get it

  • Anton Spichkin
    Anton Spichkin   1 months ago

    Что ты забыл в моих рекомендациях?

  • MintCoffee
    MintCoffee   1 months ago

    Jack:I am a clean shavin’ man2019:

  • xternal
    xternal   1 months ago

    *uses a chromebook*

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi   1 months ago

    I saw this in as an ad YEARS ago!

    LUCA DONOVICH   1 months ago

    5:29 Jesus Christ he looks like Lloyd from dumb and dumber

  • Wifber
    Wifber   1 months ago

    Left handed gang?

  • RemovablePaper2
    RemovablePaper2   1 months ago

    Is it hard to pretend Chrome books aren't pieces of fake trash?

  • DaRealJorgen Rankin
    DaRealJorgen Rankin   1 months ago

    you should change your account picture (not that I don't like it) it is just boring

  • kid perfect
    kid perfect   1 months ago

    i am watching the vid on that chromebook

  • B. Richard
    B. Richard   1 months ago

    Does anyone know which chrome book he's using?