I Found The New Biome in Minecraft! (Nether Update) - Part 41

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
  • the new nether update in minecraft is epic lads
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  • Runtime : 19:28


  • The Spy
    The Spy   3 hours ago

    12:57 "where do you guys sleep" Seems that he doesnt remember What happens...

  • Dascalu Elena Alexandra

    There's TWO forest bioms in the nether and also new ore called NETHER-RIGHT but it comes from an ore I forgot what's it called :p also there's a soul sand biom

  • Lilian Wicke
    Lilian Wicke   7 hours ago

    15:10 Is Thi Nether Brick Or Netherite Cuz If It's Netherite...

  • Tarun Binay Das
    Tarun Binay Das   8 hours ago

    Damn he got crying obsidian so fast....and didn't even realise it😂

  • SamuuWavee
    SamuuWavee   9 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: LolPinglis: DO YOU PUNCH IN MY SON!??

  • Rigo Ting
    Rigo Ting   10 hours ago

    They"re is allso a new music disc in the game called pigstep!

  • Rigo Ting
    Rigo Ting   10 hours ago

    There is new tools added to the game also i play minecraft bedrock edition

  • Rigo Ting
    Rigo Ting   10 hours ago

    the thing with ears is a zombiefied piglin and also the piglin has ears to!

  • SOUL VaNsH
    SOUL VaNsH   11 hours ago

    I think u should make tribute video on Sushant Singh Rajput he is my favourite actor but he has been torcured and suicided

  • Emmanuel Matchuca
    Emmanuel Matchuca   14 hours ago

    Pewds there a glitch that you go break the game because you go 10000000x fast

  • Creepertnt423 Playz
    Creepertnt423 Playz   15 hours ago

    Pewds: joergen I’ll get u netherite horse armorNetherite horse armor: *sadly doesn’t exist*

  • Jack Alcook
    Jack Alcook   20 hours ago

    i saw nether right in the vid pewdiepie how did you not see it

  • Lexstrus __
    Lexstrus __   20 hours ago

    Anyone see the netherite ingot at 15:10

  • Ilyes Belaidi
    Ilyes Belaidi   21 hours ago

    Felix:I would never cry in my life Me:having a flashback of the walking dead s1

  • Seiki OWO
    Seiki OWO   1 days ago

    My Name is sanya and everyone tralla me bitch lasanya😅

  • Melony .C
    Melony .C   1 days ago

    I’m so confused, I thought the update came out like a week ago..... but his vid was from 3 months ago

  • Study Email
    Study Email   1 days ago

    15:10 there is netherite on the floor

  • TheCakeBlewUp
    TheCakeBlewUp   1 days ago

    I'm alive I'm alive chicken kills chicken* isn't that right

  • Yvan Maneclang
    Yvan Maneclang   1 days ago

    SooooooShould i tell him about part 3 part 4 and part 5 of Jojo's Bizarre adventure Spoilers 🙂

  • Anna Vier
    Anna Vier   1 days ago

    Felix to Zombie pigman: you like gold right...?Pigman: yes

  • DELTA25 Gaming
    DELTA25 Gaming   1 days ago

    Wear atleast 1 golden armor and piglins will not attack you

  • Terraria Nezt
    Terraria Nezt   1 days ago

    shaved felix isnt real he cant hurt youshaved felix: