I hate when YouTubers do this. (YIAY #445)

  • Published on: 25 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 4:41
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  • Erick Soza
    Erick Soza   3 days ago

    I hate when you tubers do sponsors with scams jack

  • Sophia Szeneitas
    Sophia Szeneitas   1 weeks ago

    2:56 Tell that to Rhett and Link, lol. They're 42 and 41 by now.

  • TheLegoBrickery
    TheLegoBrickery   1 weeks ago

    You're a sucker for getting sponsored by betterhelp. It's greedy, and you should better look into who sponsors you

  • The halo Legend
    The halo Legend   2 weeks ago

    I hate when youtubers pretend they aren’t from area 51

  • JaxsterWaynerTheGamer

    I hate when YouTubers don't feature me in anything, or when they don't notice me!

  • Nope No
    Nope No   2 weeks ago

    DiD yOu KnOw ThAt BeTtEr HeLp Is A sCaM?

  • He lly
    He lly   3 weeks ago

    I hate when youtubers think they belong on national television.No I’m not okay.

  • Aliza Walker
    Aliza Walker   3 weeks ago

    Roses are redApple's are too I just got my first like But why is it blue??

  • Cinema Analyzer
    Cinema Analyzer   4 weeks ago

    Yikes, Jack. Scam link still up for more than a year? Eek. Listen to EVERYONE: DELETE THE SCAM LINK.

  • Nickaiya
    Nickaiya   4 weeks ago

    This is the 80th time TaikaMuna was featured.😂

  • Aosana
    Aosana   1 months ago

    Oof a betterhelp ad

  • Janina
    Janina   1 months ago

    i hate when youtubers do sponsors for money

  • selfawarecobalt
    selfawarecobalt   1 months ago

    i swear to gods for half a second i thought there wasnt gonna be a sponsor

  • Gilgamesh
    Gilgamesh   1 months ago

    Ao how did John get away with that betterhelp add.

  • Catbrony TV
    Catbrony TV   1 months ago

    100% of the comments are about betterhelp

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith   1 months ago

    No way did this video predict Jake and Tana. I don’t believe it.

  • canal radu
    canal radu   1 months ago

    #YIAYphone apple, i request those products as christmas gifts

  • RaccFoon
    RaccFoon   1 months ago

    I hate when YouTubers ask why

  • Ava Beljaeff
    Ava Beljaeff   2 months ago

    I hate when people hear about one drama story and decide to attack anyone who promoted it without knowing it was a scam. Like were all these people looking for videos sponsored by better help?

  • eternal_blender
    eternal_blender   2 months ago

    I hate when they say something such as like in 5 seconds or spiders will be in your bed tonight

  • Catbrony TV
    Catbrony TV   2 months ago

    I’m starting to feel bad for betterhelpIt’s 99.9% of the comments