I hate when YouTubers do this. (YIAY #445)

  • Published on: 25 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 4:41
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  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account   1 days ago

    why is most of the comments saying that the sponsor is a scam?

  • supersmashbro596
    supersmashbro596   5 days ago

    I hate when youtubers are sponsored by raid shadow legends, or whoever the new shitty mobile game comes out.

  • bingobango
    bingobango   6 days ago

    thank you so much for using the vsauce font for the math subsection at 0:30

  • Vincent Cao
    Vincent Cao   6 days ago

    Btw people I know I’m late but jack had legitimately no idea that better help was a scam. Like if you get an email saying that a corporation that help people with depression wants to sponsor you and you see it for the first time, you will obviously help. He could’ve done a bit more research but still.

  • Miles Artha
    Miles Artha   1 weeks ago

    If you hold down "m" on your keyboard (PC only) while the YIAY outro is playing, it literally sounds distorted and if you play it at full volume while doing the same thing, you'll break your ears

  • Tygjo
    Tygjo   1 weeks ago

    2:21 atleast gradeAunderA was honest. And nobody would believe him.

  • guitar guy
    guitar guy   1 weeks ago

    I'm one of those rare individuals who's never heard of the better help controversy

  • Jacob Croxford-Hawkins

    Deji said he don’t do it for money, but that’s not the worst thing he’s done recently

  • melinda berlincourt
    melinda berlincourt   1 weeks ago

    Probably unoriginal but I hate when YouTubers say they are sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

  • Sleep Deprived
    Sleep Deprived   1 weeks ago

    This is just a way for jack's fans to bully him lol

  • Luca Clark
    Luca Clark   2 weeks ago

    I REALLY hate when youtubers tell people to subscribe to them.

  • Lucy Jeschke
    Lucy Jeschke   2 weeks ago

    I hate when you tubers clickbait because for example: “ITSFUNNEH IS DYING TODAY (VERY SAD)”

  • Royale Wolf
    Royale Wolf   2 weeks ago

    I hate when you tubers film dead bodies in a Japanese fore-Too far?

  • Sap of the legendary wendigo

    Hi guys, if you see this, unnamed girl is trying to seduce me..what do I do when we are out of lockdown. But I can’t just move school, and I can’t tell anyone I know......

  • Beatle4 -11
    Beatle4 -11   3 weeks ago

    As a Dan Howell fan, that "project" one hit close to home lmao

  • SoloHolo
    SoloHolo   4 weeks ago

    I hate when YouTube's get sponsored by raid shadow legends

  • Temp kestrel
    Temp kestrel   1 months ago

    I hate when youtubers say subscribing is free.No it's not

  • Milay Botha
    Milay Botha   1 months ago

    I hate when YouTubers like Ruby rube and sis vs bro when they fake stuff to much editing all that stuff

  • L C
    L C   1 months ago

    I dont think it worked

  • Venom
    Venom   1 months ago

    I hate it when youtubers do videos

  • Just a critique
    Just a critique   1 months ago

    You tubers aren’t humans, hell, they aren’t even from earth

  • Golden Kitten
    Golden Kitten   1 months ago

    John: DANCE FOR MEme: you've brung back memories from 2019, THANKS!!

  • G-Force FGT
    G-Force FGT   1 months ago

    You had a artist of cyanide and happiness lol

  • Becca_ animated
    Becca_ animated   1 months ago

    10% of the comments: YIAY answers 5% of the comments: memes or nice comments 85% of the comments: BeTtErHeLp Is ScAm!! TaKe ViD dOwN!!! U piCe Of ShIt!!!!

  • Hudson Miller
    Hudson Miller   1 months ago

    I thought he was gonna say “raid shadow legends”

  • boss apocalypse
    boss apocalypse   1 months ago

    Wow you guys, look at all these cool and original comments down here taking about a real large variety of different topics such as: this video’s sponsor, betterhelp, the company that sponsored the video, the link in the description and of course we mustn’t forget the comment about my favorite topic, betterhelp

  • Leomations
    Leomations   1 months ago

    I hate when it when youtubers stretch to a little past 10 minutes so they can put a lot of ads in it

  • MaxxVII
    MaxxVII   1 months ago

    I hate when youtubers are racist and anti-semite

  • Lita Pita
    Lita Pita   1 months ago

    I hate when youtubers say something "dumb"