• Published on: 27 November 2017
  • TWINS YOU WON'T BELIEVE EXIST! So a lot of these twins share everything... do you share with your sister or brother? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! PEOPLE WHO GOT LUCKY OVER TEXTS Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
  • Runtime : 10:6
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    MIA CORTEZ   12 hours ago

    In the talent twin pic the dude on there left looks exactly like my uncle

  • Arlo and gracie adventure

    What's thanksgiving I'm in England so we don't have it here we have Xmas Halloween birthday and Easter

  • Catharina Veloso élève

    Soo if me and my sister would umm share everything both of us would die at the same time both of us would kill eachother

  • Barry Trammell
    Barry Trammell   2 days ago


  • Tamara Shaw
    Tamara Shaw   2 days ago

    Kin and Jin look like the old ladies from Avatar The Last Airbender

  • Ella Moorehead
    Ella Moorehead   2 days ago

    I have a twin... it stinks... jk it’s actually kinda cool to think about that one “egg” turned in to 2, but it does stink having to share a birthday

  • Shelby Picknell
    Shelby Picknell   2 days ago

    I'm both native American and white so I carry jeans for both dark and light skin colors

  • Sarah Alexander
    Sarah Alexander   2 days ago

    You think that they knew what the other conjoined at the head twin was thinking?

  • adrionna Clarke
    adrionna Clarke   2 days ago

    me and my Bff look the same when me and her are in the store people come up to us and ask are you twins.

  • Endergirl _Gamer
    Endergirl _Gamer   3 days ago

    Who else is in 2020? And also who else watches the show with the old lady’s it’s called Yo Kai watch you should watch it it’s funny (I think it’s for boys but I watch it anyways😁)

  • Ansam donuts
    Ansam donuts   3 days ago

    GUYS!the old ladies remind me of yubaba and zeniba from spirited away.

  • Lay Morg
    Lay Morg   3 days ago

    I'm a twin my brother and me areNot identical 👩👦