/r/Minecraft - There's BEES in Minecraft? (not good) #43 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on: 13 September 2019
  • There's BEES in minecraft? (What)
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  • Runtime : 17:8


  • Amethyst Gamer
    Amethyst Gamer   5 hours ago

    You know what sucks? XBOX AND PE MINECRAFT PLAYERDS CANT GET MORE UPDATES! WERE STUCK IN 1.14! Like if u think pewdiepie should see this and xbox and pe players should get all updates.

  • Wxc
    Wxc   2 days ago

    It did not let me do the no spaces thing

  • Wxc
    Wxc   2 days ago

    More likes and subs for pew die pie

  • Trevor Past
    Trevor Past   4 days ago

    I genuinely would forget to smash like if he didnt remind me everytime, thanks felix <3

  • An_Unknown_ Peep
    An_Unknown_ Peep   4 days ago

    How to bring a dolphin home Pewds: "WOT? No its gonna drown!"

  • Veeti Jorasmaa
    Veeti Jorasmaa   4 days ago

    WELL I WAS DIGGING IN AN RANDOM SPOT AND I FOUND A VILLAGER IN A HOUSE AND HE'S MY BEST villager in the village edit:he is a master already

  • minecraft videos
    minecraft videos   4 days ago

    no more updates in minecraft cuz notch he died to drugs 8:25

  • Gabe Riley
    Gabe Riley   4 days ago

    can we get pewdiepie to do a terraria playthrough

  • Daniel Threlfall
    Daniel Threlfall   5 days ago

    Me and my sister are gamer gorlz and meh wolf died ;-; we made a funeral ⚰️ 🐺 (dad’s account)

  • XxAnakinxX
    XxAnakinxX   5 days ago

    I legit thought Felix was wearing a Naruto jacket half the time

  • Reagan Strahm
    Reagan Strahm   5 days ago

    Dolphins are out of the waterFelix: "Their gonna drown "

  • F3KE
    F3KE   5 days ago

    4:56 mhhh

  • Worthless
    Worthless   6 days ago

    pewds: sees dolphin floatingalso pewds: no they're gonna drown

  • Fudge Fudge
    Fudge Fudge   6 days ago

    didn't terraria come out before minecraft? idk probably not

  • Steph Dunn
    Steph Dunn   1 weeks ago

    We all love ur vid’s like if u agree :3

  • ItsGrace
    ItsGrace   1 weeks ago

    Terraria is honestly one of my favorite games

  • William Germano
    William Germano   1 weeks ago

    My friend did the same with the enderdragon one he killed the enderdragon with a pumpkin pie ha

  • Birdiac
    Birdiac   1 weeks ago

    6:07 And people say video games cause violence...